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Albus Dumbledore was deep in thought. 'How could Harry, no, Daniel hide right under my nose for over two years? Now the boy will never trust me. He was so mad at me. After all my years, nothing seems to be getting the slightest bit easier, and I keep on making the same mistakes, first Tom now Harry.' Albus knew that Daniel suddenly changed his appearance but how? He walked over to a shallow stone basin with odd carvings around the edge: runes and symbols. Dumbledore drew his wand out of the inside of his robes and placed the tip into his own silvery hair, near his temple. When he took his wand away, hair seemed to be clinging to it, but it was a glistening strand like the ones already in the basin. Dumbledore added this strand into the basin. He then locked the door and struck his face right into the basin.

He saw the enormous courtroom below him. Sirius Black in the worst condition Dumbledore had ever seen him was dragged across the court room floor then thrown into a chair whose shackles immediately closed on the poor soul only to have them opened by the demand of Dumbledore. Then down the aisle came Remus and the boy that Dumbledore admired most at that moment, a boy loyal and brave enough to stand up to the minister of magic because his friend was insulted. Peter Pettigrew, once proclaimed a hero, turned out to be the villain, and Sirius Black had suffered because of him.

Everyone knew what would happen next, the innocent man would finally be free. That man's first thought after he was pronounced innocent was the location of his godson, not that the money they were giving him wasn't enough or to have Peter's life be taken right away but where his godson was. The entire room was silent everyone looking away in shame not wanting to ruin the picture in the man's head of him and his godson happy and finally together.

That man figured it out. He realized the obvious but didn't want to face the facts. He broke down, the only reason that he wanted to survive had been missing for two years. Any man in his place would have done the exact same thing. Dumbledore now looked at where Daniel was standing. He was next to Remus standing in the front of the room. Unfortunately for Dumbledore, the courtroom was too dark for him to see Daniel clearly. Dumbledore saw his appearance change a little but not enough to tell what caused it. The boy then ran to his godfather, and for the first time in years the man was now happy. No one wanted to ruin that moment. The boy and the man stood up and started to walk away with Remus.

The Minister ruined the moment and demanded to know where Daniel had been. That brave boy once again stood up to the minister, and then comforted his godfather making the abuse that he had been given seem like no big deal. That boy then somehow realized a spell had been placed on him and demanded it to be removed. The three of them then left the courtroom without another word leaving everyone speechless. The memory ended there.

Dumbledore straitened up then closed the cabinet on the mysterious basin.

"Fawkes, I seem to be making the worst possible mistakes lately." The phoenix chirped in response trying to cheer up his master. "I guess all we can do is watch and see how this turns out," Dumbledore said petting his beautiful bird.


Three figures stumbled out of the Weasley fireplace to meet a family awaiting their return.

"How'd it go? Did you win?" Mrs. Weasley asked at once.

"We won hands down; Sirius got custody over me, and during the trial I kinda er, let them know I was the boy-who-lived," Daniel said, a little ashamed of himself. Mrs. Weasley immediately engulfed him in a hug.

"Sirius Black," Arthur said extending his hand.

"Arthur, long time no see," Sirius said shaking his hand. Arthur then handed Sirius some robes.

"Here are some robes, Remus will show where the shower is, and dinner will be ready soon if you're up to it." Sirius looked back at his godson being bombarded with questions by the Weasley children. Arthur seeing this said, "Don't worry about Daniel. He'll be fine."

"Yeah, thanks for taking care of him when I couldn't," Sirius said with his hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry about it," Arthur replied. Sirius then followed Remus to the shower, robes in hand.


"What did the minister say?" Percy asked.

"What took you so long?" Ginny asked.

"What was Pettigrew's sentence?" Bill asked.

"How many people did you insult?" Ron asked.

"How did you blow your cover?" Charlie asked.

Harry chuckled. "One at a time, you want me to answer those in one order? Fine, stuff, shopping, dementor's kiss, I might have insulted a few people, and by accident."

"Daniel, just tell us what happened," Charlie said.

"Fine," Harry said then blew a raspberry at them. "First Sirius was dragged into the room and thrown into a chair. Dumbledore made them remove the clamps thankfully. Then Remus and I start walking down the aisle, and the Minister gets on Remus's case immediately for being a werewolf. I stood up for him and put very clearly that in his current state wasn't dangerous.-"

"-And knowing you, you probably rubbed that in his face," Fred said nudging Ron in the side.

"Well, maybe a little," Daniel replied. Even Percy laughed at that one. "Anyway, we showed them what Peter Pettigrew was, and they decided he was to get a dementor's kiss. Then Sirius broke down because he realized that I was missing. I, then, let my cover slip by running out to him and comforting him with green eyes and black hair."

"How did the Minister react?"

"He gets on my case for dropping out of his world, can you believe that?"

"Yeah, actually I can," Bill replied.

"Well, we don't care about you," Harry said. Bill then put on a fake look of hurt and disbelief, "I'm just joking."

