-Destined to be-

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blah- normal

"blah"- speaking

blah- thoughts

-Sasuke's profile-

Uchiha Sasuke is the drop dead gorgeous head to toe 17 year old guy. He knows all celebrities in Hollywood, but not to mention world's biggest heartthrob. Son of the richest man which owns at least 5 biggest 5 star hotel in every country. Don't forget his fabulous black onyx eyes and raven hair. Not to mention very cold hearted only close to his dearest friend Naruto. Also a ninja which only fights when its an emergency since he is an elite jounnin. P.S even Paris Hilton wants him!

-Sakura's profile-

Haruno Sakura is an original teenage 17 year old girl. Nice long pink hair, bubble gum colour the length up to her waist, with nice big green eyes. Very intelligent with great fashion sense but sadly enough she has no parents and is living alone. Not to mention a cutie!

What a day


It was summer break for the pink haired girl, she was unusual with the hair but it did make sense since her dad's hair was silver and her moms was red, you mix it up you get pink (A/N: I think so). She lives in America but she knew that it was her last days in America soon since she had to move to Japan and live there since her dead parents wished her to move to Japan and have better education.
"Hey guys I was thinking…about me moving to Japan….and you know…you guys always wanted to move there and live…since I'm moving why wont you guys come too? I mean it would be fun right? We would live in apartments having fun, and besides you said your parents let you go so why not take the chance and go?" said Sakura in a tense voice.
"WOW Sakura that is a great idea! I can move there and live in the same apartment as you!" exclaimed Naruto. He was one of Sakura's best friends almost like her brother. He was very annoying but always cared for her. He was one of the popular guys in school the blonde and happy guy. Not to mention a little bit of a player. He had nice blue eyes and little whiskers, who knows how the hell he had those.

"Baka! You freak when I said lived with each other in Apartments I meant more than one! Two people in the same apartment and same gender get it? We all just live in the same building or condominium" yelled the pink haired girl.

"You know what maybe we should go with Sakura besides we will keep her companied" said Uo. Uo was part of the 9 friends group, she had blond hair and dark eyes a normal high school girl... More of a partying girl. "You guys really would? OMG I love you guys" said Sakura happily. "We know you do" her 8 friends said happily with a big grin and gave her a hug. "Well I guess we gotta go pack up now since next week is the week" said Sai, another friend of sakura close like a brother but when you mix Sakura and Sai its always a kiddy fight but inside they are like brothers and sister nothing more. Not to mention he was another hottie in Sakura's school. "Yea and I gotta go shopping for clothes and shit… anyone want to come?" asked Sakura. "Nah I gotta go buy some ramen incase they don't have it in Japan" said Naruto, he always love ramen for some reason. "Japanese official food is like Ramen you dumbshit!" yelled kyo another friend in the group of 9 which had orange short hair and had orange eyes. He was more of a guy which was always the meany and trying to be pure man (as in never acting like a girl unlike the other 3 boys... "kay guys see ya later!" said Sakura heading her way to the mall.


The handsome young man was having his summer break from his school trying to hide from his fangirls in Japan but little did he know going to Hollywood to meet his celebrity friends (guys only since the girls would like make out and he hated it.) would make him create more fangirls, one amazing thing was that these fangirls were all celebrities, the one that has it all, would come and try flirting with him but yet all he does is push them away. He was always the worlds biggest heartthrob and litteraly the worlds biggest heartthrob he was on many magazines rated as biggest heartthrob, hottie in the world for about 2 years straight but it didn't matter to him he just found it annoying. He wasn't really going to America for fun he had to do something for his dad the richest man on earth literally. He had to go to california's mall to buy something for his dad personally since his dad asked him too, and he only wanted his sons to do it not some butler or workers he had.

So when he went to the California's biggest mall he knew girls would be looking at him but he didn't really care if something happens he could always run away since he was always a fast runner, or even a good hider I mean he wasn't always on the magazine he was only on it once a year for the ratings thats all, since when every girl sees him they fall for him. Believe it or not, so not a lot would know who he is, but they would know 100 percent sure he was a hottie.

When he arrived to the mall he went straight to the shop his dad wanted him to go to quickly so no girls would come flirting or chasing him so he decided that after he buys it he will just go back to Japan right away. On his was these girls started to look at him and then came up to him and started to say how he's so hot and like asked him out he found it annoying so he ignored it and walked even faster and about 5 minutes later there was about a crowd of girls even some boys chasing him so that's when he started to run….


Sakura was just walking through the mall happily since she was so exited since her friends were coming with her so she was daydreaming about how it was going to go with her friends and everything and how fun it would be .hm.. I just can't wait. Tokyo here I come. Not me only but also all my friends oh yeah! I'm so lucky to have them oh boy do I love them!" But she quickly came back to reality when she saw some guy panting for air behind the walls and she kept staring. Oh great another stupid fangirl..oh man is she gonna scream thought sasuke. "Are-" that's all sakura got to say when she was about to ask this person if he was ok but he quickly just grabbed her and covered her mouth.

"Shut up" the raven haired boy whispered scared that the other fangirls might hear but sakura kept on trying to scream "mhmm" sakura said. Well not really said but you know… "listen ill pay you 100 000 just for you to shut up!" but it was sakura she didn't care about money she was just still trying to move and scream and get help since she was lost she didn't know what was happening! Sasuke was getting frustrated and then said " look I'll make you my girlfriend for today then, then will you shut up?" but no she didn't shut up she just thought this guy was weird? Girl friend? What is he talking about I want to escape and this guy thinks I wanna stay with him? What the heck is wrong with him? Sakura thought to herself still squirming. Man I guess I'll just have to do this instead of getting 5oo girls all around me..sighs "Fine will you shut up if I sleep with you for today?" What the- sleep with me? Is he insane maybe I should just shut up and make a run for my life…yeah that's a great Idea I shut up then I run! Okay so I guess I'll shut up! But she felt tears rolling down because she was so scared!As Sasuke heard no more squirming but tears he was confused and he thought it was just tears of joy. When he finally let her go she started to cry even more and just ran for her life. When Sasuke saw this he felt weird he felt confused… that's weird most girls would shut up after I say I'll sleep with them and actually hug and go all over me and keep me hiding from the fan girls to have me for themselves, but this girl.. this pink haired with green eyes girl was crying and she didn't even take the chance instead she was running away from me.. it was the first for this Uchiha, the first girl to have ditched and rejected him..well it wasn't like he wanted to ask her but he was freakin scared with those dangerous fangirls.