I am not fat!!!

By Moonlitewriter

Kapil: This is chapter B…the angsty one. Well, try and enjoy


Sakura awoke, the dark sun's rays slamming against her. She looked around, her room was a pigsty. She yawned and got out of bed, and wiped away her dried tears.


Every night since that certain day, she had cried. She didn't care about anything now. She was pregnant with Naruto's child, but still, secretly she didn't love him. She was now one of the most popular ladies around town, due to her looks, intelligence, ego, personality, and her story. She was an author, and had written a story, something famililar yet out of mind. It was about a fat boy, a slim girl, and a tragic love.


She put on decent clothes and stepped outside. Naruto was at work, supposedly, but she knew better. He was most likely in the shower, wet and sticky, with Ino, his secretary.

Someone tapped her shoulder and she turned; It was Hinata, Kiba and Shikamaru.


"Uh, hi guys."

"D-D-D-Do you want to come to the mall with us? Kiba is buying clothes for our baby."

Sakura smiled, Hinata and Kiba were having their third child.

"No, I am going to take a walk."

"Fine…" Shikamaru said lazily, following the couple with nothing to do.


Sakura started walking to the Ramen Restaurant, but once she confirmed she wasn't being followed, she took a detour and ran to a creepy place: A graveyard.


She had remembered that day, Choji and her were kissing and he started having an attack. The ambulance came and took him away and that was the last she saw him breathing.

Choji had died, 10 minutes after reaching the hospitable. The world had crashed down on Sakura, her throat having a drought when she picked up the phone.


Sakura bent her head down in front of a grave, and tears started to fall. Oh, she was used to them, those glittering balls of water, falling.

She looked up at the grave with shiny eyes and read in her mind what is said:

R ST N P CE Chojee

She cried, they didn't care that they didn't finish the grave, or spelled his name wrong. She cried even more when she looked down

Words were scribbled on the stone, such as:


"I hate you fucking fatty"

"I don't like you"


But in pink marker, always there with a lip mark, said

"I love you."


Kapil: This may not seem much, but I like this ending. And also, I had more sad ideas ,like describing Choji dying, but that…was….too deep. Well, hoped you like I am not fat If anyone has ideas for another story I could write, I would love it. Oh, and review please