By: Patleon909

Author's Note :

"This is talking."

This is whispering/ muttering


These are sounds.

These are thoughts.

Japanese words:

Neh- hey

Nani- what

Kuso- crap

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Ugh…noooo…come on… five more minutes… Naruto thought, rubbing his eyes. Ugh… what do I have to do today? He glanced at his calendar, and his eyes grew wide. "AAAAACK!!! I'm gonna be late!!!!" He threw on his orange suit and jumped out his bedroom window.

"There you are!" Shikamaru pointed at Naruto. "You were supposed to come early so that we could play shogi before they put us into our squads." "Eheh… well, I kinda overslept. Sorry." Naruto said, scratching the back of his head.

"That's your excuse for everything. It's so troublesome. Eh, doesn't matter. Let's meet at the park during the lunch hour ok? We'll play then." Shikamaru turned around and say Chouji heading towards them. "Hey guys!" "Hey Chouji. What's up?"

"Umm… well, nothing really. So, we're meeting at the park during the lunch hour?" "Sure, whatever. Neh, Shikamaru, the teacher's here." "Nani? He's not usually this early." "HEY! Settle down. Take your seats." Iruka yelled.

After everyone scrambled into their seats, Iruka started assigning everyone to their teams. I wonder who I'm gonna be assigned with… Naruto thought. "By the way, since so many genin passed this year, you're all being assigned into four- man teams. Ugh… I hate all this last- minute crap. It's so troublesome… Shikamaru thought. Dammit. This is bad. I might have to be in a team with that sonofabitch... Naruto thought.

He glanced at Sasuke and shuddered. Noooo… it's gonna be hell if I get stuck with him. He thought. After a while, he fell asleep until Iruka yelled"Team Seven!". " Uzumaki Naruto…" he woke up instantly and thought That's me! "Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata, and…" Come on! One more person! Please not Sasuke! PLEASE! He begged.

" Uchiha Sasuke." Said Iruka.

Godamnit! NOOOO!!!! "You'll have a one- hour lunch break, and then you'll meet your new senseis." Iruka left the room and everyone started talking. "Hey, Shikamaru! Who'd you get stuck with?" Naruto yelled. "Yamanaka Ino, Chouji and Aburame Shino." "Man, you're lucky. I got stuck with the Uchiha." "Really?" Chouji said. "Boy, I feel sorry for you!"

"Hey, so let's go." Shikamaru smirked at Naruto's situation. "Sure, sure. Go on ahead. I'll catch up." Naruto walked to where Sakura was sitting. Out of respect, he asked, "Hey, you wanna come eat lunch with me? Get to know each other better?" "No way. Go away." She replied flatly. Geez, she doesn't have to be so harsh. Should I invite Sasuke? He thought, then slowly went to Sasuke's desk and got a sickly feeling in his gut.

"Hey…umm Sasuke. Want to eat lunch together and get to know more about one another?" "No. I must train, get stronger, and beat the crap out of HIM one day.." Sasuke replied without even looking up. Okay… so that leaves… he spotted Hinata and called her over. "Hey! You wanna eat lunch together and get to know each other?" "U-u-um, s- sure." She replied. Naruto, as usual, failed to notice that she was blushing. "Great!Come with me!" he exclaimed as he ran off, the young Hyuuga girl following him.

About 45 minutes later…

"Okay… I put this here, and that's checkmate!" Shikamaru stared and gawked at Naruto. "Oh my god… you beat me AGAIN?!? Dammit! What's wrong with me today?!"Shikamaru yelled. Naruto glanced at his watch and said "Hey lunch- hour's almost over. Let's head back." Naruto said before he leaped onto a rooftop and headed back to the auditorium. Why is he in such a rush? Thought Shikamaru before he followed Naruto.

Once they got there, Shikamaru barely got through the door before Ino started yelling at him for being "so late". "Where the hell were you?! You're lucky our teacher isn't here yet!" "Well, he's not here yet. So get off my back." Shikamaru dully replied as he leaned against the wall. "WHAT?! How DARE you-" "HEY! Will you both just shut up?!" Sasuke yelled. Well, at least he's useful for SOMETHING. Naruto thought.

Several hours later…

"Dammit. This stinks. Everyone else is gone and we've been waiting for what, two hours? Where the hell is our teacher?!" Naruto murmured to himself. As if an answer to his question, the door suddenly opened and a silver/ gray- haired man walked in. "Team Seven? Come with me." Finally. Naruto thought as he followed their new teacher out he room.

Kakshi led them onto a rooftop and signaled for them o sit down. Sakura, obviously, sat as close as she possibly could to Sasuke. Sasuke tried to inch away from her, but she followed. Naruto sat next to Hinata, and their teacher sat in front of them all. "Okay, introduce yourselves. But let me go first.

My name is Hatake Kakashi, my hobbies and interests aren't of any importance, and I don't really fell like talking about my hopes, dreams, likes or dislikes. Ok… that was a LOT shorter than I thought… Naruto thought. "Okay… how about you?" Kakashi said, pointing at Sakura.

"Umm…okay. My name is Haruno Sakura. I don't really have a hobby… my likes are…unimportant right now…" she said, glancing at Sasuke and blushing. "my dislikes are nasty people… like Naruto…" "I'm sorry, what was that last bit? I didn't quite catch it." Kakashi said. "Umm… nothing." Sakura said. Riiiiiight. Kakashi thought. "Okay, you next." Kakashi said, nodding at Naruto.

"Okay. My name is Uzumaki Naruto. My likes are ramen, instant ramen and… well, nothing else, really. My dislikes arehaving to wait for instant ramen to cook, and being treated like dirt by just about everyone in Konoha every day. My dream is to become Hokage one day, so everyone will respect me more. My hobbies are… pranks and sometimes training…" He TRAINS? Even occasionally? Is that so? Kakashi thought.

"You next." Kakashi said, signaling Hinata. "u-um… m-my name i-is H -Hyuuga Hinata… M-m-my hobbies a-are t-t-training… my l-likes are…m-my dream is t-to become s-someone who's r-respected b-by others." Hmm… interesting… Kakashi thought. "Okay. You're the last one. Go." He said, pointing at Sasuke.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. My likes are none of your concern. I have a lot of dislikes, too many to mention now. My… ambition is to kill… someone and to restore my clan." He must mean…well. This is an interesting little bunch. Kakashi thought. "Okay. I'm giving you the rest of the afternoon off. Meet me tomorrow at the training grounds at 8 in the morning. And I suggest you don't eat. Unless you want to hurl. See you!" Kakashi waved, then disappeared in a puff of smoke. Why do I get the feeling this guy's gonna be one hell of a teacher? Naruto thought.

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