Chapter 9: Epilogue

The next morning all the three teens were the first ones to wake up, and they started to clean the house. It was the least they could do for spending the night in other people's house. It wasn't before noon that Carmelita woke up. The sun shone directly to her eyes from the open window. "What the..?"

Obviously she had spend her night sleeping on a windowsill. She even wasn't in her room, or alone. Sly was still fast asleep next to her. Carmelita's back hurt from sleeping in there and she had a very uncomfortable headache.

She went to sit on top of Sly's bed and tried to remember anything from last night. The last thing she remembered was that she had been sitting in the living room chatting with Jenny and Jessica... Her reminisce was interrupted when Sly moaned in his sleep and finally woke up. He got up looking drowsy. "Owww.. You got any aspirin? I have a splitting headache." Apparently Carmelita wasn't the only one suffering from it.

"I was just thinking if you might have had any. Maybe Bentley has some." Carmelita yawned, got up groggily and finally said. "So..we celebrated really late, huh? I can't remember anything." Carmelita giggled a little and kissed Sly on the cheek and started to make her way downstairs. Sly just stood there looking after her and thinking something.

"You coming or not? I thought you said you wanted that aspirin." Carmelita said and smiled at Sly. Sly thought about last night and thought if he should tell Carmelita what had happened, but decided against it. Finally he caught up with Carmelita and they made their way downstairs together.

"Please, I need it! You said you would give it to me!"

Sly and Carmelita looked at each other in confusion. Apparently Bentley was whining about something. When they had gone all the way down they saw Sasha giggling to Bentley and standing there her arms crossed.

"Okay okay, don't kill me already! I hid it under the couch. You would have found it if you had followed the wires. But you were so drunk yesterday!" Another fit of giggles came from the other teens. Carmelita joined the others as well, and looked at Bentley especially. "So, we weren't the only ones drinking that much?" Bentley just looked at her grumpily, kneed next to the couch, took out his laptop and immediately started to type away.

"Yo guys! Breakfast is ready!" Murray announced and they all sat down to eat. Jenny and Jessica woke up a little bit later, so after everyone else had already eaten their breakfast, Carmelita was the only one left sitting there and drinking her coffee. Bentley had finally gave her and Sly those aspirins so she felt much better now.

A few moments later Jenny and Jessica had woken up and approached the table with some wareness and looked funnily at Carmelita.

"What? Why do you look at me like that? You have the same look how Sly looked at me when I asked him that did we celebrate late." Carmelita frowned at them. This is odd, she thought.

Jenny and Jessica relaxed a little, took some breakfast and sat down. "Nothing special. You a little bit angry towards me and Jenny but like I said, it's no big deal!" Jessica tried to reassure Carmelita but didn't do a very good job at it.

"Okay you two, spit it out!"

Jessica looked at Jenny with a you-will-explain- look and continued to eat. "Uhm..hmm..well you angry with us yesterday..because we were talking with each other and then..hmm.. you thought we just forgot to talk to you as well and then you locked yourself up and what I heard from Sasha Sly had to pick the lock to get to you and you got angry with him as well in the process..But I don't know how you went to sleep, maybe Sly sang you a lullaby or something." Jenny twiddled her fingers in embarrasment for Carmelita's sake.

Carmelita on the other hand looked at them both with huge eyes and lifted her hand to her mouth and mumbled something about a sorry.

"But you know what is the best part?" Sasha suddenly said near them. When no one said anything, she pulled out two printed pictures and put them next to each other in the middle of the table for everyone to see. The picture showed Carmelita walk past Sly, Jenny and Jessica with an angry look, looking like she would kill somebody if looks could kill. The second picture showed poor Sly who had stood back away form the toilet door and had his ears flat agains his head. No doubt everyone understood that Carmelita was yelling at him from the other side of the door. "That's kind of a funny pic if you start to think about it." Sasha laughed and pocketed the pictures just for safe keeping. She had a plan for those pictures.. When the girls weren't looking, she went over to the living room and showed the picture to Bentley, Murray and Sly. After a second Bentley and Murray were howling with laughter and Sly just grinned at himself in the picture.

Carmelita blushed from embarrasment and whispered in horror. "Why didn't anyone tell me? I knew I could be a bitch sometimes...but not that much! I'm so sorry, how can I ever make this up to you two?"

Jenny tried to pretend to be hurtful but couldn't keep the act up. "Silly, it's okay! You were drunk, you didn't know what you were saying! Right, Jessica?"

"Yep. Definitely."

Jenny smiled and glanced at the clock. "Oh no! My work at the hospital starts in a half an hour! I'm sorry but I have to go." Jessica glanced at the clock as well.

"Hey I come the same way with you, my parents are coming from Europe today and they want to see me."

"I quess we'll see you two later then, huh?" Carmelita said and got up. "But Jenny, call me if you need anything, you know, ever."

Jenny laughed a bit. "Hey, it's not like we won't be seeing each other! Jack comes back today and he probably wants to come and see his friends anyway. So I'm probably coming along as well."

Right when Jenny and Jessica left, Sasha started to grill Carmelita.

"So Bentley, you said it could be possible to strecth these pctures even bigger with your laptop and then print them?"

"Sure, just give them to me, and I'll do it right away!" Oh how they loved to grill Carmelita.

"Oh no you don't!" Carmelita exclaimed and dived forward so that she could take the photos but couldn't do it when Sly grabbed her and stopped her. "Let me go! I'll rip those with my bare hands!"

This was part of Sasha's plan as well. She had got everyone persuaded to act along.

"Okay, with one condition I'll burn these!" Sasha grinned evilly and waved the photos in front of Carmelita.

Carmelita struggled even more in Sly's clutch but to no avail. "Okay, what is it?!"

Lindsay took the reins and continued for Sasha. "Well, from what I heard from Bentley they were on a heist yesterday and they sold that diamond Sly stole and got some spare money from it and they were generous enough to ask from me, Sasha and Rebecca were we would stay now that we have ran away from home. So...We just wanted to ask your acceptance as well, just because you live here as well. So, is it okay if the living room is enlarged so that three more people will fit in?"

Carmelita was so astonished she completely forgot the photos. "What? Why didn't you just ask away, you shouldn't have tortured me like that!" And now she turned to face Sly. "And you! You had part in this as well!"

"Well you have to admit it was funny!" Rebecca laughed but hid behind Murray when Carmelita looked evilly at her. Thank god she was beyond Carmelita's reach.

"So, what do you think?" Lindsay grinned.

"Sure, if it's really okay with the others." Carmelita finally approved.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

That very same evening they had destroyed the living room's back wall already. Jenny, Jack and Jennifer came later to help, and with everyone helping, in a week, it was ready.

All of the girls had their own room, they were big and they got to decorate them as they wanted. Sasha wanted a green room, Lindsay a blue one and finally Rebecca chose a red one. No doubt now that the girls live with the Cooper Gang, there will be more awesome adventures coming up...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A/N: This is the epilogue, I just hate to finish stories! Grr! But, if anyone's interested, I'm going to write a sequel, or just a fic for Sasha, Lindsay and Rebecca. They are such fun characters, so I'm sure it will be fun to write a fic for them.