To all of my lovely readers,

First, I must apologize because I know that you all will be upset that this is only an author's note. I know that I haven't updated in so long but I am in the process of writing out chapter eighteen right now. If I don't update over the weekend I'll try to update by next weekend at the latest. It will be another long and fluffy chapter. Everyone seems to like my fluffy chapters so I can assure you that the fluffiness will continue! Hopefully it will be worth the very long wait!

One of my reviewers asked a question that I thought I should answer for all of you.

Q: How many more chapters do you think Do You Believe In Fate? will have?

A: I don't have an exact number but I would estimate that there will be anywhere from six to nine chapters left in this story. Again, this is just a rough estimation. I have the rest of the story planned out but there are still a few details that I'm working through.

THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!! The title of my sequel is In the Hands of Destiny. Like I have said before, it will be loosely paralleled to New Moon, but with a twist that will incorporate the events in Do You Believe In FATE? I can't wait to start writing this story, but I am getting ahead of myself. I need to finish Do You Believe In FATE? first! Trust me, I'm working on it!

Much love,