A/N: This is a story I wrote for the forum of tribeworld. I thought it might be cool to post here as well, but I kinda noticed that my lay-out is different from the lay-out used on this site. Also I think my chapters are much shorter normally. So tell me what you think of the story, and I'd also like to know if I should change the layout or something!

Chapter 1

Another day at school. Nothing interesting happens, why would it? After all we live in the middle of nowhere here! Miss Taylor, why are you making us write these schooljournals again? For the last 5 weeks I've been writing that nothing happened... And the sad part is that I'm not doing that to bug or bore you, it just doesn't! As soon as I graduate in 5 months I'm so out of here!

"Cloe!" a voice whispered. "Cloeee, hello.. Over here. Are you suddenly deaf or something?" Cloe looked over to her left. "Ebs, what is it? I only have 10 more minutes to finish this stupid page of this stupid journal and I only have like 6 lines!" "Don't bite my head off! I just wanted to bring the person standing behind that door to your attention!" "What? Who is there?" "Just look over for fcks sake!" Cloe looked over to the door. Standing there was Ved, the schools "bad boy". He was late as usual and was trying to get someones attention to make sure the teacher wasn't in the room. "Why are you bringing him to my attention? I don't care about him standing there!" Cloe whispered angry to Ebony. "Honey, first of all I really don't see why you don't care… The guy is a total hotty, and the fact that he isn't exactly a goody twoshoes only makes him hotter. Second of all, you're the only one that can turn around to check if miss Taylor really is out of the room, and isn't standing next to the back door waiting for someone to do something wrong!" Cloe sighed, looked around and nodded to Ved. Ved looked at her, not sure what to think of it. After all they weren't the best of friends, more like the best of enemies. For some reason the schoolprincess and the schoolgangster didn't cope being in the same room for to long. But still she was nodding to him that he could come in safely.. Well, it wouldn't hurt him to try. If he was caught he would get another Saturday detention.. But all of his Saturdays from now till graduation were already planned with that exact thing, so it didn't matter. Quietly he opened the door and sneaked in.

He looked around, noticed that the teacher really wasn't there and walked over to Cloe. "Well, who would have thought that miss perfect over here would help someone break a rule? Next thing you know you are helping a couple of criminals to rob the bank! If you ever need a lesson in breaking and entering you can always call me. I'd be happy to learn you how to ruin your career and your future. After all, as we all know, I'm the expert in that!" Ved smirked. "Well, thank you Cloe for keeping my ass out of detention. Even though I deserve it completely…" Cloe fired back at him. "Honey, honey.. Didn't you get that me talking to you is like the biggest thank you you can get? And on top of that I offered to teach you a couple of things. I never did that before. So you shouldn't feel thanked, you should feel really honoured!" "Geez, how stupid of me that I didn't see that. Of course you offering to ruin the reputation that I've been building since I could, let's see, TALK is something I should be happy about. Just think as this as me jumping up and down in complete ecstasy okay?" Cloe turned to her journal again. Ved sat down on his own chair, just in time before the miss Taylor got back. "Mister Daimer, you are late again? Since I didn't see you get in I can't give you detention.. But do consider this you're last warning before I fail you!" she said. "Excuse me, miss Taylor?" Cloe put her hand up. "Yes miss Delores?" "Ved Daimer was doing something for the graduation-committee. As we all know you yourself made him join that, and I thought that it would be okay if he missed a couple of minutes of your class to do something for me" Cloe smiled angelically while saying those words. "If he really was away doing something for our respected head of committee of course I won't mind! I'm sure you had a perfectly good reason for asking him, even though you knew he would be late. Mister Daimer, it seems like once again you've crawled through the eye of the needle. You can scratch my warning, but don't forget it. Next time it will be true!" At that moment the bell rang and everyone stood up. When Ved walked passed Cloes table he whispered "Saving my ass twice on one day miss Delores? You would almost start to think you are a criminal in the make. Or of course you don't want anything to happen to my ass because you want it for yourself. So my guess is on you being a criminal in the make". Cloe looked at him, not knowing what to say. Obviously he was kidding around with her… But how to respond on that? She didn't even like him, so she didn't want to look to nice. But being mean or ignoring him was out of the question as well. "Well mister Daimer. I don't care why you think I did it, just as long as you remember you owe me big time. And when I say big time I really mean big. Big as in: I might keep you to your offer of teaching me things" Cloe said, with half of a smile. She walked away, leaving behind a really confused Ved.