Just a quick note before you begin. This story is told through different points of view. The character is talking to the reader. So the "you" that the characters refer to in their respective points of view is you, the reader. POV changes are indicated by the line break and you should be able to figure out who's POV it is.

Chapter 1: Brotherly Love

"Harder! Uhgn, Ita-chi! Faster, faster!"

Stop! Stop! STOP! Fuck, don't they ever stop? NO, they don't. Itachi's a fucking horny asshole and Kyuubi just wants to take it.

That pathetic, curled up body on the bed with a pillow steadfastly covering its head; that's me. Uchiha Sasuke. Brother of Uchiha Itachi-Kyuubi's fucking seme. They've been at it for the past four hours and it's only noon. That means that, considering their previous "gatherings," they have another six hours of torturous (for me) fucking.

"More Itachi! More!"

Fuck! I have to get out of here. I can't take this any more. Laying here and listening to the two of them only reminds me of my sexual frustration. I'm a hormone-raging seventeen year-old. Since those two got together a year ago, I have had a much too healthy libido. It doesn't help that my pervert of a sensei, Kakashi, got me a set of Icha Ichas; which, in my boredom, I proceeded to read and thereby ruin what was left of my innocent mind.

As if my predicament isn't bad enough, I still have yet to ever feel attraction towards any goddamn thing on this planet. I think I may be asexual. I have nothing to fantasize over when I (rarely) masturbate. I'm lucky I can get off on pure sensation, and even then its hard. I swear, that as soon as I find something I'm attracted to, I'm going to jump whatever it is and fuck the living daylights out of it.

It isn't that I can't get something to fuck; I'm Uchiha Sasuke after all. Only, I'm not attracted to anything...


Shit, that's it. I'm leaving. At least at the library I can read my Icha Ichas in peace. Just anywhere to take me away from my aniki and his insatiable man-whore.

I'll just inform my brother of my leaving. The first and last time I walked in while Kyuubi was here scarred me for life. I'm not willing to go through that again. After hearing what transpires during their "gatherings," as I like to call them, you better agree with me that it is safest one just yell out whatever needs to be said rather than actually go into that god-forsaken room while Kyuubi's here.


And what do I get for my consideration, for informing my brother of my whereabouts so he wouldn't worry you ask? (Stupid aniki probably wouldn't have noticed I left). A fucking grunt, "fine."

Fuck it, if he won't realize how gracious I'm being while he's in his stupid sex-induced stupor, I just won't be so nice the next time.

Better grab some sustenance before I leave. A granola bar should do it. Now for my keys...they're in my pocket. Now that I have everything, it's off to the car. Might as well lock the door before I leave. Wouldn't want anyone coming in to listen to that.

Nice car huh? Don't touch it. I don't like people touching what's mine. I'm not possessive, I'm merely cautious. But you know what, I don't have to explain myself to anyone. I'll just take my five-minute long car ride to the library in silence. Why don't you see what the two fuckers in my house are doing.

"Ughn, Itachi. Yeah, right...there, ughn. :pant:

That spiky, red-haired, pale thing writhing beneath that raven Adonis I just called Itachi? Yeah, that's me, Kyuubi. My parents named me after a demon. Heh, sometimes, it's pretty befitting. But really, I'm just a sweetheart. Don't usually let anyone else know so, except Itachi and my little brother. Not blood brother, mind you, I kinda adopted him. We met in an orphanage and as soon as I turned 18, I adopted him...

"Ughn, fuck." Itachi just gave a particularly good thrust "Ah, Itachi, faster!" He always brings me to the edge and then slows down. He is such a sadist. :shiver, pant: I can't believe how good he is! He's always so gently rough too.

"Yeah, Itachi, harder"

"Hn :grunt:"

Hn, that's Itachi's trademark response. If you ever ask him a question, consider yourself lucky to even get that out of him. Most of the time he just gives people blank stares. It's kinda funny, when you're not on the receiving end of that stare.

