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Chapter 1: The beginning of Kagome's Torture

"Hey baby", Kagome Said as she lean over to give Kouga a kiss.

"No not right now!" he said as he put his hand in her face for her to stop.

"Ok so what are we going to do today" Kagome asked as she sat next to him.

"we?" Kouga Said with sarcasm. "Oh no you staying yo ass home while I hang out with my boyz" Kouga said as he got his coat.

"Can't you just tell your friends that you'll hang out with them tomorrow and take me to the movies of shopping"?

"No" Kouga said plainly and then just left.

"Asshole" she muttered to her self as she washed the dirty dishes. Kagome's head quickly turned as the phone rang. She walked over to the phone as anger pumped through her veins.

"Hello", Kagome answer trying to keep her cool.

"Yeah this Kouga's girl?" A female voice asked threateningly over the phone.

"Yeah and your point for calling is?" Kagome asked.

"Well I just called to say he's mine now, so stay the fuck away from him of else. And if he asks tell him this is Kagura".

"You bitch", Kagome said as she heard the girl hung up. "How the fuck could he do this to me I'm Pregnant and he's still screwing around?" Kagome said as she started to cry.

Later That Night/ 3:00am

"Where have you been? Kagome asked Kouga looking furious.

"I told you baby, I was out with my boyz", he said as he hugged Kagome from the waist behind. She smelled the stench of liquor on his breath as he tried to kiss her neck. "Get off of me your drunk" Kagome said as she pushed of his embrace. "You sick basterd" Kagome yelled as she slapped him. "Who the hell do you think you are cheating on me with that whore Kagura? Huh" she asked harshly as she slapped Kouga once again.

Kouga touched the corner of his lip and looked at the blood on his finger tip. He looked up at Kagome with rage in his eyes. "You done messed with the wrong person." Kagome didn't see it coming until Kouga punched her in the face.

"Kouga please stop, please" Kagome begged as he pulled her by the hair through out the house. Kouga threw her down on the floor as she coughed out blood. Then she blacked out all she made was a foot stomping her stomach.

"Ms. Higurashi...Ms. Higurashi", Kagome woke up by the faint sound of her last name. Her eyes opened almost quickly as she shot up feeling her stomach. "My baby, my baby!" Kagome screamed as she started beating on her pillow.

"I'm Sorry Ms. Higurashi but I'm afraid you've lost the baby," the doctor said sadly seeing the girl beat her pillow.

Three Days Later:

Kagome pulled up in front of Kouga's house. She put on her black sun glasses and her burgundy colored lip stick. She then reached in her pocketbook to get her leather black gloves and then reached in the glove compartment getting her gun out. Kagome went up stairs to Kouga's apartment and opened the door slowly but quietly. Julie slipped in the closet and waited until he came out of his room. (I know you're wondering if he was in the house alone. Of course he wasn't he was screwing someone else thinking Kagome was still in the hospital.

"I'll be back baby I'm getting another beer" Kouga said as Kagome heard him walking from his room.

"Hey baby" Kagome said as his back faced her. Kouga turned around slowly with a surprised yet scared look on his face. He saw her eyes glowing in the darkness and a gun pointed to his face.

"Ka-Ka Kagome, Hey what's up" Kouga stuttered as his back pressed against the wall as she walked forward. Kagome smirked coldly when she saw how scared he looked.

"Aw are you scared" Kagome asked as she came up to him and bit his lower lip playfully and laughed sarcastically. "Oh sweet heart it'll all be over soon" she said now groping his manhood. She laughed as Kouga still looked at her scared to death.

"C'mon Babe don't do this to me, you know I love you" Kouga said trying to get a hold of her gun.

Kagome laughed even harder at the words he said. "Bye Kouga, have a good life in Hell with Lucifer" kagome said as she got a clean shot to his head.

"Kouga! Oh my God" the girl screamed as she knelt down "why would you do this to him!" the girl screamed as tears ran down her face.

"Good bye" Kagome said plainly as she shot the girl in the chest. " See you in Hell" Kagome said as she kissed Kouga on the cheek.

Ok ppl that's the end of the chapter I hope you all enjoyed it srry if it was too violent. Please feel free to leave any comment's k? up dates will be coming soon.