Summary: When Cell attacks Yusuke's family, all hell is let loose.


Kice Nittle Litty: (is ricocheting around the room, mewing ecstatically about how she has a job)

it walks alone: (scribble scribble scribble)

Vyrexuviel: (is frowning down at his sister, making sure she doesn't do anything but write)

Kice: (thumps into the camera) MEWWW! mes have a JOB nows! Mew supposed to do disclaimers! (her tail jabs at IWA) She do stories, and he (the tail points at Vyre) bes muse and responses. Mrew. (gigglepurrs)

Vyre: (glares at Kice a bit and turns back to IWA)

IWA: (scribble scribble pause) (looks up) (sighs at Kice's kittenish hyper-ness) (goes back to scribbling)

Kice: (flinches a bit and mews) Ohh! rights! IWA no owns DBZ or YYH. (pronounces it Dibzz and Yiihhh)

Vyre: (drops face to palm and sighs at his kittenself's silliness)

Kice: (resumes ricocheting)

M/N (Muse Note):

Vyre: Hiyas! This is Vyre talkin now. . Anyway, I wanted to slip in here before the actual story to stick in a few assumptions I think you'd be interested to know, as they have an important bearing on the plot. Here we go! And SHUT UP Kice! I'll feed you later.

- Youki and reiki are about 100x as powerful as ki.

- Youki can be used by anyone with demon blood, and Reiki can be used by anyone with human blood.

- Youki and reiki can be used to increase one's ki, and a tiny bit of youki or reiki goes a LONG way.

- Even when damped down, youki emits a palpable aura of menace detectable only by humans (people with human blood).

- Ki and reiki/youki have no effect on each other.



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Chapter 1: Absences

"Hmmm..." Atsuko looked thoughtful. Yusuke, spying this expression, wasn't too happy. It never meant anything good. "Yup!" Yusuke jumped, then turned to his mother.

"What, Mom?"

"I've decided!"

Yusuke looked at her blankly. "...Decided what?"

Atsuko looked up at him, grinning. "You, me, and the Yukimuras are going on a vacation!"

Yusuke face faulted. "What? When?"

"Next week!"

Yusuke sweatdropped. "Mom, it's Saturday. Next week starts tomorrow."

"Oh. Well then, tomorrow!"

Yusuke face faulted again. "Oh man, the toddler's not gonna be happy about this one," he muttered under his breath, then grinned. "But hey, I get outta work. Cool!"

He turned to his mother. "Mom, I'm gonna have to tell my boss about this!" he called.

"Go right ahead!"

Yusuke sweatdropped. I just hope she doesn't get drunk before we leave... He shook his head and left for the Rekai to inform Koenma about his vacation.


Koenma looked up from his paperwork when the door slammed open. He was not too happy that it was Yusuke walking through, though.

"What do you want, Yusuke? I don't have a new case for you right now."

"I know. That's not what I'm here for."

"Then what are you here for?" Koenma asked, genuinely curious.

Yusuke grinned.

Koenma gulped.

"I'm going on vacation."


The grin widened. "Mom, me, Keiko, and her family are gonna be out of town for the next week and there's nothing you or I can do about it. So get someone else to handle my stuff." With that, Yusuke turned and walked out of Koenma's office the door slamming behind him again.

Koenma groaned, putting his head in his hands. "George..."

The blue ogre poked his head in the door. "Yes, Lord Koenma?"

"Tell Botan to get Kurama here, now."



Kurama walked into Koenma's office, slightly confused. "Is anyone else supposed to be here, sir?"

"No," Koenma said, although it was rather muffled by his arms. He looked up. "Yusuke's gone on vacation, and Kuwabara's out training with Genkai. That means you and Hiei are my only Spirit Detectives left."

Kurama blinked. "I see. Well, is there anything we have to do now?"

Koenma put his head back down and sighed. "No."

"Then I'll go inform Hiei."

"Thank you."


"Hiei!" Kurama called, looking in various trees in the park.


"Ah, there you are. Koenma just informed me that we are the only Detectives on active duty right now."

Hiei blinked. "What happened to the Detective and the Baka?"

"Yusuke's gone on vacation and Kuwabara's off training with Genkai."


Kurama nodded. "Just wanted to tell you."


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