"Ughn. ITACHI!"

I just came, all over our stomachs. He's panting faster now. Soon, he'll pant my name...

:whisper: "Kyuubi."

He always pants my name when he orgasms. Just like I always scream his name as loud as I possibly can. I used to try not too, when ever we're at his place and Sasuke's around. (I never let Itachi fuck me if we're at my apartment if my brother's around). But whenever I didn't scream his name, he'd get so pissy and gloomy that I couldn't help but do it. After all, I like screaming out his name. Especially because he whispers my name and he lets emotion run into it. He never shows emotion-be it in his voice, in his actions, on his face-except when he really means it. Thus, I'm stuck doing whatever he wants when he whispers my name like that. If you heard your name coming out of Itachi's mouth like that, you'd understand; especially if no one ever says your name like that, but rather, your name is said with contempt.


In one word, Itachi has managed to inform me of where he is going, what he wants, where he wants to fuck me next, and he has given me a command to follow him into the shower as well. Wonderful, isn't he?"I'll be right there." He doesn't like to wait but I'll just be a while. "I have to call my brother. I think he said something about needing a ride somewhere." I have to find my cell phone. Pants, shirt, my boxers (Itachi goes comando some days, such as today), shoes...but no phone.

"You're not leaving."

"Only if he needs me. Where's my cell phone?"

"On the bedside table."



Ha, I forgot I left it there after calling my brother to tell him I'd be preoccupied. He was totally understanding; he anticipated it.

"Hey, Naruto. It's me."

"FINALLY! I need to get to the library and I need a ride!"

Huh? Who am I, Uzumaki Naruto, yelling at? I'm yelling at my idiot, inconsiderate, stupid, horny brother. Not blood brother or anything; we don't have the same parents, but he's always looked out for me-ever since we met in the orphanage-and he's never thought that I'm a monster.

"No need to yell. I'll be there in about an hour or so."

"AN HOUR! Of all the lousy...I need to get to the library now if I want to make it back in time to go to the movies with my friends. It won't just be an hour's wait, because you hav'ta drive all the way from Itachi's house and that takes about forty-five minutes."

"Fine, let me check with Itachi."

Dammit. He always has to check with Itachi. Damn Uchiha and his possessiveness. Now I have to wait for Itachi to begrudgingly agree to let Kyuubi come and pick me up and that'll take another thirty minutes in addition to the hour of fucking the bastard will make Kyuubi do. Not that Kyuubi will mind. Every time Itachi comes over it's "Naruto could you please just let me have the place for a couple hours." Then I have to leave the comfort of my home just so that bastard can have sex with my brother.

I don't mind being out of the apartment, I can just go to the community center and hang out with the friends I've made there. Plus, it gets me community service hours which I need for the stupid academic program I'm in. I guess it's not really stupid, but it gets hard sometimes. They give you extra homework and you have to stay after school for labs and stuff. If Iruka-sensei hadn't convinced me and Kyuubi that it would be good and help me get into college, I wouldn't have to done it. But, I guess I don't mind if it'll help me fulfill my dream. My dream you ask? Well...

"Naruto, hey. Itachi says his brother'll go pick you up. Okay?"

"Fine, so long as I get a ride, I don't care who's driving."

"All, right... Ah! Itachi, not while I'm on the phone!... Sorry. His name's Sasuke and he kinda looks like Itachi. It's great you two finally get to meet huh? Eep! Itachi! (Itachi):chuckle: I gotta go, I'll be home by dinner. Sasuke will drop you off if we're not done yet. (Itachi) We won't be done by then. Sasuke will drop you off. (Kyuubi) Are you okay for the movies?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, Kiba said he could pick me up and I've got money."

(Itachi) "Hn. What time does your movie end?"

"Around nine, if I leave by seven."

(Itachi) "Take Sasuke with you. He won't want to be home later."

"Okay, bye."

(Kyuubi) "Bye, Naruto. Have fun!"

