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Megaman sighed. He knew the routine every single morning. He'd shout at Lan for what seems like a half-hour and if they were lucky, Lan would get to school on time.

Like that would ever happen! Megaman thought.


How lucky Megaman was. Lan yelped in surprise and fell over the side of the bed where Megaman couldn't see him. Megaman cocked an eyebrow at his operator.

"Lan? Are you ok?"

He got no response. Megaman sighed. He probably fell back asleep.

But Megaman completely chucked that thought out the window. Lan pocked his head up to look at Megaman and was about to stand up and do whatever in the morning until Megaman screamed in surprise. Lan's ears and head felt like they were on fire. He got up and muted the PET until Megaman calmed down. When Lan was sure Megaman had stopped screaming, he un-muted the PET.

"Lan! What happened to you!"

Lan was confused. He left Megaman and went into the bathroom to see what was the matter since he figured that something had happened to his appearance.

Lan thought he would faint. He saw that he had brown cat ears tipped with gold. Lan looked behind him and saw a brown tail tipped with gold also. He went back into his room, grabbed his usual attire and changed in the bathroom, making sure his tail went through his pants.

"Lan? Are you alright?" Megaman asked tentivley.


"Should I take that as a no?"


Megaman decided to embarrass Lan some more and said something that would surely make the brunette blush a nice shade of either pink or red.

"You look good with cat traits."

It worked. Lan blushed a very deep crimson color.

"Shut up Mega!"

Just then, a girl popped into the room. She had shoulder length brown hair, and crystal blue eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt that said Angel in black, cursive letters, blue jean shorts and white tennis shoes. The girl looked kind of like the female version of Lan with just about the same personality as him. She also had a green PET with a wind design and a feather as the symbol. The Navi inside the PET was a girl with a dark silver suit, light silver hair that flowed freely and silver wings, and with the feather symbol on her chest. The Navi also had forest green eyes.

"Angel!" Lan shouted, going even redder in the face.

"Cyber Angel (nickname's Cy)!" Megaman greeted enthusiastically.

"Lan? When did you get the cat ears and tail?" Angel asked. Then she smirked. "Looks good on ya' Lan."

"That's what I told him!" Megaman said.

Lan couldn't help but keep blushing.

"I think Cy would agree with us." Angel remarked.

"And I do." Cy commented.

"Poor Lan." Angel said.

But then she whipped out a camera and took a picture of Lan. Lan fell back off the bed from the flash and went into a daze.


"Lan's gonna kill ya'." Megaman warned her.

"No he won't." Cy remarked. "It's not as if he could beat her."

Lan wasn't listening considering that he was in a daze and was totally zoned out.

"I think the flash was a bit too strong for him." Angel said.

"Anything you can do?" Megaman asked her.

Angel went up to Lan, waved a hand in front of his face and then she snapped her fingers. Lan immediately came out of his daze.


"I thought I could add it to the scrap book." Angel answered him.

Lan sighed at the answer.

"How long will I have these?" Lan asked.

Angel took a five second look at him.

"I'd say roughly around 2 weeks." She answered.

Lan looked like he was going to have a heart attack and fainted. Angel sighed and turned to look at Megaman.

"Enjoy the ears and tail while they last Megaman!" She said with superiority and excitement.

Megaman cocked his head in confusion as the girl logged Cy out of his PET into hers and left.

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