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Chapter 1 – Just A Normal Day

I stared out the window. Sure, it was English class and I was supposed to be listening to Mr. Jorgen's lecture, but all I could think about was the feel of the tennis racket in my hands, the wind in my hair, the feeling of joy fill me when I won a match and the feeling of defying the law of gravity with my acrobatics. I could hardly wait to get out onto the court and show Oishi what I learned on the weekend. He would be so proud of me. I am, after all, his doubles partner!

"Eiji!" I heard Shusuke Fuji mutter harshly. I turned slightly to face him. "Look!" He indicated his hand to the board that was being filled with jot-notes. He shook his head, before continuing to write down the lines. Some friend!

I quickly started to write the notes down, pushing my thoughts to the back of my mind.

As soon as the final bell rang, I dashed to the tennis club. I ran and ran and somehow managed to slam into someone. We both tumbled to the ground.

"Nya!" I groaned, clutching my head carefully. Must have hit it on impact. "You ok?" I said, looking up to see none other than the girl who always cheered on Ryoma.

She blushed slightly. "Yes! Sorry Kikumaru-senpai!" Her timid voice reached my ears faintly.

"No…it's my fault. I was in a rush and wasn't watching where I was going, ummm…?" I blanked.

"It's Sakuno…I'm the coach's granddaughter," she supplied.

I smiled brightly as I stood up. "Well…my pardons, Sakuno!" I held out my hand, smiling as she shyly gripped it. I gently eased her off of the ground. "Sorry for bashing into you, nya!" My other hand immediately went to the back of my head before rubbing it in an embarrassed sort of way.

She let go off my hand and averted her eyes. "It's ok, Kikumaru-senpai…" She shied away from me a bit. "I wasn't paying attention!"

"It's ok! Neither was I…" I grinned before hastily adding, "You can call me Eiji, ya know. It doesn't bother me. Actually…I prefer it, nya!"

She smiled shyly. "Ok, Kiku-" She quickly changed her words. "Eiji." She looked at her watch before jumping to a start. "I gotta go! And you're late, Eiji!" she cried. "I'm sorry for stalling you!"

I frowned at knowing I was late. "No…it's my fault for not realizing the time, nya. I better go before my laps are doubled. Later!" Before she could reply I had booked it off to the court.

"Bye…" I could just hear her quiet mumble. Jeez! She's so loud when cheering, nya!

I ran to the change-rooms and quickly threw off my school clothes and replaced them with my tennis uniform. I then dashed to the courts, hoping that the bochu would be merciful today. Knowing my luck, probably not!

"Eiji! What happened to you! You're late!" Oishi cried. He always was a worrywart!

"Hoi, Hoi, Oishi!" I grinned, using another one of my made up words. If you didn't know, the other is 'nya'. "Is bochu around?" I questioned, desperately hoping the answer was no.

"Kikumaru…" I cringed at realizing that the person I was questioning about was right behind me. "You are late…20 laps," Kunimitsu said in his stoic, unmoving voice.

I turned around and peered into the dark eyes that were always hidden behind a pair of glasses. "Yes, bochu…nya…" I watched him nod, before hurrying to run the laps. I so do not deserve this punishment! I was only 2 minutes late, nya!

I sweated as I ran around the court for the 17th time. "Nya! It seems as if all I'm doing today is running!" I growled out, ignoring the looks from the grade sevens who were picking up the tennis balls. "GAH! I'm in the ninth grade! Can't I be spared from this horrendous punishment!"

After I had finally finished my laps, I only had a half-hour before tennis was over. I had barely managed to con myself in a match with Oishi. I still needed to show him my new moves, after all!

"Hoi, hoi!" I chirped to Fuji. "How was I?" I smiled brightly, waiting to hear the answer from my best friend. Tennis practice was finished for the day.

"You were excellent!" Fuji smiled as usual. He opened his eyes in mock-accusation. "You learned some new tricks, haven't you?" He walked into the change-room.

I smiled as I wandered after him. "Yep! I spent the whole weekend practicing, nya!" I eased off my sweat-covered jersey. "You like them?" I quickly finished changing into some clean clothes.

"Ya!" Fuji grinned. " Sa, I wish I could do those flips and jumps! It must be amazing to feel the air beneath you, defying gravity as you lunge out to hit back the tennis ball!"

We headed out the door, starting the routine of walking home. He would walk me home on the way to his house. We just chatted about some new techniques we found. The next thing I knew, I was standing outside my house.

Fuji smiled. "Later, Eiji! See you tomorrow!" He preceded walking.

"Later, Fuji!" I ran into my house.

After I had supper with my overly large family, I helped my two brothers with dishes even though it wasn't my turn, played chess with my dad and grandfather, chatted with my two older sisters and my mom, and helped my grandmother with her knitting (holding the yarn and such), I finally headed for a LONG shower. After changing into my pajamas and thoroughly brushing my teeth, I kissed my mom, dad, and grandma on the cheek. I was finally able to crawl into my warm bed.

I smiled as I thought about how tomorrow I would wake up early and make the whole family pancakes. I turned over and wrapped my arms around my big teddy-bear that Great-grandma had gotten me when I was eight. "Goodnight," I murmured, knowing that nobody could hear me. I curled up and, after what seemed like ages but was only minutes, fell sound asleep.

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