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Truth or Dare

Chapter 1

I wake up but I kept my eyes closed. I hear noises in the background. They are voices. I hear a man. His voice sounds really familiar but who is it? It isn't Luke. The second voice seems to belong to a child. A little Girl. The man says her name. Gigi.

Suddenly I know where I am. What have I done? I have this feeling as if my heart has stopped beating. As if it has broken into thousands of pieces. Please God, don't let it be true. Let it be my imagination.

I open my eyes slowly. This isn't my bedroom. It isn't Luke's apartment either. Oh no!

I lay here with my back to the door when it opened. The two voices are now here in the room. I hear that the man saying my name. But not to me.

I don't know what I should think. What have I done? How could I do this?

The voices disappear and I hear the door close. Someone moves in the room. I notice how the blanket folds back. He lays himself next to me and reaches his arm around me.

For a moment time seems to stands still. This can't be true.

"Don't touch me Chris!" I yell and unwrap myself from him.

"But Lor-"

"No but Lor." I interrupt him and stand up from the bed, only with a sheet around my body. I am now standing in front of the bed in which Christopher lays. He looks confused. I'm unable to think clear at the moment. My body is shaking. What am I to do? I look around the room.

"Where are my clothes?" I ask Christopher. He sits up, leans his back against the back of the bed and slaps with his hand on the place where I was laying before.

"Lorelai, come back to bed and calm down. You're shaking." I can't believe it. What does he want from me? Does he even realize what kind of a situation I'm in?

"Where are my clothes?" I repeat my question furiously. I still don't know what I have to do.

"They are downstairs." I hear him say, then I make my way to the door. But Chris is faster and blocks my way.

"What's the point of that? Let me pass!" I try to pass him but I have no chance.

"Lorelai, you can't go like that. You slept with me!" At his last sentence I have to wince. I don't want to hear that. Don't want to hear what a mistake I have made. I look angry at him.

"Yes and this was the biggest mistake I have ever made!" This time he is the one who has to wince at my words. He looks sad at me. Quietly he whispers "I love you." Now my nerves are totally wasted. It seems that he really doesn't realize the situation I'm in. In the situation we're in. I shake my head. No, I don't want to use the word WE in connection with Chris and me. Never again! I have the feeling that I can't hold myself on my feet. This stitch in my heart lets me nearly faint.

"But I don't love you Chris. I'm engaged. Engaged with Luke, the best man in the world. I love him, Chris, not you!" What I say is right. I love Luke! I have never loved someone the way I love Luke. Anger is rising in me. I'm mad at myself. Mad at Chris. Chris seems to be mad too.

"Ok, but if you love him so much, why did you come to me? Why did you sleep with me if you love him?" He yells at me. Slowly my eyes fill up with tears.

"I don't know!" I yell back. "You can't imagine how bad I'm feeling. Just because one time in my life something isn't working the way I want it I have to cheat on my fiancé instantly. I don't know how I can ever look him in the eyes after all of this." I break up because I have to swallow hard. With every word I say, tears roll down my cheeks. Chris looks into my tearstained eyes. He makes one step into my direction and wants to take me in his arms. Probably to soothe me but I slap his arms away.

"I said don't touch me!" He recoils from me and goes back to his old position in front of the door. Suddenly all of the anger I have towards myself turns into anger towards Christopher.

"And you, Chris, you aren't any better! You have used my situation without shame. I came to you because I had a bad night. Because I needed someone to talk to. Someone to calm me down. You know that I'm engaged and notwithstanding you slept with me. At the moment I'm too confused to know which one of us made the first step. But if I was the person who did the first step, you should have stopped me. It's your entire fault if Luke hates me now. And damn it! Let me pass so that I can try to make the best of a bad job." I push him forcefully aside and leave the bedroom. Chris follows me.

"You can't be serious, Lorelai."

I reach the living room and see my dress lying on the arm chair. I get dressed without looking at Christopher. When I'm fully dressed, I turn around and look at him.

"I don't wanna see you ever again! NEVER AGAIN!" I yell the last two words directly in his face. I turn around and leave his apartment.

I can't stop crying the whole way back to Stars Hollow and my thoughts are going crazy. I slept with Chris. Again. I cheated on Luke. My beloved Luke. I cheated on him because he didn't want to elope. I didn't let him speak out. The whole time I was talking about me. Always how I feel about postponing the wedding. I didn't ask how he feels. It didn't interest me. And then I leave to go to Christopher. Him of all people. I know exactly how Luke reacts when it comes to Chris. How should it be if we are married? Should I run to another man every time we fight? If we get married at all. I don't know how I can look into his eyes at all now.

But I was done thinking about that question when I arrived at my house.

Directly in front of me, on the stairs to my porch was Luke.

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