Did it Matter?

Isamu watched Tatsuya look at the piano every time he passed it with a mix of nostalgia and a creeping sadness that always seemed to follow the fourteen year old. Isamu never knew exactly what the boy was sad about. Maybe his sister. Isamu shrugged it off. Did it matter?

Tatsuya likes it when he receives Isamu's dynamis. Everyone's dynamis always feels different in a way. Like some kind of flavors of personality. Tatsuya liked Isamu's best. In Toru's dynamis he felt regret and a painful naivety. In Fuko's he felt unrequited love and flashes of anger. Isamu's felt like something different altogether. Tatsuya knew the other's felt it too. That's why they all asked for Isamu's dynamis instead of each others. It tasted of responsibility and a forbidden… something. Something that Tatsuya had wondered about but never put a name to. Did it matter?

Isamu kissed Tatsuya.

Tatsuya kissed back, clumsily, but with a passion only a fourteen year hormonal boy could posses. It was two in the morning. Isamu was sitting on the piano bench wondering what wayward thought had lead him here. Suddenly Tatsuya showed up in that eerie way of his, half awake, dressed in a t-shirt and rumpled boxers. They talked slowly and with no meaning to each other for awhile. Isamu said he was leaving to go to bed. Tatsuya asked why he was even there. It happened then, they kissed and there was no going back. It didn't matter to either of them that at any moment another hotel occupant could walk down those stairs and find them. They would find then laying on the piano, pressed tightly together, lips clashing, and trying to forget everything. It didn't matter.

What did matter is that in that moment was that Tatsuya wasn't missing Kiyoko, that Isamu wasn't ponder where he can from or what he was, and that neither of them felt that sadness that seemed to follow them everywhere.


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