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A Crush Or A Love?

Sam sighed and took her diary from its box beneath her bed. She'd read about Shakespeare in English class that day and she'd decided the writing style quite suited her. Then Danny had surprised her after class. He'd taken her flying and had come to land atop a hill overlooking Amity Park's beautiful, sparkling lake. He'd given her a white rose, the symbol of a declaration of love, and he'd kissed her. She had kissed him back and she'd told him she loved him, too. She sighed again and began to write about how it was before and how it was now.

A Crush Or A Love?

(Shakespearian Verses)

Just noticed have I,

The radiant smile that crosses thy handsome face,

So beautiful thou art,

With thine unkempt raven hair,

And thine joyous smile always so marvelously in place,

So elegant in thine imaginary kiss,

Thine bright cerulean eyes shine with light more than the envious sun,

Doth thou note thy grace and beauty of thy soft kiss?

Doth thou knowest that I love thee?

Or only be I crushing?

'tis an answer even I know not,

As moves the never-ending time,

Mine deep affection stronger grows for thy prince,

Doth thou be my Romeo?

Doth thou return my affection deep?

Thou doth,

Thou return mine smiles and grow red in thy cheeks,

Thou return mine longing gaze,

And the imaginary kiss doth thou banish,

'tis real,

Thy kiss be genuine,

Soft be thy sweet noble lips,

Wet in mine mouth be thy fair tongue,

Around mine thin waist and upon mine long hair doth thy gentle hands caress,

Into thy loving arms thou art pulling me ever closer,

Good is the sweet taste of thy loving lips and thy warm embrace,

Be mistaken for a crush this love cannot,

For crushes consist not of this,

'tis but one sided,

Stronger than crushing be the powerful emotion love,

This pure emotion is what thou and I do share,

For found have we the alluring taste of strong undeniable passion and love.

By Sam Manson

As Sam put her pen down, she felt the temperature drop and invisible hands snake their way around her neck. She smiled and whispered his name. "Danny, I love you."