Um... Introducing... The Sound Four (Five, kinda, 'cause I can't merge the twins) I was gonna make you guys figure out who's talking, but I'll indicate it in parentheses. It isn't really that important though.

Jiroubo- Fat guy that Chouji fought

Kidomaru- Spider guy that Neji fought

Sakon and Ukon- Twins that Kiba fought

Tayuya- Chick that Shikamaru fought (cusses like a sailor)

I'd just like to remind you guys, if it's not in quotations, it's a thought!.

And I warn you guys, a lot of actions in this one... Not written out. Lemme know if you need clarification on something.

Last time: Kakashi spending spring break with Iruka. Sasuke and Naruto went to the Uchiha cottage and Sasuke admitted his love for Naruto. Neji and Gaara broke out the love confessions too. Itachi, Kyuubi, Sasuke, and Naruto end up at Orochimaru's lair. Someone gets shot. Someone yells out 'Sasuke!'.

Title is from The Chiodo's song.

Chapter Ten: We're Gonna Have Us a Champagne Wedding

:At the Uchiha cottage, in a hall:


What was that?

"Sasuke, stop holding me so hard. You're gonna squeeze me to death."


There it is again. Since it isn't you... It couldn't possibly be the ANBU detail. It'd take them hours to get here and they wouldn't make any noise... Itachi and Kyuubi would just use the door... Kakashi wouldn't come here... Something bad is happening. :grabs Naruto and walks to his room, begins dressing: "Get dressed." Never thought I'd say that to the dobe.

"Eh? What are you getting all worked-up for? It's just a couple of noises." :puts on clothes:

"Just get dressed." I can just feel it, there's something wrong. This house has never made any weird noises before and there couldn't be an animal in here. :walks into closet: "Get over here."

"Huh? What the hell are you doing in the closet? Whoa! Where do those stairs go to?"

"The attic. Just walk up the stairs, I'll follow you soon." I have to make sure the bed looks unused. Hopefully whatever it is will be stupid enough to think we're not here.

"'Kay." :walks up the stairs:

Hn, he has training so he won't be much of a liability. Okay the bed's made, the dobe's taken care of... :walking up the stairs: These stairs are one of the only passages to the attic so whoever is breaking in shouldn't be able to get up here... "Naruto."

"We have to be quiet." They'll probably be in the house soon. They won't find us. They can't.


:glares: I just told him-

"Who do you think it is?"

It could be the Akatsuki. I don't know what the fuck Itachi did... "Just be quiet. I'll explain later."


I don't even know which members-

"Where the fuck is he?!" :crash:

That voice! Tayuya. That fucking bitch!

(Jiroubo) "I told you to stop swearing. It's not lady-like."

(Sakon) "Yeah, it's unbecoming of a lady."

(Ukon) "Yeah, totally not lady-like."

(Tayuya) "Fuck off."

(Kidomaru) "Shut the fuck up. They're in the house."

Jiroubo, the stupid twins, and even Kidomaru? What the fuck are they doing here?

"How the fuck do you know?"

(Jiroubo) :sigh: "Tayuya."

(Kidomaru) "I have spider senses."

(Everybody) O.o

(Kidomaru) "The door was open and their car is outside." :murmurs: "Morons."

At least they're as idiotic as ever. I'm sure that Naruto and I will be fine.

"Hm... Why is that brat even here?"

"Probably shooting up. You know how he likes silence with his heroin."

:tenses: Great, now Naruto's definitely going to want an explanation. Why did they even mention that? I haven't even been using for the past three months.

:Conversation is in whispers:

"Shh, dobe." I can't tell him. If this causes me to lose him...

"When, Sasuke."
Fuck it. If he loves me, he won't care, right?... Yeah, right. "When what?"

"When'd you start?"
Goddamn it. We're going to get caught. "Just be quiet, dobe."

"Sasuke. I won't hate you."

He's lying. It's weak. If he knows I'm weak enough to use drugs then he'll know I'm not strong enough to protect him. I'll be worthless to him.

:sits on Sasuke's lap, puts hands on Sasuke's shoulders: "Sasuke. Just trust me. I love you."

Damn. It's impossible not to trust him. Besides, Kyuubi would have made me tell him anyway. Most of all, Naruto should know how much I don't deserve him. He'll still love me... He's just that type of person. "I started when I was 16. I stopped three months ago."

"Why'd you start?"

