Love and War

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Story Summary: Princess Garnet is a very down-to earth-and polite princess-probably the best of all of Gaia. However, she only has 30 days til her seventeenth birthday, which by then she has to choose a man to marry, or her high hopes of becoming Queen will be eliminated and will never take place. Her mother attempts to arrange a marriage to a male namedZidane. Garnet is furious. How can she convince her mother that she'd rather marry her best friend Marcus or huge major hearthrob Blank instead? And will she be able to get the main part of 'I Want to be You're Canary' that she wants longingly?

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Garnet applied light purple lipstick across the section of her lips.

She quickly added on a small blue shade of eye shadow, which was then followed with mascara onto her eyelashes.

All that was left was the necklace.

She was wearing a black strapless dress that went all the way down to her feet-with a couple of ruffles to help make its way towards the bottom.

Garnet's hair was currently short and was at her neck length-so she didn't have many things she could do with it, so she just wore a silver butterfly barette.

Her footwear consisted of golden flats that would clearly shine through the moonlight.

'WHich necklace would match best?' She wondered. 'The pearl one that Eiko gave me last year? Or the diamond necklace her mother gave her as an early birthday present?'

"Garnet!" Spoke out a voice that which caused Garnet to jump with a startle.

It came from a white-haired girl, who then poked her head through Garnet's balcany door-Freya.

"How long have you been over there?" Asked Garnet suprisingly as she put the cap of her lipstick back on.

"Long enough." Said another girl, a purple-haired one with a golden horn-Eiko.

"Yes, and we have to go right NOW!" The white-haired girl spoke again. "Fratley can't stay out there for long. The Knights of Pluto may get suspicious. Or Beatrix's troupe. SO LET'S GO!"

Fratley was the white-haired girl, or Freya's boyfriend of 12 years. THats right TWELVE. Fratley had asked her to be his boyfriend when they were both four and in the same day care, and Freya accepted. THey started to go out on actual dates when they were fourteen.

Fratley worked as a deliverer, and he worked as a food deliverer, for the castle's chef, Quina. Pickles were always the shipments for Fratley's journey from across the lake-since Garnet's bodyguard Steiner adored them.

Anyways, because he has to deliver so many food crates, Freya and her two best friends loved to hide among them at night, while Fratley brought them back towards the factory. THey did this about only twice a week, both definately on Fratley's workdays.

They usually went to Marcus's theatre tavern. Marcus was Garnet's best friend since the same age as the relationship of Freya and Fratley, and his father had founded the theater tavern, of which now Marcus was the second manager of.

Whenever Garnet and her friends snuck of towards their during the night, he would treat them to free sweets and cider. But during the day, he was unallowed to do this because his father would always be present.

Garnet adored these visits, because she loved performing in plays and skits onstage.

Her dream was always to be an actress, but it was always very hard for her to persue these desires because of her being a Princess, and training to be be a future Queen.

But coming up, was a huge play-probably the biggest the tavern ever had so far. It was the popular and amazing story of 'I want to be your Canary!'

Many of the town would be present-mostly sixteen and seventeen-year-olds,but with a couple of older adults attending. And maybe some younglings.

Garnet was therfore determined to be cast as Cornelia-it may help her feel closer in pursuit of her dream.

The part as Marcus was already gaven to Marcus, who said that since he was the one who was going to put together this production in the first place, then he was definately going to have the main male role.

Garnet's friends assured Garnet that she would be given the part, but Ruby; another theatre actress, was longing for the part as well. Ruby started acting on stage ever since she was three, because her family partly owns the Theatre tavern along with Marcus'(she is a waitress along with Marcus.)

Garnet had started acting when she was only about ten, and that was a small part for a chilren's play.

Ever since then, she knew that she wanted to pursue acting further, and she even started to study famous plays through literature-including I want to be your Canary.

Garnet did feel threatened by Ruby, but unlike most girls she did not hold a grudge, and she wished Ruby the best of luck, and strived to do her best.

'If I doesn't get it-oh well, at least i'll probably be cast as Corneila's sister.' Garnet always assured herself.

