A/N: I'm so angry that Jake Long rarely ever comes on now!!! Jake Long was my favorite show.

It had come. As much as he'd wished and desired for it to never arrive, it had. As much as he'd dreaded it and prayed for a slow approach, it was undoubtfully here, earlier than he anticipated it to be.

Jake Long stood in a rebellious manner at King's Cross Station in front of his Grandfather, with his arms folded across his chest and an irritated expression glued to his features. Lao Shi was at his side, reminding him of every single detail they'd previously discussed.

"…Take this seriously…remember to stay on task…" Jake zoned out every so often, determined to make a point that what was about to happen wasn't fair.

"…Remember to wear your robes…" Jake almost snorted.

The hideous robes! Jake mentally made note to try everything in his will power to escape from ever wearing such wardrobe, whether his Grandfather liked it or not!!! What an advantage, he finally realized, that he would be solo, and therefore no Gramps to watch over him and force him to abide rules.

"No skateboards or skates or…." Another major attempt to suppress a snort overwhelmed Jake.

It was a little late to remind him not to pack such items! They were already in his suitcase, and now, solely because he had been warned not to use them, they automatically jumped to the very top of his list of rule breaking to do.

Lao Shi's voice rambled on, and when it finally did cease, Jake pretended to have heard every word, pretended to act like an angel, pretended that he was a mature young man.

"I am proud of you, young one," Lao Shi congratulated him as they together walked, pausing in front of platforms nine and ten. "You seem well prepared and I am almost anxious for your departure. I like to think this may turn out okay?"

"G, I'm the Am Drag! I can take on anything. I've been reading up on those books," (a total lie) "so of course there's no need for worry."

"Well then," Lao Shi nearly smiled, "Go on. Walk straight at the wall in front of us, and good luck."

"Do what now?!"

"You said you were ready, could take on anything. So go ahead."

"G, what are you on??? I said I'm ready for the mission, not ready to walk through a wall. I'm not invincible!!!"

"And I never said you were invincible."

"Well, then what the h--"

"Just look at your ticket, Jake."

Jake glanced down at his ticket. "Platform nine and three quarters." He read aloud. Then suddenly, "What?! That's insane! That's a mistake! That doesn't even exi—oh!" As abrupt as the outburst had been, realization dawned. (And in Lao Shi's opinion, much quicker than he'd thought it would).

Jake sighed. This had to be weirder than taking an elevator to different dimensions. With a groan of annoyance, he hugged his Grandfather and grabbed his cart, sprinting towards the wall. He held his breath, snapped his eyes shut, and prepared to feel a blow to the head and searing pain.

As soon as voices greeted his ears, he opened his eyes again, and to his amazement, he was on the platform. Without pain! Without any sensation at all, because in fact, had he not opened his eyes, he would not have been sure if he had crossed through the wall or not.

He mouthed the word, 'wow!' and stepped towards the enormous Hogwarts Express.

It was the morning that Jake had departed, for his so called 'transfer student program.' He had left about an hour ago, left with his good-byes and lies, with his Grandfather by his side. Jonathan Long sat at the edge of the made-up bed in his and Susan's room, biting his lip uneasily. He had thought long and hard about the information he'd recently discovered before drawing a closing decision.

He'd been quiet for the past few days, speaking only one or two words here and there, so finally Susan approached him about the matter.

"Jon?" She pressed softly, emerging from the shower with a towel wrapped around her head and dressed in a pale pink bathroom robe.

"You'd tell me if you had any secrets, right?" Jonathan questioned quickly. He couldn't hold his knowledge in for even one more second.

"What do you mean?" He stomach tightened, her mind swirling. She took a seat beside him on the bed, heart thumping.

"Secrets, Susan. You tell me everything, yes? We have the trust factor?"

"Of course, honey--"

"No." His voice was low and calm. Too low. Too calm.


"Why didn't you tell me then, that you were all magical?!" There. He'd said it. Well, so far, half of what he had to say…

"Well—I was going to—so many times, really, Jonathan, honestly—just hadn't gotten around to it—how—how'd you find out?!"

Shakily Jonathan drew a deep breath, ignoring the tears welling up behind Susan's eyes, ignoring the questions, ignoring everything and simply spitting out the second burden upon him that he needed to voice. "I want a divorce."