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Chapter 1: Deep Trouble

It was a late evening in Paris, and the moon was shining bright. It was quite warm, because it was june after all. Jenny was walking towards her home from a late party. Jenny is a nurse, and the hospital was having its 50th year celebration party.

"Maybe I should go home the shorter way, through the harbour." Jenny thought and went through the park instead of going through the city.

She walked another 200 meters and reached the harbour. She admired the beautiful moonlight that reflected itself from the sea. Jenny stood in the platform and took a deep breath, closed her eyes, smiled and realized how lucky she was because she had a wonderful boyfriend Jack, (A/N: read Exquisite Christmas) wonderful friends, and for once, her life was in order.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard very loud, angry voices. Apparently there was at least two men, and they were arguing about something. They were too far away for Jenny to hear what they were saying, but actually she didn't even want to.

Jenny cursed because she noticed that she was wearing high-heels. She cursed for her bad luck and because she didn't want to attract any attention to herself, she took them off. The voices came closer and the vixen was starting to panic, so she looked around for a place to hide. She saw some huge cargo boxes, and hid behind them.

Jenny pressed herself between the boxes and the wall. From a tiny gap she could see everything what was going on in the platform.

With horrified eyes Jenny saw how two men were dragging a snow leopard girl along with them. She looked very young, maybe 16 or 17 years old. Suddenly the girl spoke, or more like exclaimed.

"Please don't do this! I already told you, I don't know anything about it!"

The girl had a pleading look and her voice was filled with panic and her eyes glistered with unshed tears. The other one of the two men raised his hand and slapped the girl. Jenny gasped loudly but no one heard it because the girl screamed in pain.

The man who slapped the girl grew frustrated with her, and shouted with an angry voice.

"Don't lie to me!"

The man was tall and slender. Thanks to the moonlight, Jenny could easily regocnize that he was a wolf.

The girl tried to struggle faintly, but she realized herself that she couldn't escape. The other man, a wolf too, spoke.

"I know how to get her to talk!"

He grabbed her, took hold of her waist and with his other hand, he took a hold of her head and and shoved it under the water.

Jenny watched with horror when he dipped the girl for like five times until he pulled her back so that she could breathe, and possibly tell what she knew. The girl coughed like crazy and tried to take her hair out of her face.

Jennys legs were sore from the standing and she stretched them just a little. Suddenly her feet collapsed with the upper cargo box, and it was pushed forward. It was just like from a slow-motion movie, the box satarted to fall. Jenny gasped in horror when she realized that she couldn't do anything to prevent the event. She closed her eyes and crouched quickly behind the box that was beneath the upper box. Jenny closed her eyes and silently cursed.


Of course they heard the crash and turned to look. They didn't see Jenny, luckily. The other wolf seemed to come out of his bewilderment faster than the other and yelled to him.

"There's someone! Anyone who crosses our path will pay!"

Jenny panicked and didn't wait until the wolf would find her. She quickly got up and started to run like crazy, away from the harbour.

The wolf who had slapped the girl, took a hold of her and shouted to the other wolf.

"Why are you just standing there? Get her!"

The wolf started to run after Jenny with full speed. Jenny looked over her shoulder and saw that he was really fast. Jenny knew the city very well, so she started to think what would be the quickest way to her home. She tried to misslead the wolf and turned first right, then left, and tried to win time by going towards the dark alleys.

"At least I didn't see them carrying any guns." Jenny thought while running. She had completely forgotten her high-heels, but didn't care about them now and just ran without them. The ground wasn't cold and the pavement was made of asphalt so it was easy for Jenny to run without her shoes. Just to answer her question a bullet pierced through the air and whizzed right past Jennys left shoulder.Jenny jumped a little but kept running. She felt her heart thumping madly and felt like she was going to faint. She was so close to her home.. If she could just make it..

She was about 500 meters away from her apartment when she heard a loud beeping noice. Jenny was so startled that she almost fell over. She realized that the beeping came from her pocket, and with a quick movement, she retrieved it from her pocket. Apparently she had put a reminder to her phone. It read:

"Remember the gym with Jessica tomorrow at 12 o'clock."

Jenny thanked god that she had put a reminder to her phone, because otherwise she wouldn't have noticed that she had it with her.

Of course, she could call for help!

Jenny quickly dialed Jessica's number remembering it by heart, and while waiting for her to answer checked if the wolf was still after her. He was closing in. He was yelling something, but Jenny couldn't hear what it was because she was too busy trying to think how to shake him off. She turned to different directions many many times, but it was no avail.

"Hello" Finally Jessica answered.

"Jess, thank god! I'm in deep trouble... I'm being chased.. I.. can't explain...I..oof!"

Jenny tried to explain her situation to Jessica, but she was too exhausted to. It must've showed, because the wolf caught up with her and tackled her to the ground. Jennys mobilephone flew off of her hand when she fell. Jenny tried to reach for it, but the wolf was faster and broke it into tiny little pieces with his foot.

"No..." Was all that was faintly heard from Jenny when her only hope was shaddered into millions little pieces.

