Destined to meet

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The end...

"Sakura man! Wake up already, it's 10:30, don't you have to get ready to go to a party?" Mitski Nagged at sakura

"mmmm." Sakura was a lazy girl when it comes to her group of American friends, they were her family members.



"don't go speaking you jap language to me, you know I don't understand yo!"

"okay I'm waking up" She said that but she was still in bed

"okay, fine…let the grudge come and get you, I'm leaving

Mitski was about to leave until sakura grabbed her leg and was wide awake.

"don't leave, I'm getting ready…RIGHT NOW" With sakura got ready in less than 5 minutes.

She marched to Naruto's room and looked for naruto, but he was no where found, sai has already went to a concert, then a knock was heard.

"who is it?"


Sakura opened the door, there she found sasuke, there…


With that he just hugged her

"ne sasuke whats wrong?"

"nothing…stay this way just for a bit"

whats wrong with sasuke kun today?

"ne sasuke kun, you're not acting the usual sasuke, and why aren't you ready for your party?"


"sasuke whats wrong"

how can I tell her?



"what is it itachi?"

"remember that girl you were with a few months ago?"

"yea, Rina?"


"what's wrong?"

"she called…she's pregnant, and unfortunately it's your kid…I'm not sure about this but that's what I heard"

"what do you mean?!"

"sasuke, I know but she said you slept with her, which is possible, you can't leave a mother and a child alone…this must be hard, but I think its time for you to leave sakura, before you hurt her"


"sasuke, that's the only best thing to do"

"no" He was confused

"sasuke, tell sakura as soon as you can, if you don't want to hurt her"

"no! I'm not leaving her, I only want her!"

"sasuke! Listen! You cant leave a mother alone with a child, it was your stupid fault for sleeping around so now you have to stay with her….your mistake!"

"itachi! I can't! how can I do this? She'll be torn!"

"Sasuke, I don't even know what to say to you anymore"

end flash back

"Sasuke kun?"

HE smiled, for once, but a fake one, a painful one, for once he regretted something big!

"sakura, me and the group are having a party, remember to come…it's important"

"what about hana's birthday party?"

"we'll think about that after, just come okay? 8:00 pm we'll be waiting"

"what's the special occasion?"

"don't worry, you'll find out…just come alright?"

"um okay sasuke kun"


He looked at her in the eyes, he felt like crying, shooting himself, looking at her and knowing she'll be torn apart soon will kill him!

"sasuke whats wrong?"

"sakura i….I LOVE YOU" With that his lips were sealed with sakura's she didn't even get to react.

They finally broke apart to get some air.


He smiled….and walked away

"ne sasuke kun where are you going? You come here just for no reason? Ne?" To tell you the truth, he wasn't planning on any party, he came to tell her, but it was to hard….he wanted to delay it.

"No, I want you to surprise me with your beautiful looks"

She blushed and smiled.


8:00 pm

Everyone was at sasuke's house except for sakura.

"ne sasuke teme, why'd you ask us all to come?"

"yeah why?" Tenten asked also

Sasuke looked down, so unlike him

"guys, I did something wrong and sinful" he confessed

"oh and we don't know that? Sasuke everyday you do something sinful, like all the girls you have treated" Ino added in

"no…it's worse"

"sasuke…don't tell me…" obviously the smartest one, shikamaru figured part of it.

Everyone stood quiet….

"is it about sakura chan?" Shikamaru asked, sasuke flinched.

"sasuke!" NAruto now was pissed.

"what the hell did you do?!?!" HE continued, sasuke stayed quiet


Sakura got ready, she walking happily on her way to sasuke's house, she wanted to walk to day, just for the nice breeze…just for once.

She was walking until, someone grabbed her hand….she turned, her eyesgrew wide….

"um hi?"

"don't talk to me so friendly you bitch!" The girl had long brown hair she was beautiful

"excuse me? Do I know you?"

"unfortunately you don't but let me tell you something…sasuke kun is mines!"

"what are you talking about?" sakura was confused

"listen, I made a plan, he's dumping you today" her heart stopped, pain started to grow, it was a heart break.


The girl smirked, "I'm pregnant pinky…unfortunately, it's a fib, but who knows huh? I told itachi today already at 6:00 am, sakura….did I ever tell you I'm a good actress?"

Sakura was still shocked, her heart was hurting, her tears were forming, everything felt like a blur.

"Itachi believed me, I cried, I told him I was pregnant….he told sasuke, and today…I think he's dumping you…I won after all…at first you did…but I always win, I know how to play my game…besides why did he even pick you over me? I'll always wonder."

now the tears rolled down her cheeks

"think sakura, don't be stupid…don't act clueless…do you really think he loves you?...tell me…how much times did he kiss you? Did he ever sleep with you? Did he ask you to go clubbing and show you off to his friends?"

no…he kisse me once

"I know what ur answer will be, maybe he did kiss you once, but no to the rest? Am I correct?"

now tears rolled down freely, nonstop…what this girl said was all right!

"now if you were staying here…you'll get urt by uchiha being with me…your heart will be broken, and once he finds out it was all fake, he'll come back to you… that's why I'm going to have to make you disappear."

Sakura's eyes grew wide open.

Rina, the girls name…pushed her in front of a car….believe it or not…the car was rented, she asked someone to do it…no she didn't die…but injured…BADLY.


A fist came in contact with sasuke's face, the fist belongd to naruto….

"sasuke teme! How could you do this?"

".." usually he'd fight back but this time he sat down…and stayed there, he hated himself.


Naruto's phone… But naruto didn't pick up instead he left the mansion….luckily sasuke's parents and brother wasn't home.

Everyone else stood there shocked…

Ring ring

Again…but he picked up this time…


"tsk tsk tsk naruto..kun… you should learn how to greet people properly"

"who the hell are you?"

"Rina…remember me?"


"wait…come alone…pick you sakura up…she's lying here half dead…I don't want to kill her I want her to disappear form sasuke's here alone, under the konoha bridge…if I find out u have back up…she's dead."


Naruto…he didn't know what to do…the fact sakura is half dead brought him back to reality….he chased her!


"pant….Rina!" Naruto finally came…stared at the unconscious sakura

"you're here…"

"pass me her! She's sick and weak…she can dies any second!"

"calm your hormones naruto kun…I wwant you to take her to America right now, I got a private jet for you..there will be a nurse, she'll recover…tell her to not come near my sasuke kun in japan when she wakes up…both of you run far away…you disappeared…go now…the jet's waiting…go..if you don't want her to be hurt by sasuke…"

Naruto agreed, with that he took sakura and carried her on the jet.


It was already a week after the incident …the group thought sakura had passed away, accidentally drowning in the lake, sasuke cried for the first time, and naruto had disappeared apparently…

And rina was now going to use her little action…To get to be with sasuke. Forever…

AUTHORS NOTE: okay im done! Haha the sequel will be pretty interesting! It will be called destined to meet II MAYBE!!