Wish Gone Awry

So, here's another slash idea that I felt like writing out. Yuki's going to be a bit OOC, but hey, that's what yaoi's all about… right? XD

Rating: T+ (Swearing although that's just mostly me… and in this chapter Yuki says the word presence, which almost made this entire story M-rated.)

And if you think I need to put a disclaimer on, then imagine one yourself. It's very obvious that I don't own the rights to Fruits Basket, or else I would make Yuki and Kyo, Aaya and Shigure, Kisa and Haru, Rin and Hiro, and Hatori/Kakeru and myself get together. But dammit, I don't own the rights, and I can't draw that well… damn

At some point, this A/N will become longer than the actual chapter, and I apologize in advance. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for…

— — — — — — —

Chapter One: The Wish

Yuki knew something was wrong as soon as he saw Tohru carry a white cake into the dining room. She set it in front of him—it was decorated with the unusual design of a rat surrounded by pinkish clouds.

She… remembered? he thought, confused, as she sat down next to him, Arisa and Saki sitting down around the table as well. "Miss Honda?"

"It's a little informal," she began, her tone and expression uncertain, "but I wanted to do something for you on your birthday."

"What?" Kyo asked, turning from the TV to look at Yuki. "It's his what?"

"It's Yuki's birthday," Saki explained, facing him. "You should join in celebrating."

"Why should I celebrate the day of his birth?" he argued, clambering to his feet. "The day that rat was born was the day—"

"Miss Honda, you didn't have to bake me anything. Your presence—"

"Damn rat! I was talking!"

Yuki looked up at Kyo, a silent challenge. "So?"

Kyo narrowed his eyes and sank down again, this time next to the table. "Fine. Happy birthday. That cake looks good."

Tohru's eyes lit up as she spun to Yuki again. "Happy birthday! Now, you have to make a wish and blow out the candles!"


"Hey, Prince, don't talk," Arisa snapped. "Just wish—you can do that, can't you?"

Yuki sighed and looked at the candles, watching the flames flicker with the odd draft. A wish? He closed his eyes, thinking. Not that it's going to come true, but… An image of Tohru appeared in his mind. But then that faded and the mental image of Kyo took its place—and he was yelling. No more fights? he wondered silently. But he knew that he could only wish for one thing. There has to be a solution for both…

If Kyo was mad because Yuki fit in so well and had a fan club… And the fan club made things difficult for Yuki to be with Tohru… But he didn't want to wish for some tragedy to occur to the girls, either.

Fine, he thought, opening his eyes. I wish, by some harmless miracle, that the fan club girls wouldn't like me anymore. He blew out the candles quickly and then straightened to see Tohru clapping, Arisa rolling her eyes, and Kyo doing the same.

But Hanajima's reaction surprised him. She was smirking and chuckling under her breath, staring at him with a strange intensity. Yuki felt a chill go up his spine.

"I'll cut the cake," Arisa said loudly, breaking his thoughts. She picked up the knife and cleanly—but savagely—cut the cake into six pieces. "Does the writer want any?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" Shigure sang, flitting into the doorway to grab the plate Hanajima extended to him before disappearing again.

"Kyo," Tohru directed, handing him a piece before she gave herself one. "Yuki, take the first bite!"

Feeling slightly nauseous, he obeyed, chewing it slowly and then swallowing. It was good, but Saki's gaze had bothered him.

Yuki sat still for a few minutes, slowly eating tiny pieces of cake until Arisa and Saki went with Tohru to the door. Only then did he stand and cover the piece of cake in plastic wrap, put it in the fridge, and start to leave.

"Hey," Kyo interrupted in a soliciting sort of tone.

"I'm going to bed," Yuki answered. He felt sick now, and stairs spun dangerously as he went to his room.

Something was wrong with him. Had Hanajima done something? No, he chastised himself, collapsing onto his bed. It's wrong to accuse someone. It was probably just something… I… ate…

His eyes drooped shut as consciousness slipped away.

— — — — — — —

And thus ends the first chapter of the lovely Wish Gone Awry.