Grossgrossgross. Talking to Kyuubi and Itachi while Itachi is molesting Kyuubi is gross. Eh, at least I have a ride. I hope this Sasuke guy isn't like Itachi, if he is, he won't have fun at the movies. Hmm, I guess I better eat something before I leave to the library. RAMEN, here I come! I'll tell you about my life goal later.

"Hn, shower. I'll call Sasuke."

"All right, but if he doesn't want to do it, I'll have to go."

"He'll do it."

My otouto isn't stupid. He knows better than to argue with me while I'm preoccupied. In any case, he won't mind having something to occupy him, since he needs something to take his mind off his sexual predicament. The idiot thinks he's asexual. He just needs to find the right fuck. Uchiha's are very selective and we only chose the best. After all, that's why I have Kyuubi.

He's obnoxiously loud at times, but he's strong and I have an attraction to strength.


"Hai. What do you want aniki?"

"You have to pick up Kyuubi's brother and drive him to the library. I'll text you the address. His name is Naruto."

"Hn, do I have to drop him off at his home as well?"

"Yes, and you will be escorting him to the cinema."


"Good, don't be home before nine."


Now that that business is done with, I'll go fuck my uke. Kyuubi is stronger than me. He could easily make me the submissive one. However, he understands that he's mine and therefore he serves me. Although, it could be said that I serve him; I do arouse pleasure in him because he wants it, even if only for my pleasure. Everything is always give and take. At least he's strong enough to allow a breadth of variations in sex...he's very flexible. It really is wonderful, ramming him into the porcelain floor knowing he's in bliss. Thrust upon thrust and he doesn't tire. He's very tight too. You'll never know, however. He is mine and no one else will ever have him

"Itachi. HARDER!" :pant:

If he wants it harder, I'll be softer. He hates it when I tease him, but he always looks so cute in agony. He won't last long now. No matter how hard I try to drag a session out, he always makes me want to give in and give him what he begs for; that final thrust that will send him over the edge. Shit, he's pouting."Please Itachi!" :pant, sigh: "HARDER!"

Fuck, I'll acquiesce. I can't deny him when he looks like that. No, you can't see him, but you can imagine from my description. He's pouting, he has a light blush and his crimson hair is wet and draping his face. He's looking straight into my eyes and now he's parting his lips just slightly...I have to give him what he wants.

"ITACHI!" :moan:

Now I can get what I want and give him what he loves; the reason he tolerates me and never doubts me. Just a few more thrusts :pant:

:whisper: "Kyuubi." :pant, sigh:

"Mm, I love you too."

Hn, that smile he gets. No, once again, you can't see him. He's mine and I won't share him. At all. Ever. We'll be awhile and your interest is starting to annoy me. Why don't you go check up on my brother. If my conjecture is correct; which it is, as my conjectures are always correct, my brother will be pleasantly surprised when he meets Kyuubi's brother. If he's smart; which he is, because he's related to me, he'll gain an uke.

Itachi, tch. I hate going on his stupid errands enough, I don't need to hate going on his stupid boyfriend's errands. To top it off, I have to go see an idiotic movie with, if he's anything like his brother, a complete dobe. Sexual frustration doesn't allow me the good mood and patience I'll need to make it through today. This better be worth the new volume of Icha Icha Paradise Itachi's going to give me.

Fuck, this address is on the other side of the city. In the slums no less. I'm going to have to drive for forty minutes just to get there. Hell, I can make it in thirty. That dobe better be ready when I get there.

:Thirty Minutes Later:

Great, I have to park my car on a street located in the most deplorable area of the city. At least if it gets stolen, Itachi will have to cut his sex time short to pick me up. Then again, he'd never end one of his "gatherings" to do something for me. He'd make me walk home. This car better not get stolen. If it does, I'll make that boyfriend of his pick me up. After all, I'm sure Kyuubi couldn't bear to have his little brother mad at him. All right, I just have to automate the car alarm and then I'll drive the kid to the library where I'll be able to re-read Icha Icha Paradise, Volume two, in peace.

