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on the computer screen

scene change

Sasuke's head hurt, A LOT. As every morning, he checked his cellphone. 9 missed calls, 30 text messages.

He stretched out on his empty bed, "Good riddance"

He locked Sakura out of her own house, and didn't even say a word to her. He wasn't even going to bother checking his voicemail, he'd know exactly what he'd hear.

And he was mostly likely going to hear it right now, the doorbell rang multiple times, followed by a symphony of bangs on the door, and screams he wasn't even going to bother to try to under stand.

How to calm the pink haired devil down? Easy. He swiftly opened the door gave her a peck on the lips, and said, "Calm down baby" as easy as if he were simply breathing air.

Now on to more important things… Hinata…

"T-the wedding" Sakura stammered

"What?" For once he was actually taken aback by something coming out of this woman's mouth

"It's in a week."

"B-but" He forgot. He completely forgot.

"But what? Come inside, I have it all fixed, there's no reason to go set up even a bachelor party or anything, I'll be your stripper" she purred

He shivered. That was, DISGUSTING. He lightly recalled the last time she... oh dear lord…

"I'll be back" He tried making his way around her

"No. Turn around, you're staying here" Since when was he not able to control with simply words?

He tried to get around her again, she put an arm out, "And what exactly do you think you can do?"

The anger and frustration boiled over from the previous night. He really had no idea what he was going to do. When it came to him and Hinata… She said now… but then before she…

He was going to need some time to think.

And was going to have to be within the week.


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An instant message from fanflame27 to angeleyes23- I need to tell you something

angeleyes23- is something wrong?

fanflame27- remember a few days ago?

angeleyes23- oh, that, that wasn't really anything it doesn't matter anymore

fanflame27- I'm him

-long pause-

angeleyes23- what?

fanflame27- my name is Sasuke Uchiha.

-long pause-

angeleyes23- fuck you.

fanflame27- wai-

angeleyes23 signed off

The one friend who was never too busy for her, had to be HIM.

Fuck Sasuke, fuck every single cheating bone in his body.

Hinata couldn't believe that the thought of him used to make her happy, now it made her sick to her stomach.

Thank god he was going to be married off to Sakura, who to be honest, was a BITCH. She didn't know why her heart hurt even as she admitted this, she ignored it.

She was stronger now, not at all like what she was in high school, how dare he take advantage of her weak heart, easy to fall in love…

She already embarrassed herself online. Everything she's ever said to him…

She packed up the thermos she got from him. She was going to show him just how much she didn't give a damn.


"Hello" Hinata greeted Sakura and Sasuke at the door with a bright smile

It didn't matter that they were obviously barely clothed from a rough act, or how much it made her want to beat up the pink haired whore, she was going to be happy, H-A-P-P-Y.

So, why did she feel like shoving this into Sakura's face, making her jealous, and breaking the two apart?

Sasuke was of course speechless, like he mattered anyways. He was going to pay dearly. Being in a relationship with Sakura must have been bad enough, but being MARRIED with an ANGRY Sakura? 100 priceless.

If there was one thing Hinata about Sakura vying for Sasuke's attention, it was that Sakura always always, faked being sick to try and get him to take care of her.

This was going to be fun.

She widened her eyes and bated her lashes at Sasuke in fake flirting as she handed the thermos to Sakura, "Thank you soooo much for making me soup when I was sick Sasuke" She batted her lashes a few more times for effect.

"There's no way Sasuke could have cooked without your help I assume, It tasted like it took hours to make" She smiled sweetly to Sakura.

Sasuke didn't know whether to be happy Hinata was here, or scared for his life because of this death trap she was setting for him.

An even more brilliant idea popped into Hinata's mind. Oh, he was going to pay dearly for humiliating her, very dearly.

"Oh and thank you for the poem as well, on that little piece of paper, it was just like old times wasn't it, Sasuke?" Her smile was bordering a grin now

Sakura flushed with anger, and then smirked with victory, So she remembers now eh?

She snaked her arms around Sasuke's waist and then kissed him lightly as he turned his head, and then turned to Hinata, "Coming to the wedding?"

Hinata gritted her teeth, "It'll be wonderful, I can't wait to be a bridesmaid"

She was 4 seconds away from knocking Sakura down to the ground and pulling out her hair.

But it only took two seconds to get to the staircase.


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