Okay everyone, I'm having loads of fun reading all of these one-shots that are based either in Jack's (sorry, Captain Jack's) final scene (sob!) or the after thoughts of Will and/or Elizabeth. I'm Will/Liz myself, so that's what this story is. But alas, it is not post-DMC at all. Not in the least bit. It's post-COTBP and pre-DMC. It's something that had to happen in between the two movies, but they never showed us. It's a very fluffy Will and Elizabeth story. The totally awesome Captain Jack is not in it, sadly, but of course he is mentioned. Read on!

A/N: This is set approximately six to seven months after they return to Port Royal.

It was such a beautiful day. The young blacksmith Will Turner could not help noticing the clear pale blue sky with the occasional fluffy white clouds through the window of the shop in which he fashioned steel swords for all of the important British officials, nice iron pots for the middle-aged women in town, and horse shoes for the many horses that were ridden by the wealthier citizens. Riding horses up the mountains was one of Elizabeth's favorite pastimes. Will couldn't help thinking about her.


She was just so incredibly beautiful. Her skin had the loveliest complexion, and her skin was so soft and warm to the touch that just holding her hand was like receiving an extra reward for something that you didn't even do, but you weren't taking away anything from the person who did do something. The whole atmosphere of being around her was irresistible. She was so dignified and poised, but there was another side of her that was the real her. It was warm and loving, but it would fight for what it knew was the right thing to do. But yet there was a third side to her. It was full of life and energy. It wanted freedom and liberty. It was in some bizarre way, young Will Turner thought to himself, that every one of these jig-saw pieces fit together with her absolutely breathtaking beauty that could cause flowers to grow to form the amazing woman that he knew with all his heart that he loved.

Will and Elizabeth had been seeing each other quite frequently since their misadventures with Captain Jack on the Black Pearl. They'd walked along the docks together, ridden horses together, and attended the entire well to do balls for the upper class that the Swanns were always invited to together. Will had felt somewhat awkward at these occasions, but the second Elizabeth led him on to the dance floor for the first dance of the evening, all of his fears evaporated as they waltzed together. Will had also been teaching Elizabeth sword fighting, "Just in case," as he always told her. Every now and then Elizabeth would come into the shop wearing a shorter skirt or sometimes even pants and they would joust.

Whenever the two met together, they talked of their lives before they'd met each other. They laughed at each other's jokes, sang some of their favorites songs together at the top of their voices, and whispered "I love you" to each other every night before departing for the evening. Every single meeting, even if it was just for a moment or two, Will found himself falling more and more in love with Elizabeth than the day they first met, if that was even remotely possible. He suddenly thought of what must've been the only solution to his lovesickness. It stuck him so quickly and obviously that he immediately put down the candlestick holder that he had been working on for the Governor's house, took off his apron, and ran to the town's jeweler.