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Whore Street

Rain sheeted down, drawing a grey veil over the steel and glass buildings, over the chipped concrete. A gust of wind forced the water to change direction, and it rippled like a silver curtain.

People wore their coats like armor, looking straight at the ground. Their feet knew the way -- after all, they took it every day! The oily puddles on the grimy sidewalk splashed under gleaming shoes and clacking high heels, staining pantyhose and perfectly-ironed pants.

One woman, looking harried and stressed, had a little girl by her side. The woman's suit looked a bit worse for wear, and she wore no coat. The little girl was carefree, skipping and splashing among the dirty puddles. A friendly bark made her look up.

She peered into the grey rain. There was a brightly lit newspaper stand in front of her, and two figures sat under the awning at the back of it. The girl didn't notice that her mother had continued walking, stepping closer to the two forms. The sweet-sounding bark came again.

"Hey, look. Someone's come to visit us!" The cold voice came from the left person, a boy wearing goggles. All the other details about him were hidden by the tattered brown blanket he'd swathed himself in.

The other boy leaned forward, grinning toothily. He reminded the girl strongly of the dog curled up in his lap - the origin of the barks - with his shaggy dark hair and friendly eyes. "Hey, kid. Have you by any chance got some extra food on you? We're pretty damn hungry."

She shook her head. The rain had plastered her blonde hair to her forehead, and she was getting cold. The first boy sighed, the sound almost drowned out by the constant drip-patter-drip of rain around them. "Guess not. Thanks for visiting us, though. You should get back to your mother, she'd probably wondering where you are." He pointed off down the dismal sidewalk.

The girl started and ran off. The boys chuckled amongst themselves.

After a few more minutes of silence, the dog-like boy stood up, pushing the dog off his lap. "Shit man, I'm going back to the Konoha. We won't be getting anything in this shitty rain."

He walked a few steps toward the curb before half-turning, smirking a challenge. "You coming, or what?"

The other boy sighed in exasperation and stood up slowly. There was a quiet clacking sound from beneath his blanket as he moved. "Yeah, yeah, Kiba. I'm coming, calm the fuck down."

The taller boy shrugged. "Just making sure. Wouldn't want Shino-chan to fall asleep here, would we?"

Shino hmmphed. He joined Kiba at the curb, and the dog nuzzled his thigh. "Gerroff me, Akamaru! You spend your nights stuffing that stinky nose of yours god-knows-where on me, and I'm not having it in the daytime as well!"

The two hobos crossed the street, weaving their way between honking cars. The automobiles stretched in a sea to either side of them, the rain blurring them into multicolored splotches with blinking, glaring lights. When they reached the other side, Kiba pointed up front. "Let's take the bus. I don't feel like walking there."

Shino nodded his wholehearted agreement. This side of the street was actually a sprawling "park" of concrete statues and chunks, and the rain made it even more depressing than it usually was. Besides, Shino hated rain.

They walked to the bus stop, where a small three-walled shack -- concrete, of course -- stood as protection against the elements. A chipped and peeling sign at the curb proclaimed it to be "City Plaza". Shino's lips curled into a crooked grin. Oh, right. That was the concrete park's real name. Kiba and he just called it Suit Square.

He looked up at the skyscrapers that towered all around the square, blocking out all but a few patches of sad grey sky. It made him feel trapped. He hated this place anyway, the fake "park" of grey and depression, the constant drone of car engines, the click-clack, click-clack of high heels...

Kiba slapped his shoulder. '"Hey, Shino, you okay?"

He shook himself. "Yeah." It was just the rain. Drove him crazy and made him all mopy.

Kiba nodded and looked down at his shaggy-furred pet. Akamaru was busy gifting everyone in the concrete shed with his pathetic doggy-grin. The people there were mainly suits -- businessmen -- and were doing their best to avoid looking at the hobos. Kiba curled his lip slightly. He knew very well that he looked like a gutter rat.

