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Chapter One

They meet online

Naruto had just finished a mission with his team. He wiped the sweat from his brow, and fell down onto his chair. He invited Sakura over, and surprisingly, she accepted. "Dont think this is a date Naruto! My parents are out on a mission, and I dont feel like cooking." Sakura said, taking a seat.

"Yea yea. I know that you cant resist my looks Sakura chan." Naruto said, grinning. Sakura rolled her eyes. She looked around his apartment. "Come to think of it, I have never been inside of you apartment Naruto." Sakura said.

"You should come over more often." Naruto said, grinning once more. "Oh, shut up." she said, and stood up. "What are you cooking anyways?" she asked. "Ramen!" Naruto said happily.

"Ramen! Naruto! Your fifteen, and you still eat ramen every day! What happened to those vegetables that Kakashi gives to you every week?" Sakura asked, putting her hands on her hips. "Uh...I gave them to Iruka sensei?" Naruto said, grinning nervously.

Sakura closed her eyes, and her eyebrow started twitching. She crossed her arms, and sighed. "If you dont eat something healthy, you are gonna die!" Sakura said, and snapped open her eyes, giving him a deadly look. "Sorry Sakura chan! I will start eating vegetables! But you are over, so lets celebrate with some ramen!" Naruto said, trying to get out of this situation.

Naruto led Sakura to the computer, and she went on MSN.

"Hm...Kiba, Hinata, and Tenten are on. You have Kankuro? He is on as well." Sakura said, scanning Naruto's contacts. "Hey! How did you get on my msn! Oh, yea! I have Temari, Gaara and Kankuro." Naruto said, boiling the ramen.

"Gaara? How can a kazekage find time to go on msn? I guess I will add them all in a conversation. "They have the strangest display names. Kiba is canine lover. Hinata's is white hyuuga heir. Tenten's is weapon genius, and Kankuro's is: Puppet master (gonna watch SlAyErS with temari tomorrow)." Sakura said. She heard Naruto chuckle. "Have you seen mine?" he asked. Sakura looked up at the top.

.:Ramen Lover:.

Sakura sweatdropped. "Hm...who is...um...Master of Hebi?" Sakura asked, not taking her eyes off of the screen. "Master of snakes? I dunno. What's the display picture?" Naruto asked, setting up the table.

"He or she doesnt have one." Sakura said, opening a conversation.

Ramen Lover says: Hi

Sakura waited a few seconds, and she saw Master of Hebi type something.

Master of Hebi says: ...

Sakura sweatdropped. Naruto placed the ramen on the table, and walked over to Sakura. "Food is ready. Did he or she asnwer?" Naruto asked, taking a look at the screen. Sakura shrugged. "Would you call that an answer?" Sakura asked.

Ramen Lover says: Be right back. I gotta get some dinner

Sakura and Naruto quickly finished their meal, and went back to the computer, to find that Master of Hebi had wrotten something.

Master of Hebi says: Guessing from your name, your eating ramen

"What does it matter if we are eating ramen!" Naruto said, annoyed that Master of Hebi is somehow insulting ramen.

Ramen Lover says: Wait. Im not really Ramen Lover. Im a friend. Im going on my accout. I will be on soon. Bye

Sakura said, and stood up. "Talk to him. Im guessing its a him. I will go home, and go online. Thanks for the meal Naruto." Sakura said, and walked home.

Naruto took Sakura's seat, and decided to type.

Ramen Lover says: Im the real ramen lover. My friend should be on soon. Who are you anyways?

Master of Hebi is typing...

Naruto gulped. "This is it..."

Master of Hebi says: I am the master of snakes. No duh

Naruto fell over. "Oh come on! More description!"

Sweet'nSour has signed in

"Sakura is on!" Naruto said, adding her to the conversation. He opened another one, just for them.

Ramen Lover says: He hasnt really said anything. I asked him who he is, and he said the master of snakes. Trying to mock me eh!

Sweet'nSour says: Go back to the conversation. He is typing something.


Master of Hebi says: Sweet'nSour? Probably 99 percent sour

Sakura crossed her arms. "WHAT A JERK!" she yelled.

Naruto shook his head. "Boy, that guy has nerves."


Master of Hebi says: I just prooved my point. 99 percent sour it is

Ramen Lover says: You cant argue with him there

Sweet'nSour says: IDIOT! YOU HAVE TO BE ON MY SIDE! :(

Ramen Lover says: Hehe...hey Master of Hebi...how old are you?

--------Naruto/Sakura convo-------

Ramen Loer says: Sorry bout that Sakura chan. I jsut thought of something. Master of hebi? What if its Orochimaru...

Sweet'nSour says: Ew.. But not that you said that...what if its... him...

Ramen Lover says: Maybe your right..


Master of Hebi says: When asked something, you must give your answer first. Such as asking for a name

Sakura and Naruto gasped. "He said that...to Lee..." they both said.

Ramen Lover says: Your...your...S...sasuke...

Master of Hebi says: Brain is slow as always

Sweet'nSour says: How..how did you get Naruto's email...

Master of Hebi says: Thats for me to know


Master of Hebi sasys: Just like I have the nerves to leave Konoha

Sweet'nSour says: I...have to go..

Ramen Lover says: S..same..

Ramen Lover has signed off

Sweet'nSour has signed off

Sakura called Naruto. "Naruto! Its him...how...why..." Sakura said quietly. "Yea..I know..he talks so...calmly...like he doesnt know we risk our lives to bring him back..." Naruto said. Sakura fiddled with the phone. "What should we do? Should we tell Tsunade sama?" Sakura asked. "Wait. I have an email..." Naruto said, and opened it.

If you tell Tsunade, or anyone, to try and find me because of this email, I will just delete it. I will block you. Dont even try. You wont be able to find me. I just thought you would wanna see your freind, (if I would even call you that) again.


"No...I will send you the email he just sent me. We can only talk to him on msn...r..revive our memories.." Naruto said quietly. He heard Sakura sigh on the other end. "Alright...bye.." she said.

Naruto put the phone down, and leaned against the wall. "How...why...to talk on msn? He betrayed us, and he can just go online, and chat to us like that!" Naruto said. He was frusterated. Who wouldnt be? He closed his eyes, and punched the wall. "Damn it!" he yelled, and walked to him room. He looked at the team 7 picture, they took years ago.

Naruto got ready for bed, and hardly slept. He could only think of one thing.


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