Title: Mr. And Mrs. Spicer
Pairings: Jack/Raimundo, One-sided Jack/Chase, Gippal/Paine, Talk of past Gippal/Baralai and Gippal/Rikku
Rating: PG
It's Jack's 16th birthday and his parents are planning a birthday party. Inviting ALL of Jack's "friends". What are the monks, Chase, Wuya, and Ashley going to think when they meet the Mr. And Mrs. Spicer for the first time?
Disclaimer: I do not own Xiaolin Showdown, Final Fantasy or Rozen Maiden. I own none of the characters in this story and I am NOT being paid to write this.
Author's Notes: These are the three pictures that inspired me to write this fic. Take out the spaces!
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Mr. Spicer: http/ img.photobucket. com/ albums /v453 /strayheartnittlegrasperfan /Spicer /kanasama-gippal. jpg
Suigintou: http/ img.photobucket. com/albums /v453 /strayheartnittlegrasperfan /Spicer /suigintoukitty.jpg


Jack never really ever considered himself a lucky guy. He always kind of figured that he was the one who Lady Luck always spat on and kicked about whenever she was extremely bored or irritated. If he needed any poof of any of this, he just had to look at his family.

Mrs. Spicer is and always will be Jack's mother and the person he cares about most in the world. She was a young mom, barely even 35, and she was strict as well. But that made Jack love her all the more. Most people thought that being a super rich animal trainer and having to travel all over the world so much, she wouldn't take the time out to pamper her only son with love and affection. They would be dead wrong. Jack's mother was over-protective and extremely in love with her son. He was her pride and joy, and he made sure that he would never disappoint her. This of course made him push himself way to far, and in turn fail way too much. Mrs. Spicer though, didn't care. She would still tell Jack that he was a genius, that he was handsome, and that he could never disappoint her.

Mr. Spicer was just the opposite. He rarely paid Jack any mind at all. That is of course unless Jack screwed up, which he did more times than not. His father was a genius with machines. If it was physically possible to make something, he could find a way to do it. Jack remembers when he was 6 and he had taken apart his toy train and put it back together to form a rocket. His father had at first looked as if he was proud of his son, but that quickly changed as he rattled off point after point of where Jack could have made the rocket better. But Jack never gave up. He was determined to make his father proud, which is why he uses the robots in his fights so much. One day Jack was sure his father would be truly proud of him.

His family's part in his bad luck came with his little sister. Suigintou was 6, and was by far the prettiest girl in the entire world, or at least in his parents eyes. Jack had to admit that his sister was cute. Her long pearl white hair and her dark ruby eyes along with her smooth cream colored skin, made her look as if she was a living doll. But Suigintou wasn't all sugar and spice and everything nice. Jack believed for the longest time that someone had left out the sugar and everything nice parts when they were making her. She wasn't loud or annoying like his cousin Megan. No, she was quiet and reserved and only spoke when she had something to say, which wasn't very often. But her eyes, boy could they give off a glare. Jack was sure it was impossible for a little girl to be able to scare grown men into crying. But he had seen it. Suigintou had to just narrow her eyes slightly and grown men would burst into tears of fright and give the girl anything she wanted. This of coursed annoyed Jack because those eyes could also would the other way. Batting them like a little kitten could get her all the attention in the world, including that of their father.

If Jack were ever given the choice to trade his family with another's, he would never take it. He loved his family. And though he is pushed to his limits by the disappointment in his father, the over-protectiveness of his mother, and his sister's evil and cute glares, he would give up on life before he let anyone take them away from him. He was Jack Spicer, and though he wasn't perfect, he was a Spicer and that made him GREAT!