The two said short goodbyes and left, hands entwined. Angel smiled to himself. Finally they were admitting their feelings.

He continued his search for the others. The offices were dark now and the building was vacated. He approached a large office on the seventh floor. Again he heard a faint laugh. He moved quietly into the room and looked around. There were feet sticking out from behind a desk. He smiled predatorily and continued to pace slowly toward it. "I wonder if anyone's in here?", he asked the empty room. He heard a chorus of giggles being stifled. He crept forward and leaned over the desk. Lorne, Gunn and Spike were all sitting with their backs to the desk but Lorne's shoes were sticking out due to the lack of room.

"I caught you!", he shouted and the three looked up smiling sheepishly. He looked at Spike who yawned adorably and looked about ready to fall over. "Hey there Little One you ready for bedtime?", he asked gently. Spike shook his head and blinked a few times. "You've called me that before.", he said confusedly. "I remember you did." Angel quickly hid his surprise. Was Spike getting his memory back? He had indeed called Spike "Little One" all his unlife but he'd never called this little boy it. He began to panic. What if Spike suddenly woke up the next day and remembered he'd been a vampire? That his mother and father were really dead? that he'd killed? Angel held his hand to his face. "He'll remembers he hates me.", he realised sadly.

"Uncle Angel?," he heard a sleepy voice. He looked down to see Spike looking up at him tiredly, another yawn making it's exit. He reached out his little arms and Angel immediately scooped him up, holding him tightly. "M'sleepy.", he sighed. Angel smiled and fet the knot in his chest unravel. He would take care of this little monster even if he did remember. He'd never loved Spike any less than he loved this precious bundle. He said goodnight to Gunn and Lorne and carried the tired child to his apartment.

After giving him a bath changing him into pyjamas, he put Spike to bed and began to leave but a small voice stopped him. "Uncle Angel? Why are you sleeping on the couch?", he asked tiredly. Angel shrugged and stroked Spike's curly hair. "Don't you worry about it Will.", he answered soothingly. Spike looked up at him and smiled. "Why don't you stay here? I don't like sleeping alone and I must've forgotten Macbeth.", he asked. Angel felt his heart melt and wondered why he was even looking for a cure for Spike. "Okay sweetie, no problem. I'll stay here with you.", he promised. He quickly shed his shirt, pants and shoes and put on some pyjama bottoms to wear with his wife beater and climbed into the bed.

Spike curled into his side and Angel put a protective arm around him. "Who's Macbeth?", he asked curiously. Spike yawned loudly and curled deeper into the large embrace. "He's my teddy bear. We do everything together. Me, Mummy, Daddy and Macbeth. I miss them but Mummy says I have to be brave when she and Daddy go away. They have to watch things.", he mumbled on the verge of sleep. Angel smiled at the boy's words. "Watch Will?", he asked the little boy. Spike closed his eyes and mumbled his last words for the night. "They're Watchers Uncle Angel. That's what they do, they watch."

Angel felt the boy fall asleep and soon his thumb had moved up to his mouth. He felt his chest rise and fall against his side. He was glad the boy could sleep so easy but he couldn't. Spike's words had opened up a new door for Angel. He was shocked. If Spike's parents had been Watchers then why hadn't Spike known anything about the world of vampires and demons? And if Spike's parents had been watchers, should spike have been one too?

That night Angel managed only a couple of hours sleep. He was first to wake up in the bed. He opened his eyes and Spike was still melted into his side, his legs tangled messily in the sheets. "Spike? William? Little One?", he asked gently shaking the small form. William whined as he woke up. He opened his eyes and stared at Angel. "M'swill ashweep.", he grumbled around his thumb. Angel chuckled. As his blue eyes unclouded he continued to stare at Angel. He slipped his thumb from his mouth and moaned. "This is one definitely freaky dream peaches.", he grumbled as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

Angel, in an instant realised that spike remembered who he was. Part of him was disappointed but another part was relieved. In a way, the little boy was back with his Mummy and Daddy and teddy bear and it pleased Angel. He began to laugh softly at spike who was still burrowed into his side. "What is the dream about Spike?", he asked. Spike grumbled once more and yawned. "Well for some reason I'm in Angel's bed and I'm five years old. It's a stupid dream that's what I've grasped so far.", he answered.

The large vampire moved to sit up in the bed and the little boy whimpered at the loss of contact. Angel chucked and pulled the boy carefully into his arms and against his chest. Spike immediately relaxed in his embrace and smiled. "Little One? This isn't a dream. You've somehow become five years old but don't worry about it. We're trying to find a cure.", he said. Suddenly Spike's eyes snapped open and he looked up at Angel. "Bloody Hell.", he swore. "I'm five years old!", he exclaimed.

