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Hey everyone as I've mentioned in ch5 I'm fixing up my story.

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A Hayden In Training

I Should Have Slapped Him

Rory PoV

"This will be your tent, use it as you like but don't tell that to Finn none of us want to relive the toga incident, come out when your ready"

He still has that annoying smirk on, that you-have-no-idea-what-you-got-yourself-into grin, maybe I could slap it off of him. Hmmmmm maybe a good scare will suffice

"I think I've been here before, the forest not the tent"

I can see his eyebrows visibly rise, so he couldn't hide his shock, interesting.

"Okay then, how about you guess and I will tell you if you guess right"

He is still smirking but now its a you-can't-trick-me smirk. My turn to smirk now Huntzberger.

"Let's see, a 3 hour drive from Yale, barely any stops, there was a path but it doesn't look like its been used in awhile, but the fact that there is a path means that people have been here before, meaning its probably the property of a rich man, and knowing your history you don't have permission to be using it so you distanced yourself from the main house. So I am guessing we are in the Hayden compound"

He looks shocked, my turn has finally come.

"What? Did you think I couldn't figure it out? And even if I didn't know the area I would have recognized it anyways."

He looks even more confused if that is even possible.

"How would you have recognized it?"

I countered in a melodic voice

"I'll never tell"

He still looks confused

"Huh? That sounds familiar"

I roll my eyes

"It's from a movie"

He looks amused

"Of course, well I shall take my leave now and remember Ace, have some fun"

He turns to leave but only makes it to the exit when I ask him

"Hey, Logan"

He turns to me


I'm the confused one now. He smirks...again

"You'll figure it out"

He makes it a couple feet from the tent when I yell out

"Ace Reporter"

I can feel him smirking from here...I should have just slapped him.

Logan PoV

I cannot believe she figured out where we are, Steph was right she is Sharp. I still can't believe she was allowed to come to this event, but then again she is a Gilmore so that probably got her in. I'm still curious as to how she knew where we were, there is something missing here, something we don't know, I'll tell Seth to do a background check just to make sure. All we really know about her is that her name is Lorelai Leigh Gilmore the third also known as Rory Gilmore, Daughter of Lorelai Victoria Gilmore the second, father unknown, Grand Daughter to Richard and Emily Gilmore Raised away from Hartford, went to Chilton where she had a 4.0 grade point average, was student body vice-president in her senior year and graduated valedictorian, she was accepted into every school she applied to, all being Ivy league without the help of her last name, but that was all just from the grapevine, she was also known as the scandal that put a crease in the Gilmore name but made up for it by being charming, intelligent and a Debutant. She will most likely be the heiress the the Gilmore fortunes but I'm still wondering who her father is, maybe he wasn't blue blooded so no one cared to give a name. Note to self find try to find out more about Ace without making it look like I am interested. Try to be subtle, do not let her know you like her...as a friend, because Rory is not the type of girl I tend to date, she needs commitment and Lord knows that I can't give it to her. But then again I have been known to surprise people I guess I'll just play it by year. And its not like we didn't have permission to be using the land we tried to contact the owner but he was always too busy. Oh well it's not like anything bad is going to happen, lets just hope that Ace enjoys herself a bit.

Hey everyone once again just reminding you that I'm fixing up my story a bit and the basic story will stay the same just editing some minor details and glitches