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A/N: This is a poem about Mamoru, focusing on his lonely life and then when he met Usagi and later ChibiUsa. Please review, and if you have any questions, please include them! Thanks, and happy reading!

"And Then There Was You"

Ensnared by the darkness of un-remembrance

Lost in the shadows of loneliness

Alone and forsaken

Sad and forgotten

Living alone

Captured by the evil of need

A want for something more

A desire for someone to love.

And then there was you.

You of the spun-gold, Rapunzel hair

You of the sparkling, love-filled blue eyes

You of the smile that captures hearts

You that captured mine in just one touch

The moment I saw you, I knew you were the one.

We hid behind our words

Threw insults

Stuck out our tongues

Battled over trivialities

Our feelings always underneath.

But they became unshed when our identities were revealed

Sailor Moon, Warrior for Justice

Princess Serenity, Reincarnation of the Moon Princess

But underneath it all, always and forever, clumsy and ditzy Usagi

The girl who accepted everyone

Regardless of backgrounds

Regardless of assumptions of possible enemy status

The girl who held the world in the palm of her hand

Nourished it and made it better

Felt its pain and its joys

Cried at violence

Radiated at care and love

Always and forever that sweet Usagi.

And so the romance began

My heart sighed in content

The family I never had

Together through all pain and hardship

Strong through death and sorrow

You taught me the joy of life

And we lived, and we loved

And together that love created another life.

And then there was you.

You of the cotton-candy pink hair so like your mother's

You of the ruby red eyes thatalways shone with curiosity of the world and of love

So like your mother

The perfect child

A Small Lady

Seed of a union of eternal love.

But your brain inside was mine

Quick and sharp

Smart and intellectual

Apple of my eye

Daddy's girl

Chip off the old block.

I promised you better than what I had, and you got it

A normal, loving childhood

Two parents who loved you very much

Knowing who you were

Little Princess of Crystal Tokyo

Daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion

Senshi of the Future Moon

Descendant of the Silver Crystal Moon Rulers.

These things I never had

No parents

No name

Just the black of loneliness

But then came you and my Usako and my world lit up

I saw life and the pure joy of it

Things I never knew

But now know.

All because I met you.

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