Tch, the apartment's on the second floor and the fucking elevator is broken. Now I have to take the stairs and get to room...28. Great, no doorbell.

:knock, knock:

"Who is it."

"Itachi's brother." Great, he is an idiot. No intelligent person would answer the door in such a manner. He's...fuck, he's hot.

"Hey. Sasuke, right?"

Great, I finally find someone I'm attracted to and he's an idiot, the brother of mybrother's boyfriend, and an incredibly cute blue-eyed blond. All right, this won't be hard. All I have to do is concentrate and I won't jump him. That's right, concentrate...

"Are you okay? You're face is flushed."

"Hn. I'm fine. Are you ready to go?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm ready. Let's go!"

He just bent down to pick up his notebook. He has a really nice ass. I'll bet it's tight. Am I drooling? No, I won't drool. Uchihas don't drool... But did you see that smile? He's perfect and now, he's going to be mine. By the end of today, he will be mine.

"Sooo...thanks for doing this. I wouldn't be able to get to the movies in time if I had to wait for Kyuubi. It's gonna be fun to have you going with us."

"Us? Who's us?" I'll be damned if I have to share him with anyone.

"Me, you, and my friend Kiba. Man, I hope he doesn't bring his dog this time. Maybe if I get Hinata to go with us he'll leave the dog behind."

"Hinata, Hyuuga Hinata?" How does he know her? Hn, we're at the car already. "This is my car."

"Huh? Oooh, it's nice like Itachi's. So, you know Hinata?"

Hm, his shoes better be clean."Get in. I vaguely know her; she and her cousin go to the same school as me. She's in a few of my classes."

"Then you know Neji?"

"Yes. Put on your seatbelt. You know Neji as well?"

"Heh, yeah." There's that smile again. I'm going to jump him by the end of this night, regardless of whether or not he wants me to. "Neji always volunteers with me at the nearby community center. Hey, do you know Gaara? He volunteers with me and Neji too and he goes to the same school as Neji."

"Hn. Gaara is in a few of my classes as well. He and Neji are on the school's baseball team with me."

"Oh. I play on the community center's team. Neji and Gaara are on that one too."

"Don't you play on your school's team?"

"My school doesn't have a team. Budget cuts only allowed for a few extracurriculars. Plus, most of the money is used in academics anyways. The only reason the community center has a team is because Neji and Gaara got their families to donate money and we have fund raisers a lot."

Hn, he's really an idiot. Here I am, driving an idiot to the library; an attractive idiot no less. :scowl: Itachi better buy me the rest of the Icha Ichas for the next year. What the hell are Neji and Gaara trying to pull. They never seem to give a shit about the community and he doesn't even notice.

"What's wrong? Why do you have a scowl on your face?"

"Neji and Gaara...do they volunteer often?"

"Yup. I see them there every time I go. They practically live there. They're really nice. They're always giving me rides when I can't get anyone else. They even argue about who'll get to give me a ride. They're very...:mumble:what's that word Iruka-sensei uses?... alturnistic?"


"Yeah, that's it. They're very altruistic."

Idiot. Can't he tell they're trying to get into his pants? Figures I'd be attracted to someone so oblivious. It's cute though...and that pout. That face will look really sexy when I'm pounding into him...

"Whoa, you really are like Itachi. Who were you thinking about?"

"What are you talking about dobe?"

"Don't call me that...:mumble:stupid teme. I was talking about that perverted look you have on your face. You look like you're a second away from a nose bleed."

"I did not have a perverted look on my face."

"Yes you did."

"No, I didn't."


"No dobe, I didn't"

"Whatever you say teme."

Fuck, we're almost to the library. He'll want to separate from me and do whatever he needs to do on his own. Then I won't get to see his little pout. Maybe I'll be able to find a corner and silently formulate a strategy to seduce him. That way, Kyuubi can't hurt me for whatever I do to Naruto. After all, you can't rape the willing.

