Summary: The council decides to send Jake on his first solo mission. Solo as in no Gramps, no Fu dog to save him. Solo as in not even in America…crossover with…well…you'll find out if you read it!

"Yo, G! Whatz up? I came as soon as I got your emergency call!"

Jake Long rushed into his Grandpa's shop on his skateboard, knocking down several objects in the process.

Lao Shi had been meditating peacefully in a corner at the moment, only to be disturbed when his grandson came crashing into the room.

"Jake!" he boomed as the skateboard nearly missed his head.

"Whoa! Sorry, G!" the boy apologized as his grandpa shot him a firm look.

"Jake, this is not a time to fool around," Lao Shi warned tersely.

Behind them, Fu dog quickly began to reassemble all of the broken and knocked over items from Jake's clumsy arrival. "Yo, check it! I was being serious! I came as quick as I could—I had to skip last period for this!" Jake complained.

"Oh, trust us, kid, we know," Fu moaned as he examined a shattered vase and experimented on how to puzzle it back together.

"I did not intend for you to cut your school hours, however, considering the circumstances of what this meeting is about—I shall forgive you."

"What? I was supposed to wait 'til school let out?" Jake exclaimed. "Then—why did you send me a message before it was over?"

"I thought you had enough common sense to wait," Lao Shi said bluntly.

Jake sighed. "So…what are the circumstances of this meeting?"

"You are here to find out. Come—we'll have tea."

Lao Shi led Jake over to the couch where two cups of steaming hot tea sat on the table across from it, waiting to be sipped.

Jake took a seat across from one of the cups, casually slipping his backpack off his shoulders and dropping it onto the carpet.

After he'd taken a sip of tea, Lao Shi began to explain the meaning of the meeting. "Young dragon, as you know, the magical world had gotten darker and darker over the years. Evil is everywhere, help is always needed. Missions keep popping up, even in places that—"

"Yo, you gonna cut to the chase or what, G?" Jake interrupted eagerly.

Lao Shi gathered his breath and slowly let it out, wondering how to put what he wanted to say. "Young one…" He finally drawled sternly so Jake would know that this was not a laughing matter.

"I am afraid that the council has decided to send you on your first solo mission…"

A/N: Sorry it's so short! The next chappie will be longer, I promise! (Well…as long as I get reviews…lol) And you should be able to figure out the crossover next chappie, too. Take that back—you will figure out the crossover.