"Because..." I'm weak. I couldn't stand the nightmares. I couldn't stand... That pain.

"Why'd you stop?"

"Kyuubi threatened to make Itachi do something about it." If it weren't for Kyuubi, I'd still be doing that shit. If it weren't for Naruto, I'd still want to.

"Kyuu... You know, it's okay."

"No it isn't." It's weak! Why doesn't he just admit it already?

"It's gotta be okay, 'cause it didn't make Kyuu think any less of you and it doesn't make me think any less of you either."

"Why?" Why is he like this? He really loves me, I suppose... :wraps arms around Naruto:

:nuzzles Sasuke's neck: "Baka. Doin' drugs isn't all that bad... Everyone needs an escape once in a while. It's the excess of it that's bad. Some of that shit could kill you! But... I mean, Shikamaru does pot some of the time and he's still perfectly fine. But it doesn't really matter anyways 'cause now you're gonna be too busy fawning over me to do much anything else." :cheeky grin:

If only he knew how right he is. "Dobe." Still... "You haven't done drugs before, have you?"

"Just a joint on my birthday last year. It sucked 'cause all it did was make me kinda sleepy and lazy... Like Shikamaru... 'Cept, Shikamaru's more awake when he's high. Hee, everybody was all surprised to see me so quiet."

Quiet Naruto... That's so... Wrong. "I take it you haven't done anything since then." He better not have. I don't need his health to plummet.

"Nah, if it ain't gonna have the desired effect, why bother? Same with drinking. I did that at Kiba's birthday and it put me to sleep. Kiba said I got one sentence out and then I passed out."

:smirk: He's probably a lightweight. "What did you manage to slur?"

"I didn't slur, teme. I just said 'Imma be Hokage.' and fell to the floor."

"Why were you drinking in the first place?" Why did anyone let him drink?

"I challenged Shino to Beer Pong... With vodka shots."

Idiot. Shino looks like he could drink half his weight in liquor without any trouble. "You drank too much."

"Nope. I was winning. Shino made one lucky shot and so I had to drink it. Then, I fell asleep."

"You really are a lightweight." And I'm thankful for that. He won't ever drink excessively to get drunk. Hell, he won't even drink

:shrug: "Ne, Sasuke?"

"Hn." He's so inquisitive... And that stupid puzzled look on his face makes it so I don't mind... Love... It had to be Naruto.

"You're gonna let me top, right?"

What can I slam my head into? He doesn't really think... Well, I suppose it wouldn't matter... But I don't want him doing any of the work; I'm supposed to take care of him. "No."

"What?! Well... What makes you think I'm letting you top me?"

Heh, you know what's going to happen now, don't you? Yes, Naruto has asked me a question that can only be answered with an action. :holds Naru's waist, kisses him: "You see, dobe," :nips neck: "I think you will let me."

"Sasukeee-" :buzz, buzz:yelps, covers mouth:

"Answer your phone, dobe." Fuck. We just have to hope they didn't hear that.

"Sorry." :flips phone open: "Hello?"


:leans towards the phone: It's Tsunade again. It hasn't even been an hour yet...

"Yeah. What's up?"

"I can't explain why right now, but... You and Sasuke are going to be abducted. Get caught and don't worry. Two of our spies are with the group assigned to kidnap you and they'll eventually brief you on the situation.

What? She wants me to let those assholes kidnap my dobe?

"Uh... Okay. Bye, love ya'. Thanks." ... :screams: "SASUKE!!!"

:puts hand over Naruto's mouth: If there was ever a time for him to scream my name... Why now? I don't know what the hell—He bit me:glares:

"Sorry Sasuke. Like baa-chan said... We have to get kidnapped. Make sure you pretend I'm weak. The less they know about me, the better."

"Dobe." He doesn't know what we're getting into. They're working for fucking Orochimaru!

:sound of steps:

They're climbing the stairs. :grabs Naruto: They can't hurt him. I won't let them!

:hugs Sasuke: "Sasuke. Don't worry. Everything will be okay. I promise."

(Ukon) "Ah, looks like we found you two."

I'll kill those twins if they lay one hand on him.

:turns to Sakon: "Go tell them. I'll take care of these two."

"Stay the fuck away." I don't give a shit about what Tsunade said. I won't let them hurt Naruto.

"Shut it Uchiha. Sakon and I are the spies for ANBU. We're gonna pretend I caught that little blond of yours and..."

"No." Naruto's mine and I'll be damned if anything happens to him.