"Ne, Sasuke."

"What? Dobe."

"Stop calling me that!"

"It's befitting."

"Fine, if you're going to be an asshole I just won't talk to you."

Hey, you see that? Wait, don't look, only I get to see that cute little pout on his face. It's mine...I caused it and I'm not sharing it with you. Hn, later, I'll be kissing that pout away...

"Ne, Sasuke-teme."

"What now?"

"Ha, you didn't call me dobe."

"Fine. What now dobe?"

"Maa, I didn't want you to call me dobe...just...never mind."

"Hn." He really is a dobe. But he's mine and you can't call him that.

"You think we'll see Neji there?"


"Neji, he normally volunteers at the library on the weekends. He called me to remind me I needed to go to the library to finish my research and he said he'd be there."

"If he said he'd be there don't you think that means we'll probably see him there?"

"Hey, you don't know for sure if we'll see him there. It's a big library, we might not see him."

"Hn." I hope so. If my suspicions are correct; which they are, they always are, Neji is after my dobe. Why else would that stuck-up Hyuuga volunteer at a community center in the slums? Gaara's probably in the same mindset as the Hyuuga. It doesn't matter though, that dobe's mine and no one is taking him away from me. As far as I'm concerned, Hyuuga and Gaara aren't even obstacles worth considering.

"Hey Sasuke. Can you park near the south entrance. Neji usually works the desk there and he always helps me find everything I need really fast."

"You don't need the Hyuuga's help. I used to volunteer here as well. I can help you with whatever you need." I'll just park here, at the north entrance. :car engine-turned off:

"Well, I don't wanna bother you. I mean, you already drove me and all. Plus, Neji said he likes to help me."

:mental scoff:Yeah, I'll bet. "Neji's probably busy. I'll help you."

"Yatta! You're so nice Sasuke."

Hn, there's that smile again. Don't look, it's my smile and only I'm supposed to see it. I swear, if I catch you looking I'll beat you into a bloody pulp and make you fall off these stairs we're walking on.


"Usuratonkachi! Watch your step."

"Meh, I don't see you looking at the ground when you walk."

"Unlike you, usuratonkachi, I don't need to watch my feet when I walk."

"Maa Sasuke, why are you being so mean? You're such a teme."

Hn, I think I like the smile better than the pout. But the pout is cute. Eventually it won't matter, I'll be sure to put his lips to good use. Mmm I wonder how he'll taste...

"Hey Sasuke, do you think we'll be done by seven?"

"If you tell me what you need to research and you do everything I say, we'll be done by four."

"Ne Sasuke?"

"Hn." Why does he have that little smile on. He looks...mischievous. And I don't like the way his eyes are creasing...it reminds me of when Kyuubi wants something from Itachi.

"Will you treat me to ramen if I'm good?"

Fuck...I just have to concentrate. I won't jump him. I won't jump him. That sentence was not meant to be suggestive. He's just a dobe, he doesn't know what he's saying...


"Fine. But you have to do as I say."

"Banzai! You're nice again!"

Hn, dobe. I think I definitely like that smile more.

Heh, Sasuke's nice. He can be an ass sometimes, but he's nice. He's really pretty too, and smart. He's really helping me. At this rate, we'll be able to get done by three thirty. It's only two and we're already halfway done, and we've only been working for about an hour. It would have taken forever to do this without him. Even with Neji's help, I wouldn't get this research done so fast.

"Ne, Sasuke."


"Do you think this scroll might be helpful?"

"Let me see it."

"Here you go."

I already read through the scroll. It has a bunch of info on my research topic.

"It's good. Take notes of the major points. Make sure to note the reference info as well."


:An Hour and Thirty Minutes Later:

"Whew. We're finally done."

"We would have been done sooner if you could write faster."

"Eh, but we did good anyways."


