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Cody ran to catch up with Zack, who was already half way down the hall. "Hey, Zack! Wait up!"

Zack punched the button for the elevator, he turned to Cody and smiled. Cody backed up, wishing that he had more time so that he could run down the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Because he knew that grin. It meant that Zack was going to-

Cody gasped for breath, unable to pull out of Zack's embrace. He felt his lungs screaming for air, but couldn't breathe. He didn't even realize it either. "Z-Zack! St-stop tickling m-me!"

Zack paid no attention to his brother's pleas. He kept tickling him and Cody kept laughing until the elevator came. "Man, you are just too easy a target." Cody grinned wolfishly at Cody, pushing the button for the elevator. Cody sank to the floor of the elevator gasping for breath.

Because it was so early-only seven in the morning-none of the guests were awake yet. Which meant that the ride to the bottom floor was uninterrupted. "You know," Cody complained as they walked out of the building, "For once-just once-you didn't have to tickle me."

Zack shrugged and punched his brother's shoulder affectionately. "You know you like it." He rubbed his shoulder and scowled at Cody when his brother punched him back.

On the walk to school, the Martins' were joined by Tapeworm, who tripped over his own feet three times while trying to cross a single street-a new record. Two boys, new kids that lived three blocks from school, also shyly joined the group.

"Hey, you guys in the eighth grade?" Cody asked, trying to be polite.

The taller boy, who had introduced himself as Joe, nodded, smiling. "Yeah, I am. But Jake-"here he laid one of his brown hands on his brother's shoulder, "Is in seventh."

Cody nodded, and continued talking to Joe, finding out that they both had the same homeroom teacher. Jake engaged Zack and Tapeworm in a conversation about basketball. By the time they reached the school, all five kids were laughing like old friends.

Cody helped Joe get situated with the school, and showed Jake where his classroom would be.

In homeroom, Zack and Cody were whispering to Joe in the back of the classroom, talking about everything. All three were startled when the bell rang, signaling the "official" start of the day.

Zack and Cody, who both had a locker near Joe's walked him to it. Joe yawned mid-sentence and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, my old school started much later then this. I am so tired."

Zack nodded, "Yeah, I know. It gets better after a while, don't worry."

Just as the boys were taking their books out of the locker for first period, screams echoed down the hall. Their heads shot up as one, looking in the direction of the screams.

"Wha-" before the word was even out of Zack's mouth, a gun shot echoed down the hall.