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Kagome smirked as she looked at Inuyasha's peaceful face. She cried knowing that he was finally away from Hell (earth). Kagura took her hand to comfort her. "Come on" Kagura said as she pulled Kagome by the hand. They walked down the block to Kagome's apartment and just stayed silent. Kagome laid on the bed as her tears fell onto her hair.

Kagura watched her silently and then eased her way on top of Kagome. "Kiss me" Kagura said as she looked in Kagome's eyes. Kagome shook her head no as her cries became silent. Kagura looked into her eyes as Kagome cried even more. "Natsume, Kiss me" she said hurt that Kagome wouldn't do it. She looked the other way to avoid eye contact with Kagura.

"My name isn't Natsume" Kagome croaked.

"What are you talking about, it said on your résumé that you name was Natsume. You even showed me your I.D. What's going on?" Kagura asked as she got off of her.

Kagome smiled as she sat up. "I've been lying to you for quiet sometime Kagura." She said as she wiped away her tears. "But believe me I didn't like it one bit and I didn't want to hurt you." Kagome said as she started to cry.

"Who are you then?" Kagura asked as she sat next to her.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi."

"You're the one who killed your boyfriend and the girl he was cheating on you with." Kagura said as she got up and looked at Kagome terrified. "So you, you've been using me. You're the reason why my husband divorced me! You took everything away from me!" Kagura said as she smacked Kagome.

Kagome cried feeling horrible. "I'm sorry Kagora!" Kagome screamed as she got on her knees and hugged her waist. "Just don't leave me not for one minute or even a second. You're the only one I have!" Kagome yelled.

Kagura looked down at Kagome knowing that she only really did have her. She lifted her chin up and then looked in her eyes. She took a deep breath. "I'm- I don't know what to say" Kagura said as she made Kagome stand to her feet. "If you would have told me from the beginning Kagome I would've still taken you in. Did you know the first time I saw you, that's when I started to question my sexuality? I knew that you were beautiful and that you would be the love of my life." Kagura said as she started to cry "And shit the only reason why I was giving you raises is because I thought you wouldn't be interested."

Kagome shook her head not believing it. "No, No Kagura." She said as she pushed back her hair.

Kagura walked up to Kagome, then pinned her against the wall and made Kagome look at her. "I'm not going to leave you" Kagura said as she kissed Kagome passionately. Kagura's hand slid into Kagome's pants. Kagome shivered as Kagura's hand had caressed her. She cried as she thought of Inuyasha's death, the two people she had killed and how much she had lied.

One Year Later:

Kagome's heels clanked against the damp concrete as she grasped Kagura's hand. "We have to get out of here!" Kagome panted

"Why are they after us?" Kagura asked in a panicked voice.

"They found out where I was!" Kagome said as they turned a Corner and stayed back as the police cars sped by. "Here take the money" Kagome said shoving about a hundred grand in her hands. "Use it to get you a new place and hang on in there. I love you" Kagome said as she kissed Kagura on the lips and ran off.

Kagome's pearls hit her chest as she ran to her apartment building and ran upstairs she fumbled with her keys before opening the door. She locked the door not knowing what to do but then she knew it was one thing that she could do.

6 hours later:

The police knocked on the door hardly "Miss Higurashi open up." There was no answer. "Miss Higurashi!" The policeman said again. "Ok we're coming in"

The cops busted in seeing no one there. "Lieutenant it looks like no ones here."

"Really?" Kagura said as she came in.

"Yes ma'am" one of the cops said.

Kagura turned the corner and then froze. She was trying not to cry as she saw Kagome's body sitting on the chair. Her back was arched, her head was back and her arms were to the sides. Kagome had killed herself and Kagura couldn't believe it. She gasped as blood dripped from Kagome's neck and wrist. She walked over seeing Kagome's twisted smile and her eyes on the ceiling. Tears filled her eyes as she found blood stained envelope with her name on it.


If you're reading this letter it means that you found me and I'm dead. I also knew your little secret about you being a detective, but it doesn't stop me from loving you. I really enjoyed being with you my love. I also want you to know that you're a fucked up person and I hope you burn in hell.


Kagura laughed as she folded up the letter and put it in her pocket. "I guess I'll meet you there my love." She said as she walked out of the apartment and lit up a cigarette.

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