Just like his brother. "Was that a yes 'hn' or a no 'hn'."


"Well why didn't you just say so."

"Because the Uchiha is incapable of coherent speech."


"Naruto, why didn't you ask me for help. I told you I'd be here. You know I work at the desk near the south entrance."

"Yeah, I know, but Sasuke said he'd help me and he's really smart. We finished in only three and a half hours."

"Did you?"




Why the hell are they calling each other by their surnames? "Sasuke, his name is Neji. Neji, his name is Sasuke."

"We're aware of that dobe."

"Then why don't you call each other by your first names?"

:silence: (Was that a tumbleweed:p)

"Oookay. You two are weird. Ne, Sasuke. Can we go get ramen now?"

"Sure Naruto."


"Huh? Oh, hey Gaara!" Where'd he come from? Oh, from behind that shelve next to Neji.

:nod: "What are you doing here?"

"I'm finishing up the research for that assignment I told you about."

"What are Uchiha and Hyuuga doing here?"

"Huh? Oh, Sasuke drove me here and he was helping me with the research. Neji's volunteering here and he was making sure I was fine."

:nod: "Hyuuga, Uchiha."

"Not again. I just went through the whole surname and first name thing with Neji and Sasuke."

"Stop whining dobe."

"I told you not to call me that teme."



"Stop with the surnames thing."

"Stop whining."

"You're being mean again teme."

"Naruto. Why did you have the Uchiha drive you. You could have called me if you needed a ride."

"That's okay Gaara. I didn't want to bother you."

"You could have called me, Naruto."

"It's fine Neji. Besides, Sasuke didn't mind."

(Neji)"Uchiha. How do you know Naruto?"

"He's the brother of Kyuubi's boyfriend."

(Gaara)"The one you refer to as a pervert?"

"Yeah, that one."

"Naruto, let's go."

"Okay Sasuke. I'll see you guys later."

(Neji)"Hai. Good-bye Naruto."


"Bye Neji. Bye Gaara."

That was weird. Did you notice how they were all kinda hostile towards each other? Why are you looking at me weird? I'm not too stupid to know a word like hostile. Iruka-sensei says I'm real smart. So does Kyuubi.

Mau, Sasuke's walking fast. "Sasuke, slow down."

"Walk faster dobe."

"You're being mean again."

"Don't be such a weakling."


I'll show him...calling me weak. I'll just catch up to him and...and "AAH!"

"Tch, usuratonkachi. I told you to watch your step."

He caught me. Sasuke caught me before I fell. Wow, I'm really close to his face. He has nice eyes. Oh no! I'm staring. He'll probably think I'm a freak. Just back away Naruto, just back away...

That usuratonkachi almost fell. It's good I caught him. Our faces are really close...I could almost kiss him. He looks even better up close. I think I'll just examine him. I wonder how he got those scars on his cheeks, they look like whiskers. His lips look sweet, I wonder what they taste like. Maybe if I tilt my head...

"Ne Sasuke. You can let go know."

Great, I was just about to kiss him and he had to ruin it. Usuratonkachi.

"Be more careful usuratonkachi."

"Don't call me that!"

"It's befitting."

"That's what you said before."

"Tch, stop whining. Get in." I'm not holding the door to be nice. Since he's so clumsy, he'll probably break something.

"Mau, you're being mean again."

"If you quit complaining about my behavior I'll let you eat as much food as you want."

"Will you pay?"

"Yes." How much could he possibly eat?

"Yatta! You're being nice again!"

"Hn." Got him to smile again. I wonder if he'll smile like that after sex. Maa, I'll find out soon enough.

"Dobe. Where do you want to go eat?"

"There's this great ramen stand close to my house. It's about a block away. You can park your car outside the apartment complex and we'll walk there after I put my notes away."

"Hn." At least I don't have to drive to more than one place.

:Thirty Minutes Later:

"Jeez Sasuke. You drive like a maniac."