"Sasuke. It's okay." :walks towards Ukon:

:grabs Naruto's arm: "No." I have to protect him. I can't trust them.

:sound of many steps:

:Naruto slips from Sasuke's grasp:

:Ukon grabs Naruto:

(Kidomaru) "Found them... Make sure you tie Uchiha up... He can be fiesty."

(Ukon) "He won't resist. We've got his little blond."

(Naruto) "Sasuke-kun... Please! Just do as the ugly guys say!" :wink:

Sasuke-kun? What the fuck?... Hn, he's acting. I know what I have to do :nod: "Leave him alone. I'll go with you."

Yes!!! Sasuke gets it! I wish I could tell him I know Sakon and Ukon... They've been in ANBU for a year or so. I wonder if there's info on their 'boss' yet. There wasn't last time I checked... Okay... I just gotta act all whiny and stupid and we'll be fine... Bring on the fake tears!!! "Please don't hurt us." :sniffle: "Sasuke-kun gots lot'sa money... He'll give ya' some if you leave us alone." :sniffle: I am soo good!

(Tayuya) "Who's the blond? Sasu-chan's fuckin' lover?" :snort:

"Hey!... We've only kissed. But..." :whimpers: "I always wanted to make love with Sasuke-kun. And now... You're gonna kill us and that'll never happen!" :cries: Man, sometimes, I astound myself with my acting abilities.

(Jiroubo) "Great job Tayuya. Now you've gone and made this little lady cry." :turns to Naruto: "It's okay ma'am--"

"I'm not a ma'am!... Uh, I mean..." :sniffles, tears: "Please don't hurt us." :grabs Jirobo's shirt, Uzumaki puppy eyes: "Please?" Hmph. I do not look like a girl. I have a manly physique! Manly! Right? Hey! Don't laugh.

:pat's Naruto's head: "Uh... It's okay. We're not going to hurt you, we're just going for a ride."

"Really?! A ride? Did ya' hear that Sasuke-kun. They're just takin' us for a ride. We don't gotta be scared." :grins: Okay... Acting this stupid is getting a little hard.

"Dobe, you're staying here. I'll go with them."

Dammit. What the hell is Sasuke thinking? We both have to go or whatever Tsunade has planned isn't gonna work... "But Sasuke-kun? I wanna go too. If you're going, I have to go!"

"Hm, tie up Uchiha and take the stupid blond with you. I'll be waiting in the car. Tayuya, make sure shit gets done." :leaves:

Dammit. I know I'm acting stupid and it's great that they bought it and all, but can't they be a little nice? Just outright calling a person stupid...

"All right, bitches. You heard spidey. Get the fuckin' Uchiha tied up and get him and his little fag o'va girlfriend in the car. I'm going out for a smoke."

This chick is weird... Well, at least it's gonna be easier to work up big guy Jirobo... It seems he doesn't like swearing, especially when that girls do it..."Uh, wait... What's fuckin'?..." Oh, good. Ukon's tying Sasuke up, and Sasuke's actually being a good sport about it all. Ukon's smart enough to make the ties loose so Sasuke can escape when necessary.

"Tayuya! Just because you don't have any sense of what it means to be a lady doesn't mean you should rub off on other people. Don't cuss in the little gal's presence."

Dammit!!! I thought we already established that I'm not a girl! I'm gonna flash this bastard once this is over. He'll see I'm not a girl!

"Blow me. Just do what I told you and call me when you're done." :leaves:

Man, she's more bitchy than Sakura during that time of month... Meh, I wanna get this over with already, then me and Sasuke can pick up where we left off. "Ne, are we leaving yet?"

:Sakon: "Yeah. Grab onto your boyfriend here or Ukon'll have to hold on to you."

:Grabs Sasuke's arm: "Eh, Sasuke? Why are you tied up?" Man, I hope asking this won't result in Jirobo making alterations, but not asking could be just as bad. I mean, it's not like I can just act as if it's normal for Sasuke to get tied up for a simple car ride...

:walking downstairs and outside:

"It's for fun, dobe. I'll explain later."
"Okay." Gah, I don't think this would be believable at all if Sasuke weren't helping. It's good he's so smart. Still, I wonder where they're supposed to be taking us. Plus, this doesn't seem very well planned. It seems like Tsunade barely got news of this 'kidnapping' thing... Now-

:stop at entryway:

"All right. Jiroubo, go get Tayuya. She'll be pissed if Kidomaru gets on her case about shirking off on the job. Here's the Twinkie she stole from you."

