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Love and Caring and all that Crap

Sirius Black could be a right prick when he was ill. Remus glared at him upon entering the dorm, incensed that while he had been gone the sick prat had taken up residency in his bed, pathetically sniffling all over his things.

"Padfoot," the sixth year ground out in his best prefect tone of voice, "why are you in my bed?"

"Why not?" Sirius sniffed petulantly. The expression on his friend's face was enough to make him continue with a more satisfactory explanation. "I don't like being in my own bed when I'm sick," he all but whined. "The whole thing feels like it's contaminated or something. I need a healthy person's bed."

Remus stared at the other boy, barely containing the urge to roll his eyes in exasperation. He knew there was no arguing against Sirius' insane logic however, so he merely decided to go along with it. "Alright," he began, "but there are two other beds in here Sirius" – he indicated James and Peter's empty four posters – "two beds that are conveniently vacant for the entire Christmas break. Why not move to one of them?" he finished in what he hoped would come off as politely inquisitive, rather than frustrated and tired.

"Peter's bed smells weird and James, well, you know how obsessed he is with Evans. Think of what he probably does in that bed…."

"Oh Sirius, you're so immature."

"Am not," Sirius protested. "It's only natural, really. I just don't fancy sleeping where one of my best mates has been enjoying himself."

"And you don't think I do so in my bed?" Remus asked, slightly repulsed by the images Sirius was bringing to mind.

"You're the real brains of the group – you're smart enough to do it in the shower."

"Gee Sirius, thanks. I'm glad you think so highly of me," Remus grumbled sarcastically.

"No problem Moony." Sirius smiled a deceptively innocent smile and wiped his nose on his sleep shirt. Classic Black charm, Remus thought to himself in disgust.

"What is it going to take for you to get out of my bed?"

"Out?" Sirius questioned, an almost convincing look of hurt spread across his face. "But Moony, I'm so comfortable. You want me to get better right?"

"You could die and leave me in peace," Remus mumbled inaudibly.


"Nothing. Look Padfoot, I just finished a thirteen inch essay for Slughorn on truth potions. I suck at potions. I'm tired. Isn't there something I could do for you so that I can sleep in my own bed?"

"Oh, I don't know…."

"Sirius, please?"

The black haired boy looked at his friend's pleading expression, contemplating. And then he said, "My mother never made me soup when I was sick."

Remus blinked. "Uh, I'm sorry," he said, slightly taken aback by such a random statement.

"Yeah," Sirius went on, "she usually just gave me a spoonful of Pepperup Potion and sent me on my way. Moms are supposed to make their kids soup – it makes them better. Something about love or caring or some crap like that…."

"I'm familiar with the concept," said Remus wryly. "So what – do you want me to go down to the kitchens and get you soup or something?"

Sirius laughed in the middle of a cough. "No, no of course not!" Remus breathed a small sigh of relief. "What good would that be? I want you to make it."

"E-excuse me?"

"Remember Rem, my cold, heartless mother? What would really make me feel better right now is a nice bowl of care-filled soup. It's something I've never had before – something that would make a world of difference!"

"You're playing the 'my mother neglected me as a child' card again, you know? Eventually it's going to get old."

"I'll get out of your bed," Sirius grinned. "Come on Moony, one bowl of soup."

"But I can't make soup!" Remus complained with a great amount of zealous frustration. "I'd end up making you sicker than you already are."

"Oh that can't be true," said Sirius. "I'm sure it'll be fine."

"You're sure?" Remus asked. "You're sure? Sirius, remember when you were sure that Lily wouldn't reject James for the thousandth time if he gave her that lewd piece of lingerie you told him to buy? Remember when you were sure that the giant squid would push Peter back out of the lake if you shoved him in? Rememb –"

"Okay, okay, I get it," Sirius interrupted. "So my judgment can be a little off sometimes. I still think I can handle whatever you manage to cook up. Besides, it's the feeling behind it that counts."

Remus sighed. "Fine. So I'll go down to the kitchens, whip you up a batch of something that's likely to be poisonous, bring it back, and you'll get out of my bed?"



"You can't make it down there," Sirius said as if the mere idea of it was absurd. "How will I know that you actually made it yourself?"

"You don't trust me?"

"Remember that time I thought I could trust you to switch out McGonagall's tea cup with one of those nose-biting ones from Zonko's? Or the time I trusted you to set off those Dungbombs in the fourth floor corridor?"

"So I don't participate in every one of your and James' plans to get us expelled. This is completely different."

"You can bring the ingredients up here," Sirius shrugged. "We have cauldrons – just light a fire under one and we're good."

"Has anyone ever told you that you're extremely high maintenance?" said Remus, making his way toward James' bed as he spoke. Their newly completely and more than necessary Marauder's Map was secured under the bed's mattress and Remus was sure to need it for his trip to the kitchens.

"A few times, I suppose," Sirius replied lightheartedly.

Remus groped around under James' mattress for a few moments before realizing that the map simply wasn't there. "Uh, Padfoot?"

"Yeah?" Sirius spoke through the tissue over his nose.

"We sort of have a problem – the map isn't here."

"Wh – ? Oh I'm going to kill James."

"Why would James take the map home with him? I never pegged him as being too especially nostalgic for school life."

"He's a paranoid git, that's why," Sirius said ruefully. He has this theory that Dumbledore and McGonagall are having some sort of secret love affair – been insisting that there's something going on between them. I imagine he's monitoring the map to see if anything happens over break."

Remus just stared. "Sometimes you all make me very sad, you know that? You'd think, being a werewolf and all, I would be the weirdest one of the group."