He'd declined using a bit of Shino's blanket when the rain'd started, and as a result his blue T-shirt and jeans hung soaked and heavy on his thin frame. His trainers were more holes than fabric, and squelched ominously with each step. Akamaru also looked scruffy, though he was by far the most respectable of the three.

Suddenly, the dog barked joyfully and bounded off into the far corner of the bus stop shed. Kiba could vaguely see that his pet's goal was an old lady, but not much else, and he cursed under his breath. This could get him into serious trouble - he'd had to go to the Force once because Akamaru had gotten too close to some dude.

Kiba hurried after the dog, who was now rubbing his wet head into the old lady's hand. "I'm sorry, lady. He does that sometimes."

The grandma laughed a kid's laugh. Her hair was white and put up into an elaborate headdress, and she had a weird dot -- like the ones Indian women sometimes had -- in the middle of her forehead. "That's fine, kiddo. He's a very special dog, I can tell. Here buy yourself, him, and your freezing friend over there something to eat."

She rummaged in her purse and came up with a faded five-cel-chip. "I was lucky at the casino today. Whenever I'm lucky, it means something's gonna happen. Like this. I have a feeling this won't be the last time I see you... Ah! My bus! See you around, sweetie."

Kiba stared after her as several of the suits around him scurried with her into the bus. Had she just...hit on him? Akamaru yipped in amusement beside him, and he shrugged, muttering, "Whatever. Weird."

Shino was still where he'd left him at the side of the bus stop shack, staring up at the bit of visible sky. The bus left with a screech, sending water splashing onto the sidewalk. The remaining suits jumped slightly, and Shino pulled his blanket tighter around himself. Kiba was pretty sure that the younger boy was glaring at the bus as it sped off among the traffic, but the goggles hid his eyes.

After a couple more minutes in the incessant rain, their bus came, and they used their ragged old chip-cards to fool the driver. They stayed downstairs. People stared, as always. Kiba grimaced inwardly. He didn't care about the hostile looks and the mutters, but he did care about standing in closed spaces. Especially if they were as ugly as this one.

The bus was dingy, peeling metal poles serving as handholds and plastic-covered seats home to who-knows-what. Not even Shino liked to think about the crawlies that made their nests in the lumpy upholstery of the City busses.

Thankfully it was only three stops through the monotonous, car-clogged grey streets with the bus, opposed to the twenty minutes it would have been walking. Shino snickered inwardly when a cool, clear woman's voice announced, "Hoor Street". The recorded bus announcements were possibly the only things that still called it Hoor Street. To everyone else, no matter how genteel, it was Whore Street.

They got off into more rain -- Shino hissed moodily -- and looked around, pretty much knowing what they'd find. In the rain, and it being barely four in the afternoon, Whore Street was empty and pretty much lifeless except for the prostitutes who made their homes there. Huddled groups of the sex workers filled up the spaces under awnings, on house's front steps, in wall niches.

Basically, whores that sold the same kind of sex made up the different cliques. The dominas and subs stayed at the bus stop shack, and the two hobos greeted the few of them that they knew. Farther down the street came the Lolitas -- they weren't Lolitas by age, more by temperament -- , who claimed the hollow beneath an apartment house's front steps as their own. Then the trannies, who laughed and joked raucously -- that was what they always did, day and night -- beneath the overhanging roof of the ramen place.

Kiba and Shino passed them all by, heading for the building that was easily the brightest on Whore Street. And, holy shit, it really was bright.

Lurid, glowing pink shone out into the cascading rain and the deserted street. In big, obtrusive letters, a sign proclaimed, "Kakashi's Konoha Kink Shop". The shopfront was covered in black plastic, and blinking words announced, "Private video booths!", "All kinks!", "Video and DVD rental!" and more shit like that. Three steps led up to the small door in the middle of the shopfront, which was also papered black and had a very small sign on it that disallowed anyone under the age of eighteen to enter. But, please note, it was very small.

