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Cristina: (skips out of the store with the beer, looking way too happy to be Cristina) YAY! I got beer!!!!! I got beer!! (starts running around the grass chanting 'I got beer' while chugging some)

Burke: I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!! (runs around happily until he falls into a pile of snow)

Izzie: (in baby voice) AWWW IT STWOPPED WAINING!!! (starts pouting, sits on ground and starts to cry)

Alex: (mocking Izzie) AWW IT STOPPED WAINING! (starts fake-crying and sobbing)

Izzie: SHUT UP! (starts bawling and tries to hit Alex, and horribly misses)

(Cristina slips on a puddle and breaks a bottle of beer)

George: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Derek! Go and lick up the beer! (runs over to Derek and shoves his face in the concrete where it spilled, and starts rubbing Derek's nose in it)

Meredith: EEEEEEEWWWW!!! Derek stop, you don't know where that ground had been!!! Gross gross gross!!!!! (repeats 'gross' over and over while stomping foot furiously on ground and looking completely mortified)

Derek: Get off me! (hurtles George off him and slaps him in the face. When he suddenly, realizes what Mer said) Mer, the ground has been on the ground, it can't walk!! (says matter-of-factly) I think you're drunk!

Burke: DUH! (slaps Derek)

(George, Derek and Burke all start slapping each other)

Izzie: (runs up to the boys with tears streaming down her face) STOP THIS MADNESS!!! (starts bawling even harder)

(Cristina gets up and slowly walks away from the rest of the group, who are all preoccupied with their own things and breaks into a run in the opposite direction with all the beer)

Alex: (who was trying to sleep on the ground, sees Cristina running away, jumps up and points to Cristina) Get her!!!!!!!!!


hmm, i wonder if it can rain in winter, i've never seen it happen before... kinda wacko...well, this whole story is kinda wacko :P

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