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Title: Les Mensonges de L'Amour
Summary:Clark and Loiswork out their issues after 'Destroyer'.For the JLAU Ficathon
Recipient: Ava Cabot
Scenario: SM/LL after 'Destroyer'
Author's Note: This is a series of drabbles, short ficlets, whatever category the following shorts fit into. Hope everyone likes 'em.

"You don't just wear the mask for yourself. It's for your wife... your parents... even for - one day - your children. There are animals out there... and when it comes to family, we can't always be there to defend them. But the mask will." -Green Arrow, 'Identity Crisis'


Lois was there, inviting him to lunch, wearing the lavender blazer that he liked so well because it matched her eyes.

Everything seems right. Everything seems perfect.

It causes Clark to think, about Lois, and love, and quite possibly telling her his secret identity.

But things turn to hell, the sky turns red, and Darkseid is there.

His powers disappear, and Clark watches as Lois screams, unable to save her from the monster.

Things blur and Lex Luthor appears, laughing a high maniacal laugh.

That's when Clark awakes, knowing the nightmares will never stop, not until he knows she is okay.