An awning that was just as shockingly pink as the shop's sign hung over a space about five by eight meters large, shielding an area of the chipped and grimy sidewalk from the rain and whatever else. There was actually no need for the plastic overhang, but Kakashi, the Konoha's owner, had a soft spot for the clique that had taken up residence in front of his shop. He never admitted it of course, and whenever someone asked he'd sigh exasperatedly and say, 'The spool's stuck, I can't roll it back up. Those kids are really annoying, and I've been planning to get it fixed, but I'm so busy...'

But the silver-haired shopkeeper -- the silver-haired pervert shopkeeper, Shino told himself with a soft snigger -- was all bark and no bite, and the whores that slept under the awning had all been through enough to recognize true kindness when they saw it. Kakashi couldn't fool them, and he'd go through phases where he'd try his best to do so, then ruin all his effort and grumbling by inviting the clique to ramen.

The hobos and the dog reached the awning and nodded greetings to the kids relaxing on the ground. Shino went to the space Kiba and he'd reserved for themselves, flanking the shop stairs on the right. A row of glass boxes stood, arranged neatly, beneath the ledge formed by the shop window. Shino curled up in his blanket next to them, undoing similar containers from where they hung on his belt and over his shoulder. He smiled. They were really growing quickly!

Kiba squatted at one corner of the awning, too hyped up from the hours spent sitting on Suit Square to lie down and relax. He surveyed the kids lazing around fondly.

This group was Whore Street's most public secret. They were all legitimately registered in the Force's files, but one significant thing was faked; their age. All of them were either underage or just mature, and a helluva lot of customers got a kick out of that fact. And as a significant plus, they were all more or less pretty.

Opposite to Kiba and Shino's corner, two pink duffel bags sat, wide open and surrounded by a mess of lingerie and other slut wear. A little stash of vodka lay under the window ledge, and a thick layer of brightly patterned blankets lay beneath two slender, curvy forms. Tenten, fair-haired and tall, was reading a manga that looked like one of those pathetic romance things, wearing nothing but a tube top and hot pants in a poison green. Next to her, buxom Ino was playing a game on her glittering cell phone, wearing basically the same outfit in red. Her eyes kept flitting -- not very subtlely, no matter what she thought -- to the dark-haired boy lying a foot or so away.

The black-haired boy, whose name was Sasuke, was smoking with his eyes closed. He wore all black; tight black sweatshirt, faded black jeans, heavy black boots. The camping mat he was lying on had one other occupant, shorter and skinnier than the dark-haired kid. The shorter boy was deep asleep, his sharp, waifish features twisted into an uneasy frown. He had strange, thin scars on his cheeks that were reminiscent of whiskers. His thatch of spiky blonde hair was messy, and he burrowed into Sasuke's side, seeming incredibly vulnerable. His loose orange T-shirt and jeans made him look even more like a helpless little kitten. His name was Naruto.

Across from Sasuke and Naruto's mattress was a tangle of belongings, a single pillow, and the possibly most bored-looking boy in the world. His name was Shikamaru, and Kiba had yet to figure out whether he only acted bored, or whether it was really his life's philosophy that anything beyond the minimal amount of exertion was too 'troublesome'.

There were two other members of the clique, but they didn't actually sleep here, sharing an apartment farther down Whore Street. They weren't that important anyways - not to Kiba at least. He thought they were just plain creepy. It was 2056, and they wore bodysuits. Help.

He sighed. He wasn't going to get any calmer by sitting and staring at the kids. But there was one thing...He grinned slyly, and walked over to where Shino was slowly but surely falling asleep. Tugging at a corner of the blanket, he muttered, "Let me under."

Shino complied with an unflattering remark, and Kiba slid into the blanket-cocoon with a sigh of contentment. He had two favorite things to do; watch the kids here laze around, and...this.

He hugged Shino hard, and the younger kid squawked indignantly. "The fuck! Kiba! You're soaking! Get out of that wet stuff!"

Kiba grinned toothily. "Is that an invitation?"


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