Chapter 7


I can't be held responsible

This is all so new to me

Just when I think I'm invincible

You come and happen to me


A whole week had gone by and Sam still wasn't sure what had happened to her. Danny never answered her questions and Tucker always said to ask Danny. The pair were crafty alright and after three days she gave up. She was now rarely alone with her two friends. At her house she was under almost constant surveillance, and she wasn't allowed to go to Tucker or Danny's for fear that she would collapse again. Sam spent her time alone putting together tidbits of memories she could remember. Something about a castle in the woods, a garden, and a throne room echoing with dance music but mostly Danny. There was a lot of Danny, filling most of the void of that time that she missed. But it all seemed like a dream. She sat cross-legged on her bed, already in her black silk pajamas lost in thought. Her parents believed she was asleep when really she was fishing for memories. There was then a sudden chill and she turned to see Danny outside her window about too tap on the glass. He waved and she gave him an all-clear nod. "To what do I owe the honor?"

"I told you I wanted to talk didn't I?"

"Yeah, like a week ago."

"Well I was trying to put it into words... But I should probably start at the beginning. I've been talking with Monica about this to get the whole story so here's where it starts. Between this world and the Ghost Zone is the Dreamworld, the place we go when we sleep, well not physically... Anyway when we're there we go to are own section of the Dreamworld. Monica had been put into a deep coma-like state by some vengeful ghost and the more she dreamed the bigger her section got. When my parents made a portal to the Ghost Zone they made a tunnel that didn't stop in the world in between, but all the traffic that's been coming in and out of there lately has torn a hole in the tunnel making a pathway into the dream world, right into Monica's dreams. Dream Monica escaped to our world and entered our dreams out of sheer boredom because dreams don't need sleep. She unlocked our subconscious' and... fooled around in Tucker's head. All in an effort to 'help us help ourselves' or something... Anyway you and her became friends and she sought to help you with something that I was told was important, but she was also seeking to break the curse and my ghost sense went off at the dance. I thought she was a ghost because when dreams come to this world they look a lot like them and my ghost sense reacts to them. I fought her and the necklace that could help break or spread the curse flew off and you picked it up-"

"I remember that! It was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen."

Danny smiled for the first time since he'd entered her room, "Yeah I thought so, too. We took you to the hospital and I fell asleep and was taken to the big black.. Well void really, and Monica explained everything in short that the necklace was in your section of the dream world and that I pretty much screwed up all her plans to be happy. Luckily she wasn't to hurt by it and sent me into your dreams." Sam felt her cheeks turn red, surely it was not the meadow dream. Which was her all time favorite. She hoped that wasn't the one, "And only with my luck, it was a nightmare."

"Are you sure it was a nightmare? Cause most peoples nightmares is my good night sleep."

"You lived in a white and gold castle, were wearing a pink dress, and about to be auctioned off to Dash."

"Ew... God it was a nightmare."

"Yeah but I fixed it."

"Oh yeah? How?"

"I challenged Dash to DDR and gave you the right to choose whoever you wanted to choose." He smiled and shook his head, "And wouldn't you know it you chose me." Sam turned redder and now resembled a strawberry, "Turns out in order for it to be valid I had to put the necklace around your neck."

Sam restrained a sigh of relief, "Someone wasn't using there head." She said smiling wickedly.

Danny laughed, which she took as a good sign, he was lightening up,"Yeah, you're right." There was a long silence then that Sam waited out patently. She knew Danny, give him a minute or two and he'll get to the point. He gave her a soft look, knocking the wind out of her with a rueful smile. "I thought I'd lost you, Sam."

She smiled at him, "You aren't getting off that easy. I'm not going any where." Suddenly he held her close and tightly to him. He didn't say anything, not for a long time, and she could barely move out of surprise.

"I... I was scared. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Danny?.." He allowed her to pull back but didn't look her in the eye. Rather at something near his foot.

"Sam I... I want to be with you..." That's when he met her eyes. What she saw in them shook her to the core, "And I've never been more sure than right now."

A great joy swelled up inside her and she almost burst with happiness, "It took you damn long enough." Her words gave her courage and she went to kiss him and was met half way. It was a long kiss, but it was spoiled by foot steps approaching from outside her door they heard and Danny began to pull away until his body was to far away to hold the kiss. He then phased through the window and she walked to it listening intently as the foot steps died away. She sighed and Danny mouthed that he had to go. She gave him a rueful smiled and pressed a hand to the glass mouthing three precious words that made Danny's face light up. He pressed his hand to match up with hers, went ghost and flew off. She watched him go her heart pounding unnaturally fast. He loved her... She wanted to scream out of joy! She wanted to climb a mountain and shout to the heavens in thanks! She wanted to run through the street singing her lungs out! What a rush... Damn and this was just their first real kiss. Imagine the second, or better yet the third! There were no more doubts in her mind. And she thanked her lucky stars that she'd been patient. She stood there long after her boy had flown out of sight.


Why should I care if I,

Ain't nothing in your eyes,

What you felt for me is gone,

Oh and why would I feel that way,

Now that it's to late,

To change what I did wrong,

I didn't care enough to keep you around,

So tell me why should I care,

I was the one who let you go

I never told you that I loved you

I couldn't promise you anything

The way you needed me too

Oh, when a heart was never really there,

Why should I care,

Why should I care,

I just do

-Sara Evans

Valerie's heart felt like it had been crushed underneath Sam's boots as she and Danny walked through the halls of Casper High, hand in hand. They weren't making a show of it, just the hands. And oh, Danny looked so happy. The reached Danny's locker and Sam kissed his cheek before retreating to her own. Valerie pulled herself together enough to walk to his locker. She took a deep breath and looked around the door, "Hey, Danny."

"Hey Valerie. How's it going?"

"Fine. And it looks like things are MORE than fine with you." She said managing to give him a suspicious look rather than the heart broken one.

"Oh. You noticed then. It didn't seem like anyone cared."

"Who said I cared?"

Danny looked a little confused, "No one said you did..." Danny looked at her thoughtfully, "Is something wrong?"

Valerie looked at him, "If me just being stupid is something wrong then yeah."

Danny opened his mouth to answer but closed it, he then ran his finger through his hair, "There's Sam now."

Valerie shook her head, she already knew that but she gave him what she hoped was a willful look, "I'm not going to give up."

"You can't choose who you love, and who you don't. I love her, Valerie."

Her smile faltered there was only one word wrong with that sentence. Her. She leaned against the locker next to his, "I guess if I said that I'd give up the things that kept me from being with you, you wouldn't change your mind, would you?"

"You shouldn't have to change who you are to be with someone."

Valerie turned away, not wanting him to see the world of hurt in her eyes. Why now? Last night she was ready to give up ghost hunting. To give up chasing the ghost boy. Everything. The bell rang. Never had it sounded so inviting. "Goodbye, Danny." Just wait, Danny. I'll be right here waiting with a bottle of glue to piece back together your heart when she breaks it . Or at least she hoped Sam would.

... Just me or does this seem... Incomplete? I know this ending's taken me forever now I want to write another chapter? It's just crazy but I'll never be satisfied until I fell a sense of completion with this story. Because well... I Love it, like I love all my stories. They're my babies and I cherish them deeply. Maybe I'll just write a sequel. So until I think of something more, I'm gone!

Your Humble Author,