PS: this is slash and this chapter is rated 'R' do not read if male slash offends you. Also, lots and lots of cussing!

"Well, that was a productive day." Remus said, opening to front door for Harry.

"Thanks. Yeah, it was. Did you get all your necessary books?"

"Yes, I did." Remus had a smile on his face as Harry helped him out of his cloak. The cloak was put onto a hook beside the door.

"You looked very good today." the smile brightened on Remus' face at Harry's words, his canines flashing.

"Gods, Harry. You're irresistible."

"I know." Harry said smugly, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"You are. I swear." he shook his head and put a hand in front of his eyes.

"Remus." Harry replied, his voice husky and deep.

"Yes, Harry?"

"Kiss me."

"I can't, Harry."

"And why not? You're attracted to me, no?" Harry said this all with a sigh, as though it was something he had to get out.

"Yes, I'm attracted to you."

"And I'm attracted to you."

"Flattered, I'm sure, but I'm also twice your-"

"I'm a goddamned adult, Remus. You know it and I know it. I'm not little Harry Potter in my third year Defense class. I'm Harry, the adult, who wants you to be my lover." he said, leaning up against the banister, locking his green eyes to Remus' gray.

"Damn you." Remus said as he covered Harry's mouth with his.

"Already damned." Harry whispered, coming up for air. Kissing the older man again, he let his soft tongue explore those canines that made him weak in the knees. Remus sighed, raking his fingers through Harry's long unruly hair.

Remus pressed against Harry's chest, pinning him to the wall beside the stairs. Pulling his hands out of Harry's hair, he swiftly pinned the hands in his above Harry's head. Moving his attentions lower on Harry's body, he leveled his body to Harry's, pressing him with his entire body against the wall. Harry stepped up a step onto the stairs, making him an inch or so taller than Remus. Harry kissed his neck, using his tongue to make soft circles on the werewolf's throat.

Moaning, Remus took Harry's hand and practically pulled him up the stairs. Harry trailed behind him and lovingly smacked Remus' ass as they ran up the stairs to Harry's room. At that, he let out an almost wolf like call in pleasure. Harry smiled, realizing that he had found Remus' sensitive area. He liked the simple pleasure in light pain.

Pushing him over onto the bed, Remus covered Harry's shorter frame with his. Growling, Remus attacked Harry's light summer shirt with his teeth and deftly untied the cord with his mouth.

"Experience, Remmie?" Harry laughed

"Lucius Malfoy liked it when I used my teeth." he laughed also as he drug the shirt over Harry's dark head.

"Gods, that is so sexy."

"What, love?" Remus asked, looking up from Harry's nipples where his current area of interest was.

"You and Lucius. A deatheater, yes. A sexy man-bitch, yes.That's so damn sexy."

"You're a better kisser." Remus said, taking one of the flat, brown nubs into his mouth.

"Fuck!' Harry cried as the ministrations on his left nipple continued.

"Is that what you want, Potter?" Remus murmured.

"Gods." he said, reaching up to rid Remus of his shirt. Remus got there first. With a wave of the cherry brown wand Harry's clothes disappeared, relieving a throbbing erection of its cramped conditions in Harry's pants.

"Lord." Remus swore, looking at the bobbing cock.

"Your turn, Lupin." with another wave of the same wand, Remus was left sans clothing. Another erection freed.

A While Later

"Gods, Remmie. That was the best sex I've ever had in my entire life."

Remus and Harry were currently sprawled out on the bed, clothes, bed linens and pillows flung about the room. Harry's broom had fallen off it's pegs after being hit rather viciously by a rogue throw pillow. The men were panting and sweaty, Remus' head on Harry's chest, Harry's legs entangled with Remus'.

"It's a close second." Remus smiled, purposely being sarcastic.

"To who?" Harry laughed, propping his head up with his hand.

"Rosie Palmer." He said, holding up his right hand.

"Well, of course. It's always faster that way." Harry said, playfully kissing Remus' shoulder.

"So who else have you done that I have beat out of first position?"

"Lets see, there was Bill Wesley-"

"Bill?" Remus said, agast.

"Yes, a bonafide poofter." Harry laughed, "Then there was Cho Chang, before I came out. She was my virgin run. She wasn't too happy about that. Then there was Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, Draco Malfoy AND Blaise Zabini, Seamus Finnigan, then finally, you."

"All of them are gay?"

"No way. Just Seamus and Bill. The other guys just liked to experiment. Namely with my cock, but other than that..."

"Ok, Ok, I get it!" Remus laughed and leaned into Harry again.

"So what about you?" Harry said, his voice mischievous.

"There's been Lucius Malfoy, Sirius, Amos Diggory, Kingsley Shackelbolt, Frank Longbottom, and, if you would believe it, Cornelius Fudge. He isn't bad looking when you are seventeen and horny."

"You did the Minister of Magic. That's rich, Lupin, just rich."

"Fuck it, Harry. Fuck it." Remus said, pressing the younger man down onto the bed for another searing kiss.

They laid there for a long while, both silent in their contemplation. Both men knew that it was possible that they wouldn't stay together. But both men had hope. And hope, ladies and gentlemen, is what separates the beauties of our world from the beasts.