OPERATION: Save the Halfa!

By Strix Moonwing

Strix Moonwing: Hi! Strix Moonwing here and for the first time ever I'm making a story not about Teen Titans!(gasps are heard from the readers) What! I made my first 12 stories about them! I want to try something new for once! Don't worry TT fans! I'm still going to write about the Teen Titans! This is just something that I thought of doing while watching "Life Lessons" on Danny Phantom!

StarfireK: Hi guys! Strixy's partner in crime is here too! And we've brought some friends! (portal opens and Danny, Tucker, and Sam fall out)

Danny: Uh! Where are we?

Strix: (fangirl scream) DANNY! (jumps into Danny's arms)

StarK: I thought you were in love with Beast Boy! Danny's mine! (jumps into Danny's other arm.)

Sam: HEY! GET OFF HIM! (jumps on top of Strix, StarK, and Danny)

Danny:(struggling to hold up all three teenage girls) Tucker…a little…ow…help would be nice!

Tucker: (is video taping everything) Sorry…can't…might break camera! Ah man this is going on the internet!

Danny: What did you say! AAAUURRRGGGHHHH! (Finally collapses from the weight and all the girls and Danny fall to floor, Danny at the bottom.) Ow….

Strix: (scrambles to feet) Heehee…sorry Danny. Anyway…StarK do the disclaimer!

StarK: Strix Moonwing does not own Danny Phantom…only Butch Hartman does, but if she did Danny and Sam would be lovebirds and Tucker would….just be Tucker.


Strix/StarK/Tucker: Rightttttttttt….

Chapter 1: P.E.G…What?

If there were any normal days at Amity Park then today would be one…but nobody really cares about normal days so we're just going to skip the normal Amity Park and go straight into the abnormal Ghost Zone! (Camera makes zooming gesture and the scene goes to the Ghost Zone where the sky is green and there are freaky ghost things flying around. Yes…much better.

World: Ghost Zone

Location: Skulker's Island thingy

Reason: To annoy heck out of him.

Skulker smirked as he grabbed the last of his guns and attached them to his arm armor. After months of planning and doing extreme studying, he now had everything he needed to finally capture Danny Phantom. He now knew the secret to capturing that annoying Halfa! (Skulker: Really! What is it? Strix: Like I would tell you!)

"Finally! I have the secret to capturing Danny Phantom! I will finally have that pelt at my bedside!(Strix: That's still gross. Skulker: Nobody asked you!) There is nothing you can do to stop me know Danny Phantom! Muewaahahahahh!" laughed Skulker to himself.

"Beeepppppp! Beeeepppppp!" Rang to the doorbell.

Skulker raised an eyebrow questionably. "Strange…when did I get a doorbell? And when did I get visitors! How dare these visitors ruin my moment of evil laughter!" Skulker growled as he ran to the door. He slammed it open and roared, "HOW DARE YOU TREPASS ON MY ISLAND! YOU WILL BE CAPTURED AND STUFFED AS PUNISHMENT! I…" He suddenly stopped as he saw who the visitors were. They were a bunch of hippy like ghost. He blinked, confused that a bunch of hippies would visit him. "Er…hello?"

A hippy with long green hair and glasses made a peace sign at Skulker and smiled. "Hello my fellow, ghostly brother. Are you like the one that they like call Skulker, like?"

Skulker glared at him and growled, "Who wants to know? Are you guys like hippies that died on too much pot or something?"

The hippy that spoke to him smiled and the other behind him made a peace sign and smiled brightly. "Close dude, but we are the members of noble P.E.G! Groovy isn't it? By the way…my name is Green Spirit."

"Green Spirit? P.E.G? Do you guys by any chance hang out with Youngblood? Annoying, bratty, pirate-like…a real pain in the…" began Skulker but was interrupted by Green Spirit.

"Oh no! You got us all wrong dude! You see P.E.G isn't like peg leg…it stands for this." Green Spirit and two other hippy ghosts spread apart and each formed a letter.

"P!" Shouted all of them. "Stands for Protection!" cried the ghost shaped like a P.

"E!" Shouted them again. "Stands for Endangered!" shouted the ghost shaped like an E.