A/n: "Yes I know, a sister is never mentioned in the video game-but I wanted to add one, so don't sue me or whatever!"

The next day would be the meeting for I want to be your Canary-a meeting of which all of the actors that wanted to take part in the play would attend.

Garnet was definately not going to miss it.

"Alright, alright!" Said Garnet, panically. "Just tell me one thing: the diamonds or the pearls?"

She held up both pieces of jewelry for her friend's judging.

"I dunno!" Said Freya, hurridely. "The diamonds-they're new after all. NOW LET'S GO!"

Garnet then picked up the diamond neck-ware, and quickly headed over towards her bed.

It was stuffed with pillows-forming a large lump in the shape of Garnet. It was in case if her mother or Beatrix walked in-she wouldn't have to worry about them dicovering her escape because they would assume that she was fast asleep, and probably wouldn't bother to awake her.

Garnet made a fast check and touched the pillows-to make sure that they were secure and that they would be capaple of fooling anyone who came in to check on her.

She then headed toward her balcony, where both of her friends had long left.

Garnet then decended towards the ground, by quickly climbing down among a series of her tied bed sheets-which she had prepared a half hour earlier.

This was always such a frightful procedure-even if she had been doing it for years, she always feared that the soft rope would snap and give way.

But Garnet didn't have enough time to worry about such a thing from happening-as Freya had already informed:they were running late.

"Quickly! Quickly!" Said a brown haired boy wearing a blue uniform-with a tail similar to Freya's hanging out in the back. He motioned Garnet to move on quicker.

Garnet then quickly threw over the bed sheets back onto the balcony-so nobody would see a hanging rope in case if they happened to walk by.

She then sprinted across the wet grass towards the small boat awaiting her at the shore of the lake.

"Here!" Said Fratley, handing Garnet a pickle bag as she aborded. Eiko and Freya were already in two crates that had previously contained ham and spices.

Without a moment's hesitation, Garnet jumped into the bag, and crouched low so nobody would be able to detect her hiding among the large bag.

She drew her breath.

Her surroundings smelled like pickles-which was not a very pleasant smell.

'Oh, I hope I don't end up smelling like pickles in front of Marcus and everyone!" She thought worridly. She blushed at the thought.

Because such an unforunate event had occured once in the past-only Garnet wasn't fond of remembering it.

"All right." Whispered Fratley from outside the cloth. "Here we go."

Eiko and Freya giggled excitingly.

"SHHHHHH!" Hissed Garnet.

Eiko and Freya's giggles immediately susbsided and came toward an end.

Cause they too remembered that close call that happened nearly a year ago...

On that day, Garnet had to also hide in a pickle bag and she had said: "Jeez. If I keep hiding in here, pretty soon i'll be a pickle."

As ridicoulous as it sounded, this caused Freya and Eiko to be in a hit of giggles-which soon errupted into wild laughter.

"BE QUEIT!" Frately had hissed warningly.

But this just caused them to laugh even louder-and by then Garnet had joined in.

A guard of Beatrix's standing near the shore then looked over warningly at Fratley's boat.

"SHUT UP!" Fratley cried, pleadingly and full of fear.

Garnet and her friends immediatley stopped.

They had never heard Fratley sound so afraid.

They each drew a breath with their hearts thumping at a large steady rythym. They were so afraid of the thought of them being caught.

But thankfully, the Beatrix scout then looked away after giving Fratley an unsure, suspicious look, and then procceeded towards inland.

Nobody said a word after that-not even after they docked, and were safe from the night scouts.

Ever since then, they barley ever spoke while riding across the river.

Garnet then felt the boat starting to slowly descend, and she heard the moving of the paddle pushing through the water, due to the work of Fratley.

Garnet then grew excited, she was going to get to see Marcus, the next day would be the first meeting, and she was going to try her hardest to get the role of Corneilia.

What could possibly go wrong? This was the time of her life!

"Let's get this party started!" Said Eiko excitingly, in a voice that even Garnet could barely hear.

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