Disclaimer: Yeah, um, no.

Dedication: To my exboyfriend, for being enough of an ass that he inspired me to write this piece. I'll explain what I mean by this at the end.


She was angry. That was obvious enough.

She was destroying the city. That was even more obvious.

There had to be something he could do, some way he could contain her, some way to restrain her anger. Control it.

He'd already tried fighting her solo, and that hadn't exactly turned out the way he'd thought it would. She had powers, dangerous ones that were now wreaking havoc on his new ground. He had a few gadgets and a motley crew of two at his side. A green kid with a weird mask and some tall guy who obviously had a problem with showing skin. Well…if they really wanted to help…

He motioned them forward; motioned them to attack the wild alien girl who was showering the area with bright green orbs that exploded dramatically on contact. Before they could even get within range for assault, a wall of black energy rose from the ground, preventing forward progression; preventing them from restraining her.

A pale girl with a blue floor length cloak stepped forward, saying just five words. Five simple words that changed absolutely everything.

"Maybe fighting isn't the answer."

The cloaked newcomer's comment caused him to pause and look, truly look at the alien girl for the first time. She was beautiful in a vicious and fiery sort of way, her red hair spilling over her shoulders and flying in every direction whenever she moved. Her arms were shackled…was she a prisoner? Perhaps a prisoner of war. It would explain her fury. Maybe she had a reason to feel the rage she did; torn from her home and everything she held dear. She might even be afraid.

Suddenly he realized that perhaps it wasn't about controlling her anger or repressing her emotions. It was about helping her overcome them.

He waved his new and hopefully temporary companions off, instructed them to allow him to go forward alone. Two of them protested, but he insisted. The pale girl simply watched in silence.

He wouldn't control her, this unstable alien. He had a feeling that she'd had enough control in her life to last a lifetime. She shouldn't be shackled, she should be free. She didn't need to be restrained, she needed to be helped.

And help her is exactly what he planned to do.


If you couldn't already tell, this short scene takes place during "Go!" I was watching it a while ago and got this idea from my exboyfriend, as previously stated, because he had this thing about controlling my emotions. I remember that one time this guy quite literally stole my notebook out of my bag and was trying to read it. I was furious and I lunged at the guy, but what does my exboyfriend think? Oh, I'm being too emotional about something trivial. So he grabbed my wrists, locked them behind my back, and told me to calm down. That, if anything, made me about ten times more pissed off than I was before.

I kicked him, he let me go, and I grabbed my notebook back from the other guy.

I wrote this because I think Robin kind of realized that Starfire was not someone that he, or anyone, could control. You can't just control someone else's emotions like that. You can't stuff them in a container and hope they go away. I just need people to see and understand this.