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Will and Elizabeth walked side by side through town and then up the hill out of town to the cliff where they had planned on eating lunch. It was large and grassy, with a beautiful view of the beach forty feet below. The day was perfect, and the few clouds that had been in the sky that morning had blown else where. The Caribbean Sea was a beautiful turquoise color and sparkling from the light reflecting off of it. Will set down the basket and the two kneeled down on a soft patch of grass. Elizabeth opened the basket to find several crackers, some cheese, and a few cookies.

"Oh Will!" She exclaimed. "This looks so wonderful! It was so sweet of you!" she gave him a hug and a quick kiss. Will blushed.

"It's not much," He said shyly, "But I'm glad you're pleased." The two began taking out the crackers, putting bits of cheese on them, and eating.

"You really don't have to do all of this for me, Will," Elizabeth said as she put a bit of cheese on her second cracker.

"No, but I want to," Will said earnestly. Elizabeth smiled. In about fifteen minutes, the two had finished their lunch and decided to walk for a ways. They strolled along silently for a few moments holding hands. They slowed down a little bit and Elizabeth put her head on Will's shoulder.

"Just DO IT!" He thought to himself. "You've got to do it! If you don't do it now, you'll never be able to get the courage to ask her later. Right now. Go on, say something already!"

"Will," Elizabeth murmured softly.

"Yes, Elizabeth?" He replied. She didn't say anything for a few moments. Then she pulled him in to a long, deep, kiss. Then the moment that neither wanted to end finally did.

"You look so beautiful with your hair like this," Will said, stroking it. The pins and braid had come out in the wind on the hike up to the cliff.

"And you," said Elizabeth, holding his face. They stepped away from each other, both blushing furiously, and continued their walk down the mountain, swinging their hands.

"Elizabeth?" said Will. She noticed his voice was shaking a little bit.

"Yes?" Elizabeth said, frowning slightly. "Is something wrong?"

"No-no nothing…nothing's wrong," He said with a small laugh.

"I just, um, I just wanted to ask you something," Will said, his voice shaking even more. He started to get down on one knee. Elizabeth's eyes widened in shock, but as he got down he pulled her along with him, and that combined with the shock caused Elizabeth to trip and start rolling down the hill, pulling Will with her. The two kept rolling down because the hill was so steep until they reached the beach. When they reached the beach, they were both laughing extremely hard and tried to sit in an up right position.

"Will!" exclaimed Elizabeth, throwing her hair back to get it out of her face. "You did that on purpose!"

"I did not!" Will countered, still laughing. They both kept on for a few moments, until Elizabeth calmed down a little bit. She stood up.

"Yes," She said, "You were going to ask me something Mr. Turner?"

"Right," said Will, becoming serious, but still smiling. He got on one knee and took both of her hands in his. "Elizabeth Madeleine Swann, will you marry me?" He stood up.

"Well William John Turner," Elizabeth said with mock seriousness. "I think that would depend on if you have the right leverage."

"Is that so?" Will said. "I think I can manage getting that." He picked her up off of her feet and kissed her for a few long minutes. Elizabeth broke off for a minute.

"You, Will," Elizabeth said. "Have excellent leverage." She kissed him again. "And that can be considered a 'Yes'!"

"Here," Will said, taking a small golden ring with a dark blue sapphire on it. "For the color of the sea, where we first met." Will spun her around and they both laughed with happiness.

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