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Chapter 1:Honestly Ronald

It was midway through the summer. The Golden Trio had finished their 6th year. They arrived at the Order Headquarters only a few weeks ago. The sun beamed down on all the windows, causing solar glare. A boy with round shaped glasses lurked around. He came towards Ron and Hermione. Unfortunate for Harry, Ron and Hermione were in another argument. And once again, Ginny was in the middle of it.

"Give it back Ronald " Hermione scolded. "Honestly "

"What's the big deal?" Ron was holding Hermione's time turner. He remembered how Hermione used it to save Buckbeak, Sirius, and themselves in 3rd year. He also remembered what she had told him about it. She said that it was not to be fooled around with, and a wizard could get in serious trouble if spotted in two places at once. "Not like it's gonna break or something."

"It is not a fucking toy Ronald " she scowled.

"Guys. Come on." Ginny but in.

"Yeah. What Harry said." Ginny added. "Ron. Give it back to Hermione..NOW "

"Bloody Hell Mione. I just want to see it." Ron whined.

"Fine...but only for a minute."

"Ok..and can you stop calling me Ronald? It get on my fucking nerves. You sound like my bloody mother when you do that "

"Ok Fine." Hermione nodded. Ron began to examine the time turner.

"How did this all start anyways?" Harry asked.

"I was going to put it away, but Ron, over here" she glared at Ron. Still kind of annoyed about the whole thing. "Had to ask and want to play with it."

"Oh..sorry 'bout bringing it up."

"It's ok."

While Harry, Hermione, and Ginny weren't looking, Ron had began to change the settings of the time turner. Ginny turned towards her brother.

"Ron?" No answer

"Ronald Weasley " Ginny hissed.

"Wha?" he said while playing with the time turner.

"You should give the time turner back now...shouldn't you"

"Almost done." Hermione turned around at that instant.

"Ron What are you doing?"


"Nothing My ass Give it back."


"Honestly Ronald "

"Ok." He went to hand it to Hermione. But something was wrong. The time turner was moving. It began to spin like a over wound top. The sand inside the time turner turned all sorts of colors. And then stopped at one color. Black. Hermione gasped in horror. Harry, Hermione, and Ginny grapsed onto the time turner chain. "Ron " she gasped.

"What Mione?"

"Ron What have you Done?"Suddenly, the Golden Trio and Ginny Into a whirlwind of black smoke mixed with magic. They went whizzing into the air. Random images flying by them. As they flew, the time turner began to break.

"Oh shit." they all spoke simultaneously. The whirlwind became faster. Suddenly, Ron was moving father away from everyone else.

"Ron " Harry, Hermione, and Ginny screamed. Ron vanished in the blink of an eye.

"Oh my..." Ginny gritted through her teeth. Hermione looked behind to see if Ron could be seen.

"Damnnit " she stammered. Hermione felt the force of the whirlwind pulling her outside of it.

"HERMIONE!" Harry and Ginny screamed.

"Ahhhh! Harry! Ginny!" Hermione screamed back. And then. Hermione was gone.

"This has gone from bad to worse, Gin" Harry commented.


It wasn't long before the two of them experienced what Ron and Hermione experienced. And with that, it was safe to say that they were no longer in The Magic World. The Dorotheys were missing their Kansas.

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