"Hey," began Sirius indignantly, "It's not like I'm doing it. I mean, it's a fine theory to be sure, but I'm not nutters enough to watch the map expecting the two to shag in Dumbledore's office or something."

Attempting vainly to ignore that disturbing image, Remus said, "Well, the point of the matter is that we don't have the map and James also has the cloak. There's no way I can make it down to the kitchens and back without risking being caught be Filch. Think how that would look – I'm a prefect. I only made it back from the library just in time to meet curfew as it is!"

"Hmm," Sirius mused, "I guess you'll just have to use whatever we have up here then."

"You're kidding, right?" asked Remus skeptically. "Sirius, all we have locked up in the infamous Marauder store cupboard – better known as my bottom dresser drawer – is every piece of candy Peter managed to get his hands on the last time we went to Honeyduke's and five bottles of firewhisky that you somehow convinced Madam Rosmerta to give you."

"You can make something out of that – just use your imagination."

Gawking rather unattractively at the other boy for a moment, Remus replied, "Okay, fine. But if my imagination gets you killed, you can't exactly blame me."

With a smirk of apparent satisfaction, Sirius said, "My dear, sweet Moony, I wouldn't even if I could."

Remus trudged over to the small chest of drawers beside his bed, kneeled down, and began searching through the bottommost one. Trying not to become too mesmerized by the countless colorful wrappers and packages, he weeded his way through the din of sweets in search for something that could possibly become soup-like. Under the annoying gaze of his sick but cheerful friend, he pushed aside several Licorice Wands, some boxes of Every Flavor Beans, and two Cauldron Cakes that were stuck together.

And that's when he saw them. Just left of a few shattered sugar quills were three large bars of Honeyduke's best chocolate. Milk, dark, and white. It was perfect. Lifting each bar out slowly, as if they were made out of priceless gold, Remus decided what kind of 'soup' he intended to make.

"And welcome home Moony," came Sirius' voice. "Geez, you look like you've just discovered Heaven on Earth or something. Would you like me to leave you alone with the chocolate?"

"Oh shut it," Remus snapped in half-hearted indignation. "You know, it's really quite annoying having someone watch your every move as it is. Do you mind keeping your mouth closed for a while?"

"Fine, fine. I won't say another word."

Remus watched Sirius for a moment more, far from convinced that the boy could actually remain silent, and then retrieved the cauldron from the trunk at the end of his four poster. After putting out a minor fire on his curtains caused by the cauldron's close proximity to the bed, he began unwrapping the chocolate and dropping it into the pot one square at a time. Heating quickly, the chocolate began to melt, its three shades gradually becoming one. Remus stirred the mixture with a spoon he managed to conjure out of thin air and watched as the swirls of different chocolates blended into a single smooth color.

Returning to his dresser, Remus removed a bottle of firewhisky from the bottom drawer. He added a fair amount of the potent drink to his concoction for an extra bit of flavor, then conjured up a bowl and spoon for Sirius. With the large spoon he used for stirring, he ladled some chocolate into the bowl and handed it up to his friend.

"There," he said, leaning back against a post of Sirius' bed to wait for a reaction.

Sirius looked down at the bowl momentarily and then stuck his index finger in the chocolate as if testing the waters. He withdrew it and put it in his mouth, licking and sucking the sweet liquid until the finger was clean again. Remus had a feeling he had watched this action too intently to be considered normal.

"Wow Rem, this is excellent," Sirius breathed, eagerly picking up the spoon to eat more. "The blend of flavors is perfect. I knew you could do it." Remus smiled despite his friend's inflated ego. "You definitely need to have some of this. Come on, join me." And he moved over on the bed to make room.

Knowing better than to argue, the werewolf once again conjured a spoon and bowl and served himself. Making sure the fire was out before doing so, he climbed up to sit next to Sirius on the bed.

The chocolate was wonderful Remus realized with a jolt as he licked off the edge of the spoon. The creamy flavor of the milk and white bars provided a nice contrast for the slight bite of the dark chocolate. And the addition of firewhisky sent a warm feeling of comfort from the pit of his stomach to the tips of his fingers.

"Good, huh?" said Sirius. "I doubt my mother could make better." He had already devoured his bowl of soup and was now attempting to get every last drop from the sides with his tongue and fingers. He brought one finger covered with chocolate up to his mouth, but before he could lick it clean Remus said, "Oh for Merlin's sake, use a spoon Sirius."

"Oh," Sirius grinned wickedly, "am I bothering you Moony?" He changed directions with his finger and prodded Remus' face, leaving smears of chocolate all down his cheek. Remus sat stoically for the briefest of moments before 'casually' trying to wipe it off. Still with that ill-boding smile, Sirius stuck his finger in his mouth, licking it slowly and deliberately just to annoy his friend. Remus' mouth went dry and he looked away.

"You are insufferable," he said.

"Lovably insufferable," replied Sirius.

"Yeah, right," Remus sighed, setting his empty bowl upon the floor and laying back against his pillow. "Everybody loves Sirius Black."

"You know it."

Remus yawned and closed his eyes as Sirius flew into an explanation of everyone who loved him and their justified reasons for doing so. It was a few minutes before the boy had enough sense to realize that Remus had fallen asleep.

Ceasing his egotistic rant, Sirius watched Remus, his chest rising and falling evenly, his eyelids fluttered closed in a quiet slumber. The animagus hesitated and then leaned down close to Remus' face, feeling his breath wash over him warmly. Gently, he kissed away the remaining chocolate at the corner of the boy's mouth.

"Thanks," he whispered softly.

With minimal sniffing, Sirius went back to his own bed.