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A/N- Okay, before i start the story I just want to cover a few things, Hinata is new at a high school and the first friend she made was Ino, the story isn't mainly about that so i just decided to state it here.



on the computer screen

scene change

"I don't know..." Hinata said as she tried to decided whether to get an IM account

"Come on, it'll be fun!You can talk to me anytime I'm on and you can meet people from the school faster this way."

Hinata didn't really want to meet people faster, sure she got rid of her nervous stuttering and got a little more confident, but she was still shy.


"It's easier to talk to people on an IM screen Hinata"


"Tell you what, if you get an IM account, I will give you Naruto's screen name" Ino winked


"the blond guy you're always looking at, i know you like him, you always blush whenever he gets near"

'Naruto, so that's his name' "Okay, you can make me an IM account, but, if i talk to him wont he think I'm some kind of stalker?"

"Don't worry I'll introduce you two"

"Thanks Ino" Hinata's heart lifted, 'I finally have a chance to talk to Naruto without my stuttering coming back to me!'

"Okay, let's see here, screen name?"

"Umm, I don't know... how do i choose?"

"Think about things you like, maybe put in your favorite number or part of your name. For instance, my screen name is yamanakaflower39"

"Um, how about hyugablue27?"

"Okay now... password?"

"Well um," Hinata bit her lower lip 'Ino is my friend but should I trust her with my password?'

Ino smiled, "It's okay you can trust me"

Hinata gave a small smile to match Ino's, "I'm sorry for thinking that I couldn't, thank you" Hinata paused for a moment and typed in '27ecnedifnoc-fles'

"What is that supposed to spell?"

"My favorite number with self-confidence spelled backwards"

"I have to go home now but all that's left is to put in some basic information, download the program, and then add me so we can talk, I'll write my screen name here so you won't forget"

"Wait, what about Naru-"

"I'll sign on when I get home and if he's on I'll give you his screen name" Ino said kinda screamed to Hinata as she put on her shoes and ran out the door

"Bye Ino!" Hinata said as she stuck her head out the window and got a wave from Ino's hand as a reply.

She then turned her attention back to her computer.

10 minutes later in Ino's room-

An instant message from hyugablue27 to yamanakaflower39- hello?

yamanakaflower39- hey hinata!

hyugablue27- hi ino!

hyugablue27- so um, about naruto...

yamanakaflower39- he's not on right now, but he usually logs on at 6pm, in about 30 mins

hyugablue27- okay

yamanakaflower39- hey! I can introduce u 2 sakura! brb

hyugablue27- wait, what?

yamanakaflower39- hm?

hyugablue27- brb?

yamanakaflower39- oh, it means "be right back"

hyugablue27- oh okay

yamanakaflower39- there, i told sakura that u'll be chatting with her, here's her sn- saku23

yamanakaflower39- my mom is calling me to eat dinner now ne ways so ttyl!

hyugablue27- what?

yamanakaflower39- oh sry,

hyugablue2- huh?

yamanakaflower39- lol, u don't get on the internet much do you?

hyugablue27- lol?

yamanakaflower39- go to the site where we downloaded the program, then click on the link that says "IM lingo"

hyugablue27- okay, thank you!

yamanakaflower39- cya!

hyugablue27- oh i get it now, bye!

yamanakaflower39 signed off

In Hinata's room-

Hinata clicked on "new IM" and began typing in the screen name 'saku23' and accidentally typed in 'sasu23' hey it could happen and pressed enter.

In Sasuke's room-

A message popped up on Sasuke's computer screen.

An instant message from hyugablue27 to sasu23- hello?

Sasuke slowly read the massage allowed to himself 'Hyuga? Sounds familiar, but it's probably just another one of my stupid fan girls'

hyugablue27- sakura? ino told you about me right?

'Sakura? That annoying pink haired girl? That somewhat rules out my fan girl theory. Maybe I can mess around with miss 'hyugablue''

sasu23- hey, who are you again?

hyugablue27- hinata, i'm new at your school

sasu23- oh yeah

hyugablue27- so um, what do u want to talk about?

'ek, um, what would sakura say'

sasu23-BOYS! aren't they sooo cute?

hyugablue27- uh, yeah...

hinata blushed 'boys like naruto'

sasu23- especially sasuke! isn't he soo cool?

hyugablue27- who?

'WHAT? deep breaths sasuke she probably just doesn't know who am because she's new'

sasu23- hott messy black hair and a great body, my future husband!

'um, maybe i should stop, my acting is getting a little too good, and scary'

hyugablue27- i don't remember ne boys of that description,

hyugablue27- well ne ways, speaking of boys, um, what do u kno about naruto?

At this point inner sasuke went crazy,'NARUTO! SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHO I AM AND SHE'S ASKING ABOUT NARUTO?'

sasu23- he's an annoying idiot

hyugablue27- oh.

In Hinata's room-

Another IM screen popped up on Hinata's computer

yamanakaflower39 has signed on

An instant message from yamanakaflower39 to hyugablue27- hey hinata, i thought you were going to IM sakura, she says she's been waiting for 17 mins

hyugablue27- but i was having a conversation with her right now...

yamanakaflower39- ...

yamanakaflower39- you're sure?

hyugablue27- well, she's replying to me

yamanakaflower39- hm, hinata, send me the convo

hyugablue27- ohk

yamanakaflower39- looks like ur starting to make some IM lingo of ur own

hyugablue27- there, it should be in your inbox

yamanakaflower39- ok, brb, im gonna read it

hyugablue27- ohk

yamanakaflower39- OMG, HINATA!

hyugablue27- oh no, is it bad

yamanakaflower39- you accidentally started started a convo with sasuke!

hyugablue27- sasuke? then he was pretending to be sakura?

yamanakaflower39- probably, but i wonder why he didn't just say 'what do you want' and block u like he does with the other fan girls,

yamanakaflower39- i should know, i was one of them

hyugablue27- fan girls?

yamanakaflower39- u probably didn't notice because u were busy looking at naruto

hyugablue27- um

hyugablue27- i have to go, hanabi wants to get on the phone

yamanakaflower39- fine, i can introduce u to naruto tomorrow, can u be on at 5:30pm?

hyugablue27- how could i forget! Yeah, i'll be on tomorrow

hyugablue27- what should i do about sasuke?

yamanakaflower39- just ignore him, if any one knows about this all the fangirls will be attacking you demanding to know what happened

hyugablue27- ohk, see you tomorrow

yamanakaflower39- bye!

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