"And G!" shouted all of them. "Stands for Ghost!" Shouted Green Spirit, who was shaped like a G.

"P! E! G! What's that spell!" shouted Green Spirit.

"Protection of Endangered Ghost! P.E.G! Groovy!" shouted all of the hippies, each doing a special stunt thing.

Skulker, who had been standing shocked throughout all these, finally found his voice after seeing that rather disturbing scene. "Okayyyyyyy…I still stand by my pot theory. Look, what does this have to do with me?" He asked.

Green Spirit smiled even wider, each disturbed Skulker even more, and said, "Well I glad you've asked! You see…there's some talk going around in the ghost zone saying that you want to destroy this Halfa." He showed Skulker a picture of Danny in ghost form.

Skulker stared at it and smirked, "Why yes. You see…I am Skulker, the Greatest Hunter in the Universe! Collector of all things rare and unique, and that, (points to Danny) is going to be my greatest prize yet."

Green Spirit and his gang frowned. "You mean you really want to hunt and kill this majestic creature?"

Skulker frowned and glared at them. "Well duh! What else would I do with him? I dream of the day I can have his pelt next to my bed stand. In fact, I was about to go hunt and destroy him right before you came to visit. Now if that's all you what I'll be going now." Said Skulker as he started to go out the door, but, to his surprise, Green Spirit and his friend were blocking it. "What are you doing!" Shouted Skulker.

Green Spirit blocked Skulker's way and said, "Sorry dude, but I can't allow you to leave this room."

Skulker's flaming hair went up with rage. "What! This is my island! You can't tell me what to do! Move out of the way or I'll blast you to kingdom come!"

Green Spirit still didn't move. "I still can't let you leave."

"WHY NOT!" demanded Skulker raising a fist at Green Spirit.

"Because dude, I can't allow you to hurt that Danny Phantom as you call him." Said Green Spirit.

"What? Why? You don't even know him?" shouted Skulker.

Green Spirit raised his finger and said, "But I do know that he is a Halfa."

"So! All the more reason to hunt him!"

Green Spirit glared. "You mean all the reason not to hunt him. You see, my nature blinded friend, we, the people of P.E.G., protect endangered ghost…and if my records are correct, there are only three known Halfas alive in this century."

Skulker blinked and stood shocked for a second. Then he slapped a hand across his face and growled. "You have GOT to kidding me!"

Green Spirit patted Skulker and said, "Sorry dude, I wouldn't kid about anything as serious as this. I'm only glad that we got here in time to stop you before you made a terrible mistake."

Skulker grabbed Green Spirit by the cuff of his shirt and growled, "The only mistake I made was not destroying you when I got the chance! What are you and your crack pot friends going to do if I don't listen to you and go off to destroy your precious Halfa? Bore me death with your speeches about nature and all that junk!"

Suddenly Green Spirit started to glow a green color and his eyes grew red and sinister. His friends slowly backed away. "Uh…dude, you shouldn't have done that."

Green Spirit started to grow long green fur and his fingernails and teeth grew long and sharp. By the time he stopped glowing, he resembled a cross between a giant bear and a rabid wolverine. He growled at Skulker, who gulped and let out a nervously smile while slowly backing away from the mutated Green Spirit.

"Heehee… you didn't really believe all that stuff I said about destroying that lovely Halfa known as Daniel Fenton. I love Halfas…especially that majestic Daniel!" stammered Skulker as Green Spirit towered over him. He let out a growl and raised a giant paw to swipe at Skulker. "Uhh..uh..uh...is there anything I can do to help save the Halfa?" Green Spirit let his paw fall toward Skulker, who closed his eyes in fear and shouted, "ANYTHING?"

"Why yes of course!" shouted a voice.

Skulker fearfully opened his eyes and, to his amazement, he saw Green Spirit in his normal form, smiling cheerfully. "We love it when people help out on the cause!"

Skulker narrowed his eyes and muttered, "Okay what do I have to do?"

Green Spirit smiled even brighter and held up a video. "To help a Halfa you must first learn about the Halfa….HIT THE LIGHTS!"

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