(Jiroubo) :eats Twinkie in one bite and leaves:

Eww. Not even Chouji eats like that. Well, here's our chance to clarify things... "Sasuke, I've know Sakon and Ukon for as long as they've been in ANBU so we can trust them."

(Sakon) "So Uchiha, is Naruto the reason you've quit heroin? Or are you still using?"
(Ukon) "Cause if you are we're gonna make sure you never see Naruto again."

"Oi, we're not here to talk about that. Just tell us what the hell is up with this mission." Fuck! They've made Sasuke angry. It's nice to have friends that care, but a pissy Sasuke is so hard to deal with.

(Sakon) :sigh: "We'll tell you when we get to the base."

"Where is that?"

(Ukon) "Chill Uchiha. We'll tell you guys all you need to know later."

"FUCK! Jirobo, I'm going to kill you."

Crap, they're coming back.

:Tayuya races past the group and storms out of the house:

Man, she's pissed. I wonder what happened. Oh, here come's Jirobo... He probably did something.

(Ukon) "What'd you do Jirobo?"
(Sakon) "Yeah, what'd you do?"

"Nothing. Just threw away her cigarettes."

Ha, she must have had one of them conniption fits. Must've been funny.

(Sakon) "Fuck, now we have to deal with a bitchy Tayuya and a bitchy Uchiha."

"Huh? Sasuke's not mad..." Actually, he's livid. Heh, at least I can cool him down a little. :grins: "Sasuke-kun," :nuzzles Sasuke's neck:

:grabs Naruto's hair: "Not now dobe."

WHAT!!! I'll show that bastard he can't refuse Uzumaki Naruto! When I want to snuggle, I very damn well get to snuggle:latches on to Sasuke: "Sasuke! I just want you to hold me. Please?" :Uzumaki Puppy Eyes: Take that, teme.

:sigh: "Fine."

(Ukon) "Save it for the road you two."

(Sakon) "Yeah, save it."

(Jiroubo) :smacks Sakon and Ukon: "How dare you two ruin their moment. Have some respect for the madam!"

Oh that's it! I'm kickin' his ass! In the nude, if I have to, just to prove that I'm a guy! Dammit! Sasuke's not letting me go. Wah! O.o :blush: Damn bastard's carrying me now! How is he doing that with his hands tied? "Sasuke!"

"Don't worry dobe. I've got you."

(Ukon) :sigh: "Let's just go already."

Hm... Sasuke's pretty strong... And comfy... Ah, I guess kicking that guy's ass can wait 'till later.

Hm... So warm... Ocean:sniff: "Gaara..." Oh...

"Hn, finally awake? Have a nice nap?"

I fell asleep inside him... And now I'm hard. "Sorry. How long was I asleep?" :moan: Thrusting back?...

:groan: "About an hour." :gets on hands and knees:

He probably really wants this then. :gets on top of Gaara, thrusts in: "Gaara." He should have woken me up.

"Ha-harder, Neji." :moan:

"Yeah." So tight. I'm not going to last at all.

:moan: "Haa, Neji!"

:gasp: He's so perfect. Fast... Then shower. Gaara... Under water. :moan, thrusts quickly:

"Ah! Neji... Damn." :gasp, groan: "Neji!"

There! There! "Hm, Gaara!" :groan, shudder: Salty. :pant: "Tasty."

"Stop licking me. I'm not food. Get off me."

:lays on his back: "Aren't the endorphins supposed to be kicking in?" He's too cute when he's angry. I swear he pouts when he's pissed enough.

:snuggles Neji's side: "Shut up."

Crap, that tickles... Ah, he's settled. Mmm, it feels like summer and it smells like the sea. This must be what it's like to fly over the ocean. The endless blue pulls you in by sight but you remain suspended in air.

"Stop murmuring such wishy-washy things."

"Hm? I wasn't murmuring..." Was I? Doesn't really matter I suppose. It's not like Gaara's going to hurt me for saying those things. It isn't even embarrassing because it's him.

"Yes you were. It doesn't matter, just don't deny it."

:grin: "Sorry. I hadn't realized I was thinking aloud."

:nuzzle's Neji's neck: "Hm, you don't have to apologize. This way I get to know what you're thinking. I don't mind. It's just... Your words make me feel... A lot. I'm not used to that."

