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Chapter 2

Now I'm standing here on the street in front of my Diner and I'm looking on the spot where she disappeared. I wanted to follow her but couldn't do it. I was rooted to the spot.

In my head I repeat this one last scene ever and ever again.

"Just wait." I yell at her. The whole discussion was too much for me. Her suggestion to elope and the whole desperation I can see in her. I don't want her to feel bad.

"No. I'm not waiting. It's now or never!" I don't how to react anymore. Why is she making me such an ultimatum?

"I don't like ultimatums." I yell back, but only to change the subject.

"I don't like Mondays but unfortunately they come around eventually." I wonder how she can joke like this in such a situation. Angry about what she demands, I say: "I can't just jump like this." This isn't a normal conversation for a long time. We're only shouting at each other.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that." She says now in a lower voice and looks at me. She breathes hard and strokes her hand through her hair nervously. It is quiet for one moment and then the last what I hear from her is "I have to go" and she turns around and walks away.

She just turned around and walked away.

Now I'm standing here for exactly 5 minutes and stare at the town square. I'd rather end up in smoke than standing here. Or than stiffly staring in one and the same direction. And particularly to not see this scene ever and ever again in front of my eyes.

Slowly I turn around and walk back into my Diner. I have to think. When I close the door behind me and stay in the middle of the diner, I realize that everyone is looking at me.

"Cesar!" I yell for him. Cesar looks at me through the open door of the kitchen.

"You can finish your work and go home." He seems to notice instantly that something must have happened and goes home.

"And you", I turn around to my guests "I'll close. The food is on the house and now go out!" I try to be polite even though I don't want to do it. Everyone leaves the Diner except for Kirk. He looks at me.

"But Luke, I haven't eaten up." Do I have to say everything twice to this idiot? I walk over to him, grip him on his collar and carry him out of the Diner.

"I said: go out of my Diner!" I yell at him, close the door and turn the sign to closed.

I trudge me up the stairs to my apartment and fall onto my bed.

Instantly my thoughts turn around Lorelai. I can see the different stations of our relationship.

What I felt when I saw her for the first time. Our long lasting friendship. The dance on Liz' wedding. The feeling of happiness which I felt, when I kissed her the first time. Our first date and the following night. Our whole relationship was a dream that had come true. A dream that I dreamed for eight years.

I remember the evening when Lorelai came into my Diner and told me that Rory wanted to drop out of Yale. I remember the look on her face before she asked me the most wonderful question in my life.

"Luke, will you marry me?" I feel like a lightning went through my body. Did she really ask me, if I want to marry her?

"What?" I ask confused to check if I heard right.

"Luke, will you-", but I interrupt her because now I'm sure I heard it right.

"Yes!" Now it was her turn to look confused.

"Well, you don't have to answer so-", but I interrupt her again.

"Yes!" I answer again.

"Well, you can take a minute to-", and again I interrupt her. I don't want a minute to think. I'm sure about that.

"No!" I say to show her how sure I am. Lorelai slowly gets up and we look unsure at each other. But in this moment we are the happiest people in the world.

On this evening I thought I was dreaming. Only our relationship was more than I have ever thought of. But then she asked me if I want to marry her. I hadn't even thought about saying No for just one second. I was…no, I am sure, that she is the only woman I want to marry. It's not like I haven't thought earlier of asking her. I have thought about how I can ask her but that she was the one who ask me, was one of the biggest proofs of love that she could have made to me.

I can see her face, when she came into the diner and told me that she found the perfect dress and that they are done with the wedding preparations. And that we have a date for the wedding. June third. As she told me all of her dress, about the church, the wedding invitations, during this her eyes gleamed so much I haven't seen it before in her eyes.

But my thoughts about her happy face are overshadowed by the look of her hurt gaze of tonight. In my mind I have over and over again some of her words. "Let's elope." "We can drive there and get married and then come back here and you grab your stuff and move in." "No, I don't wanna talk. All we've done for months is talk. I wanna do. I wanna walk." "Why Luke? Don't you love me?" "But I love you Luke. I love you."

On that moment, when these words clang through my head, I have the feeling that my heart stops beating. Because of the chaos tonight I haven't even realized what she actually said. She said that she loves me. Of course I haven't doubted that she loves me. Particularly not after her proposal. But she never told me. And today. Today she said it. She said that she loves me right into my face and I didn't realize it.

Suddenly I have a flash of genius. At once it is all so clear. I grab my jacket and run out of my apartment to her house. Actually to our house. Even if I have a key, I knock at the door. But I get no reaction. After a few minutes I open the door and enter the house.

"Lorelai?" I call but I get no answer.

"Lorelai, are you here? Please answer." Still no reaction.

"Please Lorelai. I'm sorry!", but it remains silent. After I looked everywhere in the house and I realize that she isn't here, I go out and sit down on the stairs of the porch. I don't know how long I sit there but when I see her on the driveway dawn has already set in.

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