"No, dobe. Everyone else drives to slow." What? It's true. If everyone was a faster driver, I'd be able to get around more quickly.

"Whatever you say teme."

"Hn. Just put your stuff away dobe."

"Okay, I'll be right back. I just gotta use the bathroom. Make yourself comfortable."

"Hn." At least the place isn't a pigsty. Everything looks clean. Knowing my brother, he and Kyuubi have probably fucked on every surface of the apartment. However, Kyuubi wouldn't defile his brother's room. Hn, that just means I'll be the first one to have sex in that room, with Naruto of course. The kitchen counter would be fun and that coffee table looks promising. Maybe after some sanitation, I can fuck Naruto there.

Hn, I wonder where his room is. Maybe it's this one on the left...

"Hey, do you wanna see my room?"
Decision time. See his room now under the very likely possibility that I'll jump him or let him eat, then see his room and definitely jump him. I don't want to deal with my self-restraint breaking so I think I'll let him eat. Plus, he's bound to be more energetic after eating.

"Iie. We'll eat and then you can show me your room."

"Okay. Let's go!"

He's smiling again. He's so easy to please. I wonder if that means he's going to be easy to please in bed. I plan to do a lot of things to him so he better have a lot of stamina. Considering he's so energetic, he probably will be able to endure long hours of sex. Plus, if Kyuubi can do it, he should be able to as well.

"Hey Sasuke?"


"Do you think Neji and Gaara have a thing for each other? Every time I see one of them, the other's always around."

Idiot. "That isn't a good reason to speculate such things." He doesn't realize that he's the other common denominator in this equation.

"But they always stare at each other, except when they're talking to me or I'm talking to them."

"Dobe, they glare at each other, it isn't staring. That's just the way they are. It's akin to a greeting."

"You would know, you glare a lot too."


"Still, I think Neji and Gaara would be good for each other. I've been planning to lock them in a closet together but me, Kiba, and Hinata aren't strong enough to push them in. I'd get Kyuubi to do it but he's always too busy... But I'll bet that with your help, we could get push them into a small, enclosed space and lock 'em in. Wanna help us?"

Well this is an easy decision. Help Naruto and get brownie points for it, all the while getting rid of Neji and Gaara in one fell swoop. "Hn, I suppose I could help."

"Yatta! This is great. Neji and Gaara are so nice. They deserve some happiness. Look, there's Icharaku's. Ahh, ramen."

He's...he's drooling. Dammit. What's so great about ramen? He should be drooling over me. I'll have to supersede his fondness for ramen.

"What do you want dobe?"

"Mm, I'll have the miso ramen to start. What are you gonna get?"

"I'll just have the same."

"Alright, two miso ramen coming right up. How's your brother Naruto?"

"He's good, old man."

"He still with that boyfriend of his."

"Yup. This is his brother."

"Ah, another Uchiha. Pleased to meet you son."


"Ha, just like his brother isn't he?"

"Yup, he's a pervert too. Though he's not as bad as Itachi."

"I am not a pervert dobe."

"Yeah you are, teme"

"No, I am not, dobe."

"Fine, fine, whatever you say."

Hn, damn right 'whatever I say.'

"Here you go boys."

"Yatta! Itadikimasu!"

"Don't be so loud dobe. :whisper:Itadikimasu."

:slurp, slurp: Whoa, he's fast. He's almost done with that bowl. He couldn't possibly eat much more, could he?

:Forty-five Minutes Later:

He ate twelve bowls of ramen. Twelve!

"Ha, lets go home now Sasuke, I feel tired."

Great he's fucking tired. Oh, well, if I let him sleep I can perfect my seduction plan and execute it when he wakes up...

End Chapter 1

Will Sasuke's plan work? Will Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba, and Hinata lock Neji and Gaara in a closet? Will Neji and Gaara get it on? Is Itachi still fucking Kyuubi?

Find out all the answers to these questions and more in the next chapter of Fraternity.