"Right," Bill said, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye.

"Anyway, I make him look stupid again, and the put a tracking spell on me. Of course, I demand it to be removed at once, and then Remus, Sirius, and I went school supply shopping."

Feeling content with the answers Daniel gave them, the Weasley children all went upstairs. Bill and Charlie went to Bill's room to discuss things further, Percy went to his room to shine his prefect badge, again, the twins Ron and Daniel all went to the twin's room, and Ginny went to her room to write a letter to her 'mysterious' pen pal.

"So did anything interesting happen in Diagon Alley?" Fred asked.

"Yeah-" Daniel started to reply.

"-And I'm guessing you," Fred said.

"Met a person and," George said.

"Had an interesting," Fred said.

"Conversation," George finished.

"Which means you talked about Quidditch and got into an argument," Ron added.

"Yes," Daniel said defeated.

"Face it Daniel, we know you too well," Ron said.

"Now who did you have this conversation with?" George asked.

"Draco Malfoy," Daniel said slowly with a grin.

"The youngest heir of the Malfoy line," Ron said.

"One of the first families to turn back after the war," Fred said.

"Yep, the same," Harry replied.

"By the way you're smirking; I can tell you have something in mind," Ron said. A green garden snake slithered out from under the bed and hissed,

"Must you boys talk so loud? I was trying to get some sleep."

"Sorry Clyde," Daniel hissed back.

"After years of you hissing around us, it still sounds weird," Ron said

"DINNER'S READY," Mrs. Weasley shouted. The boys got to their feet and ran down the stairs.

"Watch out for me," Clyde hissed after nearly being trampled, "Ohh, what's the use." Clyde slithered back under the bed hoping to get a little more sleep.

Sirius was the last one down to the table for he didn't sprint down the stairs. The only chair open was next to Remus and across from Daniel. Dinner began, and Mrs. Weasley put twice as much as everyone else on Sirius's plate to 'fatten him up' she had said. Sirius, however, took this time to tell about a prank they had pulled in their sixth year, and he claimed, a story Remus never told right. The dinner was delicious and soon everyone was full.

After dinner Sirius, Remus, and Daniel went into the spare room that Sirius would be sleeping in.

"So, what did you find out at the library?" Harry asked.

"Newspaper articles, class roles, known Death Eaters," Remus rambled.

"Sorry to interrupt, but you made the impression that you found something out," Sirius said.

"Yes, what we do know is that Dumbledore is disappointed in something named Tom. When Dumbledore went to Hogwarts only two other Toms were there at the same time he was. One ended up working in Gringotts, the other in the Ministry, so we can assume this Tom went to Hogwarts when Dumbledore was Headmaster or a professor."

"What's to say that Dumbledore didn't meet Tom at Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

"When Dumbledore was younger, he stayed at home most of the time to stay by his sick sister, so he didn't really go out and meet people. Then there was a war, and Dumbledore defeated Gindelwald years after it broke out."

"So you're saying he just didn't have time to get a social life?" Sirius asked

"Yes," Remus said a bit annoyed.

"What a loser," Daniel said.

"Daniel, you can't say you have a social life either," Sirius said.

"Yeah, well… neither can you," Daniel shot back.

"Anyway," Remus said, "The only Tom that sticks out is Tom Marvolo Riddle. He was a prefect, he got the Medal for Magical Merit, Tom also got a gold shield-shaped award for Special Services to Hogwarts, and He was Head Boy."

"What's wrong with that? He's just an overachiever." Sirius asked.

"Yes, but that's just it. After he left Hogwarts, Tom began working at Borgin and Burkes."

"You mean that dark magic shop in Knockturn Alley?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah that's the one."

"Are you going to get to the point, I'm kinda tired?" Daniel asked.

"Fine," Remus said. "A few years later Voldemort came to power. Tom Marvolo Riddle is an anagram for I am Lord Voldemort."

"You figured all this out from one quick stop to the library?" Daniel said.

"Nerd," Sirius said.

"Hey I'm the only reason you passed all your classes," Remus responded.

"Well, this feels like a waste of time. The only thing we found out is that Voldemort had a rough childhood like me," Daniel said. He walked out the door towards his bedroom after a brief goodnight. Daniel opened the door to a waiting Ron.

"So what's the big secret?" Ron said quietly.

"Nothing really, just that you-know-who had a rough childhood that Dumbledore was too late to save him from," Daniel replied.

"I thought it would be a bit more dramatic and devastating," Ron said.

"Yeah me too," Daniel replied.

"Goodnight Daniel,"

"Goodnight Ron." Ron went to sleep the second his head hit his pillow. Daniel, however, who was not in his PJs, changed quickly then got in his bed. A man with such a simple name killed and tortured hundreds of people. How would he have been different if the Weasleys never rescued him? Would he have turned out the same way as Riddle? Daniel sought these questions before finally falling asleep.


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