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Mikey awoke early the next morning to the sound of Don's smothered giggles and the sight of the fierce, piercing light of a strobe light flashing in his eyes.

"Wake up Mikey." Don said eerily. "It's time."

Mikey stared at his brother, slack jawed and dazed. "Dude," he mumbled "I thought you were doin' this to make sure that I didn't go blind? What's with the light in the eyes?"

Don shut off the light and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well," he began "it was just so darn tempting, you know?"

The sleepy General shook his head at his brainy brother as he struggled to escape the tangled mass of sheet that covered his legs. After defeating the sheets in a brief struggle, General Hamato hopped out of his bed and looked at his newly acquired Captain.

"Good work, Captain Donatello, but I must ask you to address me by the proper title."

"If by proper title you mean Annoying, then yes, I can agree to that." Don responded brightly.

General Hamato put on his best glare and marched up to his smirking sibling. "What was that, Captain?"

Donatello backed away from his brother and fiddled with the machine in his arms. "Um, Michaelangelo?" He began as he glanced down at the floor. "You're stepping on your parrot."

Mikey's eyes widened as he too looked down. "Sergeant Crackers!" he gasped as he fell to his knees. The general scooped up his fallen comrade and held him close. "Oh Sergeant!" he sobbed. "Oh Sergeant! You were so young….ish. Okay I've had you since I was little but that doesn't matter! You're only as old as you feel! Speak to me buddy, please speak to me!"

Don stared at his brother. "In think I'm going to go now, Mike. You um, well, you just meet me in the lab in half an hour all right? Bro?"

"Just leave me, Captain. Leave me to wallow in the sorrow that my foot has created."

"Right." Don stated as he made for the door.

Michaelangelo continued. "Cursed foot!" he cried dramatically. "Why must you destroy precious, precious life! Why?"

Donatello's eyes widened as he looked at the pair on the floor one last time. As his brother curled into a ball around the stuffed animal, Don slipped out the door and into the hallway. Once outside, he glanced around and wiped the sweat from his brow. "That was beyond unbearably awkward." the bewildered turtle whispered to himself as he fled the scene.

Leonardo's eyes narrowed as he stepped out of the dojo after his extra morning practice.

"I told ya so."

"GAH!" Leo spun to face the attacker.

"Fearless, this is the second time in two days that you've jumped like that. Not to count all the times I just creamed you in the dojo." Raphael smirked. "Can't say that I'm not flattered."

Leo straightened his bandanna and rolled his eyes. "What do you want, Raph? I'm a little busy"

"Busy? Leo, spyin' on Mike ain't don't count as bein' busy."

"And why not O Observant One?"

"Cause, spyin' on Mike is like breathin'." Raph replied. "Ain't nothin'to it."

Leo closed his eyes and willed himself not to pounce on his hotheaded, currently smirking brother. "Raph," he said slowly as if he were speaking to a child, "you're the one that said Mikey was up to something."

"Hey! I haven't never said nothin' 'bout that all right! I jus' said Mike was actin' funny. And then you said 'He's just playing, it's fine' so I dropped it." Raph retorted. Then he paused and asked, "Why didn't you?"

"Why didn't I what?"

"Drop it."

"Drop what?"

"….you was ignoring me, weren't you Leo?" Raph growled.

"Yeah." Leo said replied. 'Wait a minute,' he thought to himself 'did I just say that?' "Raph wait!"

"Ah shell no! Leo, you're goin' insane!" Raph yelled. "And I for one, do not….Leo?"

"What!" The blue clad turtle barked. "What do you want from me? I have nothing! NOTHING!"

Raph stared at his older brother in wonder. As Leo began to mutter to himself about Mikey, Don, April, and bowel movementa, Raph slowly and silently backed away. Just as he had turned to run into his room, Raphael was spun around by Leonardo.

"Raph." Leo stated. "You have to help me. Mikey is planning something. I just know that he is. You absolutely have to help me stop it. It's big too, whatever it is. Because I just saw Donny leave Mike's room and if Don is involved then-"


"Y-you" Leo stuttered.

"I slapped you, deal wit' it." Raph wrestled himself from his brother's hold. "Leo, you have to snap outta it, okay! Cause I don't really like you bein' all grabby and crazy and ranty a'ight? Now, we are goin' to the T.V. room, an' we're watchin' T.V." Raphael stirred his older brother towards the couch. "It's good for you." he concluded.

"But Mikey's plan!" Leo wailed.

Raph tightened his grip.

Sergeant Cracker slowly opened his eyes. Before him, there was a blanket of darkness, and behind him, there was the same thing. The battered soldier groaned at his predicament.

'Am I dead?' he wondered 'I must be dead. I've died and gone to the big stuffing factory in the sky.' The Sergeant's eyes welled with tears. "The General." he stated as the tears began to roll down his cheeks. "The General will surely be most upset. We never finished the plan!"

Suddenly, amidst the darkness, there was a brilliant flashing, and a large figure made it's presence known to the terrified Sergeant.

"Sergeant Graham Crackers." The figure's voice boomed. "You are not to be here."

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