He scrambled out of Angel's grasp and crawled under the sheets to the far end of the bed. "This is so humiliating! Why do all the really bad things always happen to me? Wheelchair! Chip! Soul! Trigger! Big flamey death! Ghost!!!", he cursed under the sheets. Angel winced as he listened to the list. "Now I'm bloody five years old. I've no idea how, I didn't do anything! Now the bloody poof can have his way. why am I always the baby!" Spike yelled the last part of his rant. Angel pulled the sheets off the bed with one swift pull to find Spike lying at the foot of the bed, silent tears in his eyes and a look of pure misery on his face.

Angel couldn't help himself. He pulled the little form into his arms and rocked him against his body. "You're always my baby. My friend and my baby.", he whispered into spike's curls. Spike pulled away and brushed the tears off his face. "You don't have to make me feel better.", he said softly. "I know you're not lying or anything but there's just more important things to deal with." Angel nodded and told spike all about the last few days since he'd found Spike in his apartment.

When he finished, Spike was just as confused as he was. "My parents were Watchers?", he asked. "How about we don't talk about that one for a while?', he asked. Angel nodded. "What about Macbeth?", he asked cheekily. Spike blushed and laughed embarrassedly. "I'm not the only person to have had a teddy bear okay?", he said nervously. "What about that stuffed bunny you have at your apartment?", he asked evilly.

"FRED GAVE HIM TO ME!!!!!!", he shouted defensively and threw himself down on the bed. Angel laughed at his antics. "You want some breakfast? I'll make you eggs?", he asked the little lump. Spike's head shot up and he looked suspiciously at Angel. "You DO know that I know what's going on now don't you?", he asked surprised. Angel smiled and ruffled his hair. Spike scowled and tried to smooth it back while angel stood up. "Of course I do. Now do you want eggs or not?", he repeated.

Spike nodded and as if by instinct lifted out his arms to Angel to be picked up. He quickly realised what he was doing and began to pull them back. Angel rolled his eyes and scooped him up from the bed. He walked into the kitchen and placed spike on a chair. "So do you remember anything that could help your case?", he asked conversationally as he busied himself making breakfast. Spike shifted uncomfortably on the chair. "Not really- I suppose it was a spell maybe- I don't know-", he mumbled.

Angel turned around and looked at the little boy who squirmed in his seat. "Are you okay?", he asked trying to keep his tone neutral. He knew it would anger Spike if he acted too different around him. Spike's little face was tinged with pink as he met Angel's gaze. "I think I have to go.", he answered. Angel couldn't help but step closer to the table. "You can't leave now. It wouldn't be safe.", he explained concernedly without pause. Spike shook his head and got down off the chair. "No I think I have to go to the bathroom!", he yelled suddenly.

He ran past Angel for the bathroom and slammed the door. Angel listened as he heard a string of colourful curses from inside the bathroom and finally the flushing of the toillette. Spike appeared a moment later looking even more red in the face. Angel arched an eyebrow. "Look if you had an accident it's fine. I won't tell anyone Spike-", he started but was cut off by the little boy bursting into tears. Angel immediately picked him up and held him to his chest. Spike continued to cry for a few minutes as Angel rocked him and wiped away his tears.

"Now what exactly happened Spike? Because whatever happened was not your fault. You have to remember that you're in a child's body and a human one at that. It has to be even more confusing for you. Don't worry yourself about it. We'll get you something to keep it from happening again-" his rant was cut off by a shout of "I didn't have an accident!" He looked down at the little boy in his arms. "don't you think I'd be wet if I did?", he asked angrily. Angel had to blush for just assuming something like that.

"Well why were you crying then?", he asked. Spike suddenly avoided his gaze and turned a deep shade of red again. "It doesn't matter.", he answered quietly. Angel gave him a look and he answered again. "Well it was hard enough to get on the toilette by myself and then I wanted to wash my hands and I can't even see into the sink! It just kinda sank in how bloody well tiny I am!"

Angel smiled in sympathy. Of course it would be harder for Spike to be like this. He wasn't used to being this size or this dependant. Angel decided to make it easier from then on in. "Don't worry you weren't all that tall to begin with.", he answered as he placed Spike in front of the sink. Spike started to laugh and angel quickly decided that he was still absolutely adorable. Spike washed his hands as Angel quickly made breakfast.

When they were finished Angel helped Spike pick out something to wear of the non embarrassing variety. Spike made a mental note to thank the blonde for not buying anything she knew he'd hate. When they'd finished there was an awkward silence. "What do you want to do now?", Angel asked as he put his watch on. Spike thought about it for a moment and sighed. "I should probably go to Wesley's office and talk to him about this.", he answered. Angel smiled. He thought Spike would refuse to leave the apartment. "Well they've already seen me!", he reasoned. "I hide from no one."