A Summer Apart

Summary: Sakura, Hinata, Ten-Ten, and Ino have been best friends since forever. But they have to spend the end of high school going to college summer apart. Sakura scored an internship at the hottest magazine in both US and Japan so she's going to LA California. Ino has to visit her family that are in Paris France. Ten-Ten is in a sports camp far away from her home but still in Japan. And Hinata is staying at home having lots of part time jobs. This is their story that's filled with love, backstabbing, boys, and other stuff. Main: SasSak Minor (but lots of it): NarHin, NejTen, and ShiIno.

A/N: That is a very long summary and it sucked. Sorry, I'm not good at explaining stuff. I also sort of copied the Sister Hood Of Traveling Pants books, but just by the summer apart thing. After that I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1


"SAKURA!" Ino yelled on top of her lungs while banging on a door.

"Ino! Not that loud!" Ten-Ten said to her blonde haired blue-eyed best friend.

"Fine," Ino replied to her black haired and brown eyes girl next to her. She then started to knock on the door. "Sakura!"

"Why don't you just doorbell?" A girl with purple black hair and white eyes asked.

"Good point Hinata," A girl with pink hair and green eyes said, who opened the door. The girl turned to Ino. "Why don't you doorbell? Or else you might break the door!"

"Because whenever I doorbell nothing happens, Sakura," Ino replied.

"Anyways," Ten-ten, trying to be the peacemaker for once since she knew this was going to heat up to an argument, as she held out some rolled up sleeping bags and food. "We got the food and stuff."

"Great!" Sakura said, grabbing the three girls hands and leading them inside and to the spacious living room, where they will have their sleepover. "This is going to be our last sleepover then!"

"Not our last, just the last of our high school year," Ino corrected.

This was their last of high school. Just yesterday (a Thursday for them) they graduated high school.

"Why do we even have sleepovers still?" Ten-ten laughed. "It's supposed to end at middle school."

"Then think of it as girls night out… but indoors," Sakura replied, as she went towards her kitchen to get more food.

"And we should have one night together since you'll all be going away tomorrow," Hinata added quietly.

"Well, it's not my fault you didn't want to go to France with me!" Ino said defensively.

"And sports camp," Ten-ten added.

"Or LA," Sakura joked, while giving everyone some soda from the kitchen.

Hinata chuckled.

"You know I couldn't go to U.S.A, France, or wherever that sports camp is at," the tree friends nodded in agreement when Hinata said that.

The three friends knew that Hinata's parents were super strict and wouldn't let her go anywhere this summer. But she was lucky to get some summer jobs in the area of course.

"Well, it would be kind of hard if you went to Paris with me since I'm staying at my relatives," Ino said.

Ino had a uncle that lived in Paris, France for a job and Ino was spending the whole summer there.

"And they only accepted like twenty people in the sports camp," Ten-ten added.

Ten-Ten got accepted into a sports camp that is supposedly for advance people like Ten-ten.

"The internship was only for three people," Sakura said.

Sakura was great in English class so she applied for a internship at 'Chic Chick', which is the hottest magazine in both US and Japan. Out of hundreds of hopeful girls three would be in it and she was one of the three. Even though the magazine was famous in Japan since lots of Japanese people are in it, the place is at LA, California so Sakura had to go to the U.S.A.

Hinata smiled. She knew her friends were trying to make her feel better even though it didn't seem like it.

"Well look at it this way," Sakura said, trying to cheer her up like she did most people. "You have some summer jobs and you'll get paid to buy lots of pretty stuff!"

Hinata shook her head. Hinata's style was regular jacket when it's cold, a plain shirt when it's hot, and plain jeans. She dressed casual almost to plain.

"You could buy stuff for me then!" Hinata shook her head when Ino said that.

Ino's style was wearing clothes from Urban Outfitters and stuff that cost a lot, but wasn't like an expensive brand. To sum it up she was a causal but expensive dresser.

"Get your own money," Sakura replied for Hinata to Ino.

Sakura's style was from stores like Forever 21 and other stores that have bright colors and skirts, dresses, and other stuff like that. To sum it up she was a girly girl.

"Or cheaper clothes," Ten-Ten suggested.

Ten-Ten's style was sporty. She shopped in Roxy for swimming or whatever that has to do in the water. But other then that she was in sweats (or basket ball shorts if it was hot) and Chinese style shirts.

"Can we move on?" Ten-Ten asked.

Since the only brand store she shopped in was Roxy, but only for sports, she wasn't really into fashion and didn't like to talk about fashion.

"I can't believe I'm going to LA California!" Sakura squealed in delight.

"And working for 'Chic Chick'," Ino muttered sounding annoyed.