Hearing him say things like that and his confused expression... "I love you." I want him to feel everything he makes me feel.

"See, things like that. It makes tingles go through my body and I feel warm. My stomach feels unsettled..."

"Good, that's what I want you to feel because that's what I feel too." Hm, he's snuggling into me. This time it feels goo... "Ga-gaara?!" He's stroking me!

:nips Neji's neck: "I want shower sex. Go turn on the water. I'll be right there."

He actually thinks I'm letting him walk after everything we've been doing:grabs Gaara: "How about a massage, then shower, then sex during the shower?" Ne, you fangirls?... I think I can understand why you squeal. That's what I want to do because he's letting me hold him like this. If it wasn't such an annoying noise, I would squeal.

"I'd rather, have sex, then shower, then a massage, then sex."

:steps into tub, sits w/ Gaara on his lap: "Well then, let's do that." Oh, god. If he keeps doing that to my neck, I'm not going to be able to turn on the water...

"Turn on the water, Neji."
How the fuck am I supposed to do that when he's rubbing his ass against my cock:moan:

:chuckles: "You know, you haven't said you love me for a whole two minutes. If you were to say it now, I'd attack you completely."

Attack? Would that be a punishment or reward? Fuck it. I can't take it when he stares at me with those eyes. "I love you Gaara." :muffled groan: When he said attack... How does he kiss so sensually and fiercely at the same time:gasp:

"Where do you want it Neji?"

"Inside... Put my cock inside you." :gasp, groan: Sooo, much... Heat. He's so hot inside.

"Hm, we revert back... To our old ways. Here you are... So submissive with... Haa... Your cock in me."

"Ah, no one said. We had to be... Stereotypes." :groan: He's tighter... On top... Because he has his knees drawn together over my chest. "Haa." He's got the most beautiful dick.

"You're cute... Like that. One eye... Shut, while the other... Struggles to remain open."

"Your fault... I have to look at you." We're getting close. :thrusts upwards:moan:strokes Gaara:

"Ah, st-stop! Stop!" :moan:

"Ha." I hope he's not hurt. "Are you okay? Where does it... Ah, hurt:pant:

:sigh: "It doesn't hurt. I just didn't want to cum yet. Too fast. I want..."

"Slow lovemaking?" :smirk: He's blushing. He's actually blushing from embarrassment:hugs Gaara to his chest:

:muffled: "You're lucky I don't feel like hitting you." :

Slow feels good. I'm very lucky. "I'm lucky you love me... Haa... I'm lucky I love you." :groan: Because it makes me so happy.

:pant: "You..." :moan:

Faster again. So smooth. Tight. "Gaara." :gasp: Just a little... :moan:

"Ah! Neji..." :gets off Neji's lap, lays down on back, holds legs up: "Hurry up."

Holy... :sits up, thrusts into Gaara:moan: "Gaara. I-" :hiss: Faster... Cum. "Come on Gaara... Cum for me."

:mumbled curse: "More!" :moan: "Neji!" :groan, shudder:

Beautiful. :grunt: "Ga-Gaara!" :moan:pant: "Fuuck." That was a great orgasm.

"Heh, taking... After Hinata?... Are we?" :pop:groan: "Don't just take it out like that."

That's what he gets for mocking and for being so... Himself. :pokes Gaara's entrance: Hm, he's really pink down here.

:sits half-way up: "Wha-what the hell are you doing?!"

Soo pretty. :smiles: "It looks like a flower... And my seed is all over it." Contracts and quivers...
:blushes: "Pervert."

Cute. :chuckles, gives Gaara a peck on the lips: "I love you."
"Pervert. Stop touching there."

Did you notice? You probably didn't, but he smiled. "Why don't you make me stop?"

"Idiot. You're hopeless."

"Yeah." But I like it and so does he.

:unknown location in a cellar:

:door opens:

The twins. Finally, some fucking answers. "Why is Orochimaru doing this?"

"Orochimaru? Who's that?"

(Ukon) "I don't know, but it seems the Uchiha does."

(Sakon) "So what do you know, Uchiha?"

Are they serious? "You two have been on this mission for more than a year and you don't even know who Orochimaru is?"
(Ukon) "No. Why? Is he important?"
Fuck. If they're in charge of this whole pseudo-abduction mission, we're dead. "Orochimaru is the fucking ringleader of all the on-going operations. How the hell do you not know who's giving you orders?"

(Sakon) "Eh?! You knew the boss?"

