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Kyo lay there thinking…thinking of the girl who had, in the end, saved him. He felt the tears roll down his cheeks as he thought about just how much she had truly helped him…his whole family. He knew things would never be the same now that she was gone. Yet, it seemed almost fitting that her death would lead to life. That with her death, their cruel fate had been lifted.

In the days that had passed, he knew he had felt nearly every emotion known to man. He had felt anger at the now decaying God; anger for taking away the light that had guided them for so long. Sorrow and depression had followed as he began to realize she was truly gone, buried. Elation as he found a good use for the curse as it slowly waned from their lives. For the cat could see the spirits of the dead in their dreams, and who would come to him but her. Her arms around his spirit warmed his soul and gave him a new emotion…hope. Hope for a future that had so long been denied him.

In the silence of his small apartment though, when the dark of night creeped up, that hope drained and all that was left was dread. He had quickly learned that music drowned it all away. So as the night closed in, he fought back with a dial being pressed. He listed to the DJ rattle off his list of ads and plugs. Then the music started…

Watched my life pass me by
in the rearview mirror
Pictures frozen in time
are becoming clearer
I don't wanna waste another day
Stuck in the shadow of my mistakes

The lyrics struck Kyo deep in his heart. He closed his eyes and let the memories flood him, taking him far away. To a dying afternoon upon a cliff. To the warm and loving arms wrapped around the beast that rank of death and sorrow. To a day after graduation, when a voice stood out against God, demanding release of a soul far too burdened by life.

'cause I want you
and I feel you
crawling underneath my skin
like a hunger
like a burning
to find the place I've never been
now I'm broken
and I'm fading
I'm half the man I thought I would be
You can have
What's left of me

The song faded into the background as Kyo let the memories rush him. All he could think about was the girl. The girl that had saved him so. He knew then that he was wrong to stay away. He knew he was wrong to hide his heart from her any longer. He knew what he had to do…and so he did it. And that night, upon the night air, two butterflies, black of wing with gilded bodies, floated away.