She struggled like crazy beneath the wolf but he was so strong. He pulled Jenny painfully from her hair and growled into her ear.

"You actually thought you could get away?"

His voice was sarcastic, like he would've laughed at Jenny. That made Jenny really mad and she struggled even more. It didn't help, he was too strong and Jenny remembered that he still had the gun. But apparently he wasn't supposed to kill Jenny, because he had only shot at Jenny once. Maybe it was meant to scare her.

Even though Jenny couldn't see it, she knew for sure that the wolf would call his mate. If there was two of them to deal with, Jenny would have no chance to escape them anyhow.

Calling for help would be a bad idea, because 1) Jenny took a "short-cut" and ended up to a dark alley and 2) the guy was really strong and would totally harm anyone who messed with him. And no one would hear her anyways, there weren't any houses near by.

The wolf pulled Jenny up from her hair and started to drag her deeper to the alley. It was pitch dark, Jenny couldn't see a thing. But apparently the wolf knew where he was going.

Even though the alley was dark, there was a little bit light in the other end of it. Jenny saw two blurry shadows, a smaller one and a bigger one. She regocnized the smaller one immediately. It was definitely the snow leopard girl.

Jenny squinted her eyes in the dark and noticed that the girl wasn't struggling much anymore. She seemed to sway and the wolf was half carrying half pulling her with him. Jenny quessed in horror that she must've been drugged somehow.

That was her last thought when she smelled something incredibly repugnant. After a split second, everything went black.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I'm being chased.. I.. can't explain..I..oof!" Jessica heard Jenny's panting and a loud thump. Jessica came to a conclusion that Jenny must've fell.

"Jenny!" She asked in horror.

"Jenny, answer me!" Jessica screamed with fear when Jenny didn't answer. There was only heard some faint crackling and then... quiet. Then the line went dead.

Hastily Jessica checked her clock. It was 2:38 A.M.

"If I had answered earlier, maybe Jenny would have had the time to explain what was happening.." Jessica thought in horror, tears rolling down her cheeks. She was alone in her apartment and had woken up when Jenny called.

Many bad thoughts wandered through her mind but she tried to push them away as much as she could.

Jessica got up from her bed to make herself some fast coffee. She wiped her tears away, and put her coat on. She had a plan. She would find first Jack, then Carmelita. They deserved to know what had happened. After all Jack and Jenny had been inseparable since the huge party in Jessica's parents' mansion, and Jess knew that Jack cared deeply for Jenny.

Jess took one sip from her coffee, zipped her coat and with a quick move, took her car keys and rushed out of her apartment slamming the front door close with her leg.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Right after Jenny had "fallen asleep", the wolf took her in his arms while the other wolf took the girl. They started to walk deeper to the dark alleys not saying one word. After a long moment, the one carrying the snow leopard girl, spoke.

"You know Tom, I don't think this was a good idea. Like boss told us, we had to get this girl to tell us how she stole the drugs we stole first! But apparently she's not talking easily, and we've got this other woman too..."

"Relax Nick, we'll get her to talk..." Tom answered with a calm voice. He didn't seem to be afraid or worried at all.

"I know you would, but I don't want to harm her too much. You know that her father's working for Interpol and if she's hurt then he'll hunt us down for sure and that's not what I want." The wolf called Nick complained.

"Well I don't want that either. We just gotta get her to tell where it is, or otherwise there will be evidence about us being involved in a drug case. That could send us both to jail." Tom revised.

Nick sighed. They continued their walk in silence.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jessica drove like mad towards Jacks apartment. She had visited there once with Jenny, so she knew where he lived. Luckily the traffic was really slow at night, so it took Jess only fifteen minutes to arrive at his house. The house was quite small, it was made of wood, and it looked like a summer cottage. Jess had heard form Jenny that Jack had built it himself. It was painted red.

Jessica jumped out of her car and hurried to the door. She didn't find a doorbell, so she decided to knock. She knocked twice, but no one came to open the door. She thought that he must've been sleeping so she tried knocking the windows. When no one came, she put her face against the glass and squinted inside. It was pitch dark.

Then it hit her. Jenny had mentioned that Jack had gone to England to visit her sister Jenna, who was about to get married. Jess didn't even have his mobile number. She thought that she wouldn't need it. Usually she contacted Jenny, because she was almost always with Jack. Jess cursed her bad luck.

After a moment of just standing there Jessica remembered that Carmelita would want to know too. She headed for Carmelitas apartment. What she didn't remember that time, was that Carmelita didn't live at her apartment anymore. She didn't remember that Carmelita had told her that she's moving together with her boyfriend.

Jessica reached Carmelitas former apartment. She had visited her many times before, so she knew form memory which number the apartment was. She jumped two stairs at a time and finally reached the 4th floor. The hall was quiet, there was no one in sight. Well, it was almost four in the morning.

Jessica hesitated at the door. She hated to concern Carmelita, but Jenny was one of her best friends too. She had to share her worries with somebody...

- - - -

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