Ino and Sakura were people that love to go to concerts that are like in some big stadium place, would choose the food court then a coffee house, and will do anything to met a famous person, which is why Sakura and Ino applied for the internship but only Sakura made it.

"Maybe you'll met someone famous," Hinata said, knowing that was what Sakura wanted.

Hinata on the other hand would go to a low key concert, would choose a coffee house, and if she could she would want to met a famous person but if she can't then she wouldn't be so sad about it. To sum it up she's a down to Earth kind of girl.

"Like a sports athlete!" Ten-Ten said, smiling.

Ten-Ten likes music but would go to a game instead of a concert, would want to met a famous person if they were an athlete, and would be to busy doing some kind of activity then be in a coffee house or a food court so she'll just eat leftovers or something like that.

"Or maybe Uchiha Sasuke!" Ino and Sakura squealed in delight and excitement when Sakura said that.

Uchiha Sasuke. One of the most famous Japanesesinger in Japan and America, actor, heartthrob, and Sakura and Ino's celebrity crush along with million of girls.

"Take a picture if you see, forehead girl!" Ino exclaimed to Sakura.

"Don't worry Ino-pig, I will!" Sakura reassured her.

Forehead girl and Ino-pig. Those were the two nicknames they used on each other. See a long time ago when they were around seven and when Uchiha Sasuke made his first glimpse in the famous world, Sakura and Ino fell madly in love with him. But since they liked the same person Sakura claimed them enemies and Ino started to call Sakura Forehead girl and Sakura started to call Ino Ino-pig. But after like a month Ten-Ten and Hinata made them friends again, but whenever the subject of Uchicha Sasuke came up they called each other their nicknames.

"Change the subject again," Hinata nodded slowly when Ten-Ten declared to change the subject.

Ten-Ten and Hinata thought Sasuke was a good singer and actor, but they didn't have an obsessed crush with him like Ino and Sakura.

"You're just saying that because you like Neji!" Sakura declared.

Hyuugaa Neji. Hinata's cousin, guy in their used to be high school, friend/acquaintance to Ino and Sakura, friend/secret crush to Ten-Ten.

"No, I don't!" Ten-Ten lied.

"It's obvious so stop lying," Ino pointed out.

"I don't!" Ten-Ten lied again, with her voice getting a little louder, while she was trying to grab something that was in the back of her.

"Yes, you do!" Ino and Sakura teased. "Ten-ten and Neji sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes—"

The two couldn't finish the song since Ten-Ten hit them both with a pillow, which made them stop.

"I think he likes you too," Hinata said quietly, while watching Ten-Ten standing up to hit the two girls that were sitting next to each other and looking scared for their lives.

Ten-Ten turned around and looked at Hinata, ignoring Ino and Sakura's sighs of relief.

"What did you say?" Ten-ten asked Hinata, in an astonished way.

"I think he likes you too," Hinata repeated, just a little louder. "Sometimes he asks me about you if I see him. And he said he was going to that sports camp too."

"Summer love in a sports camp," Sakura said, sort of like she was thinking if it was good. But she shook her head. "That's kind of weird."

"At lest she'll see her crush," Ino sighed in defeat. "I won't unless Sasuke comes to Paris."

"I guess Ten-Ten and Hinata will be the only ones to see their crushes during the summer," Sakura said, also in the same defeated voice. "It's highly unlikely for Sasuke to see interns even if they are interns at the hottest magazine."

"What do you mean by me?" Hinata asked, turning a light shade of pink.

"I mean you got a job at the Ramen shop right?" Hinata nodded to Sakura's question. "Well, Naruto eats there a lot and you like him so yeah."

"I don't like him," Hinata lied, her face turning to a bright shade of pink.

"Yes you do," the three said at once.

"Well, we'll find summer love," Ino declared. "No matter what!"

"Yeah," Sakura agreed. "Because we're the Fab Four!"

"Fab Four?" Ten-ten questioned the nickname, sort of sounded like a mix of disgust and confusion.

Sakura nodded.

"Yes, the Fab Four!" She pointed to Ten-Ten. "The sporty." Pointed to Hinata. "The shy." Pointed to herself. "The sweetie." Pointed to Ino. "The—"

"Don't say stupid!" Ino interrupted the pink haired girl. "'Cause I'm not stupid!"

"Then what?" Sakura asked. "It should start with the letter 's' and you're not smart!"

"Then you get smart, I get sweetie!"

"Fine," Sakura huffed. Her voice went to a mumble. "But it'll be ironic."

"I don't think Paris nor LA is ready for those to," Hinata nodded in agreement to Ten-Ten's

statement, as they watched the two fight.

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