Curiosity Killed the Cat

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Oh, gawd. It's another JouAnzu one-shot ficcy! Ehm…This just popped in my head two or so days ago…And no, it's not going to be a POV fic this time…I'm on the same old past tense format…

"Shut up." Jounouchi muttered angrily.

"Jou…I didn't even say anything." Anzu answered weakly, in fear of being eaten alive by the blonde beside her.

Today was just not Jounouchi Katsuya's day. Not at all. First, he failed a periodical exam—only one more red mark and he was guaranteed a hundred percent that he'd be repeating the year. Second, he was dead flat broke—if one didn't know better, he'd think Katsuya was literally begging for scraps—which he almost did at one point. And if the two reasons weren't enough, death threats were also being pulled at his throat. And to top it all off, his parents were supposed to meet today—and it was bound that they wouldn't go on their separate ways tonight without a fight. Today was most definitely not Jounouchi's lucky day…

"Uhm…Nice car." Anzu mumbled carelessly, breaking the short-lived silence, hoping that Jou would take everything good-naturedly.

Jounouchi's head perked up at Anzu's voice, with his eyebrows scrunching together and began to mouth his words. "I said—"

"I know, I know. Shut up?"


"Silence means yes, right?" Anzu's voice began ringing in Jounouchi's ears.

It was unlike him to be like those quiet and moody guys he usually saw in the movies but how could he be happy when there's nothing to be glad about? Filtering Anzu's continuous chatter, Jounouchi tried to remember why he was here in the first place and why he had her in his car. Oh, that's right—Shizuka requested that he bring Anzu over this weekend. This was probably going to be a three and a half hour-session filled with girl talk.

Girls. He just can't understand them.

Anzu started to trace her fingers leisurely across the car's leather couch—it smelled brand new. No wonder, the blonde bought the car just two days ago. And buying it was one of the biggest mistakes he had ever made. The money could've been used for more important things.

Then her eyes fell on something.

Jounouchi seemed to notice her soundless reaction, though. His eyebrows rose.

"What does…" Anzu pointed to something on his face—or perhaps his imagination got the better of him—she was probably pointing to something behind him, "…that button do?"

On impulse, Jounouchi turned around in his driver seat to see what Anzu was talking about. A flashing red button caught his eye. He frowned.

"Piss me off."

The blonde's brown eyes widened as Anzu leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. He felt her hands travel across his chest, tracing rivers down his stomach. His, on the other hand, was clutching possessively on her waist. Anzu dug her fingers in Jou's messy blonde hair, twirling and tangling roughly. Jou's grip tightened as he slid his arms around her waist as he deepened the kiss even more. But just when things were getting better, Anzu heaved the blonde away from her—after discovering that a protruding hand out of nowhere began slithering inside her skirt.

"Well you're not pissed." Anzu grinned triumphantly.

It was the first time that Jounouchi began to smile again. "You're right, I'm not." He breathed a full intake of air, the smile still not leaving his face. "So, do you want to press the button again?"

Anzu smirked and tugged his collar down. She was more than glad to oblige.

Dun dun dun…Yay, it's done! Well I was feeling a lil' perverted when I did that…But NOT so much to make a lemon, lime, whatever you call that…(Eeeww…Dat is so disgusting…I'm underage! I'm never going to make a rated M fic!)

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