(Ukon) "How do you know all this?"

"That doesn't matter now. Just tell us what's going on." I bought heroin from the guy specifically to spite my brother since I knew they hated each other back in the Akatsuki. I know Orochimaru. He's a conniving megalomaniac... He's got to be planning something that involves my brother considering that he went through the trouble of 'kidnapping' me.

(Ukon) "Well, we don't know anything about Orochimaru. We were just given orders to get you and anyone with you. We reported it to Tsunade and she recognized you. She gave us orders to continue with the kidnapping, hoping you guys would be able to help us infiltrate the place since she can't really send a lot of people."
(Sakon) "Something big is going down, you know. The, Orochimaru, is getting squadrons together. He's definitely planning something. But... Tsunade won't have back-up to spare and she doesn't figure this is gonna be that big. At most, she'll send a couple of teachers from the academies. We've gotten word that something's happening with the Akatsuki too so pretty much everyone will be going there."

The Akatsuki? They disbanded years ago... Damn, I've been so busy with Naruto that I don't know what Itachi's been up to lately.

"Aha! I remember now. Orochimaru's that dude that baa-chan and ero-sempai used to be friends with. He's the snake-bastard!"

Snake bastard? Hm, that's befitting of Orochimaru.

"They've been looking for him since the Third's murder. He's the prime suspect. Let's go kick his ass Sasuke!"
What! "You're crazy if you think I'm letting you face him off. We're going to have to wait for more people to get here."

:smirk: "You heard them. Tsunade picked us for this mission and she probably won't send more than two people. We can do this. There's other stuff about me you don't know Sasuke... Plus, I'm not gonna take him on by myself. You're gonna help. We can do this."

I feel like I can do it, but I don't want to endanger him. But if I'm there... I'll be able to protect him? No time for self-doubt. I have to protect him. :nod: "Alright. Let's plan it out. Do you two know what Orochimaru wants to do with us?"
(Sakon) "He wanted you tied and in his 'office' within an hour. We don't know what he's gonna do after that."

(Ukon) "We can tie you guys up so you can get out of it easily."

:nod: If that's the case, then we should be able to do this. It'd be easier if we actually knew what Orochimaru was planning...

(Sakon)"Well, we might as well get to tying you guys up now. Get back to back and put your hands behind your back. We'll make it an handcuff knot. Can you guys get out of a locked one?" (1)

"Hell yeah we can! Right, Sasuke?"

:nod: It's basic training. Of course we can.

(Ukon) "Great. We'll try to disable as many of the snipers that are gonna be watching the room. A lot of the people that work for Orochimaru are being blackmailed so it won't be hard to convince them to help us. I'm sure Tayuya and Jiroubo will help. There's a few others. We'll also try to get in touch with Tsunade and see if she can't send some back-up. Know anyone who's handy.

Hyuuga, Sabaku? They could help.

"Oh! Call up Gaara, if you can. I bet Neji's with him and those two will be able to get everyone here. I mean, just Sakura and Sai would be a lot of help."

Sai? Who the hell is he? Remind me to ask later.

(Ukon) "Okay then. Let's get started. I'll get in touch with Tsunade. Sakon, you talk to Gaara."

(Sakon) :nod: "Right."

"Yosh! We're gonna kick some ass!"

"Hn." He's completely right about that. I won't let Orochimaru get away with this.

"My, Sasuke-kun. You sure did get yourself a nice little... mate. And all this time, I thought you were trying to play hard to get with me." :licks his lips:

Oh, no. If that snake even touches my Sasuke with his icky tongue, I swear I will rip that tongue straight out of his mouth. Goddammit! He frickin' gagged me! Just 'cause I said he looked creepy!

"Look, he's getting so worked up. I think he's the possessive type."

:muffled curses: Argh!!! I'm gonna kill him! Eh :flinches: He's touching me! Ewww :struggles:

"Don't touch him!"

"Ah, yes. You've always been the possessive type as well, haven't you Sasuke-kun. I must say though... His eyes are a lovely shade of blue." :strokes Naruto's cheeks: "Strangely enough, they'd look nice on a... fox, perhaps?"

"Don't even think about it."

Holy fuck. This guy is more wacko than I thought.

"Well, there's time for that yet, since you are behaving so nicely. No kicking. Keep it up, and nothing truly bad will happen to him. But for now, I must leave you two. Don't worry, we'll see each other in a few minutes. You'll prove quite useful then." :turns to guard: "Make sure you gag the other one as well." :exits room through left-hand door:

Where the hell is he going?! Goddammit! Whoa, that guard-guy's hair is funny lookin'... How does that comb-over work? Gah!!! No, bad comb-over guy! Don't gag Sasuke!

(muffled) "What are you doing here."

(muffled) "My, my, Itachi. Is that any way to speak to your dear old friend?"

:gasp: The hell? Itachi! Oh, no... He isn't working with this guy... Is he? No, he can't be... It doesn't seem like he expected this Orochi guy to be here...

(muffled) "Still as silent as ever, I see. It doesn't matter, I don't need you to talk. All right. You certainly know why you're here. Now tell me, what's it going to be? Are you taking the job?

Ah!!! So Itachi has known about this for a while? But why did he act surprised about Orochimaru? Gah! I wonder if Sasuke knows.

(muffled) "Hn."

(muffled) "Don't play coy with me, Itachi-kun. You are aware of what will happen should you refuse? Yes, of course you are. That pretty red-head of yours might just become a little more red... You should have already thought this through. I know you must have. Let's skip the formalities already. Your targets thus far are these two."

:gasp: Blackmail! He's threatening to do something to Kyuubi! That's it! When I get my hands on that snake-bastard, he's going down!

"Good, I'm sending you out with Kisame so you'll finish with those two quickly. After that, you are to report back here. Itachi. Just so there's no misunderstanding. You really can't get out of this one. Bring them in."

Huh? Bring who in? Hey! Stupid guard dude. Pushing me. Oh... He means us. We're extra black-mail. Well, guess this is it. :squeezes Sasuke's hand: Gotta undo the knot just a little... :walking into adjacent room: Hey, it really is Itachi. Heh, he looks surprised to see us. There goes the knot. Good, Itachi's noticed. Holy shit! What the hell is he doing with that gun!


:removes gag: "Sasuke!" Whoa! Itachi just shot down a sniper! Wait!!! He might shoot down some of the snipers Ukon and Sakon set up!

"Get down dobe!" :kicks guard:



"Kyuubi?" What the hell is going on?! Ha, Itachi's totally kicking Orochimaru's butt!!! Ooh, that's gotta hurt.

(Itachi) "Sasuke. Pass me the restraints you had on earlier." :ties Orochimaru up:

(Orochimaru) :maniacal laughter: "You really think I'm done?!"

Yeah, he's totally crazy. I think Itachi may have hit him in the head too hard...

(Kyuubi) "Uh yeah, the ANBU's already disabled most of your outside force and some of your inside force! The snipers aren't even yours! You shouldn't use blackmail to get people to do stuff for you. They won't be loyal."

(Naruto) Ha! Kyuubi's so right. Ukon and Sakon did a great job. Hey, where'd that guy with glasses come from?


What the hell? "Oof!" Ah!!! Fuck, that hurts. :groan:



(Orochimaru) "Kabuto!" :maniacal laughter:

"It-it's okay. It's just my thigh. I'll be all right." Not like that glasses-guy who shot me... Point-blank in the head; poor guy. :shakes head:

"Dobe! I told you to get down..." :holds Naruto: "...I'm sorry."

"Eh? Why are you apologizing? You didn't shoot me. I'm okay." He definitely missed the bone. Thank goodness I moved some...

(Itachi) "Sasuke, grab Naruto. I'll take up the front and left, Kyuubi you take the back and right."

"Wait! What about Orochimaru?" That snaky bastard is bound to get loose.

(Neji) "We've got him, Naruto."

"Neji! Gaara! Sakon called you huh?" Gosh, Sasuke's shaking. He must be worried. Heh, feels like he's ready to run me to the hospital any second now...

(Gaara) "Right. You should go now."

:nod: Whoa! Sasuke's seriously running! Gah, he's wiggin. "Geez, calm down. I'm not even loosing much blood."

"Shut up, dobe. The fact that you're losing any blood at all is bad. Itachi, dammit! Run faster."

Hm, he's silly when he's worried. :kisses Sasuke's neck: "Okay Sasuke. You take care of me. I'm gonna nap..."

(1)-A handcuff knot is a special knot that can be made out of a rope to restrain as in the same manner as handcuffs [it looks like handcuffs A 'locked' handcuff knot merely refers to an extra tie, usually an overhand knot (run-of-the mill; tie your shoe, you're prob. using an overhand knot).

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