What is a dichotomy? For starters, the dictionary states that it is, a separation into two divisions that differ widely from, or contradict each other. One of the biggest dichotomies is a division between humanity and machine. Is it possible for a human being to dismantle his humanity and become nothing more than a machine based on instinct? The thought is certainly scary to some. But the fact of the matter is that such people exist. They are men who have successfully learned to separate their humanity from their mechanistic tendencies.

Why focus on the separation between humanity and machine? It applies to this story. Here we meet eight men, eight skilled and perfect warriors. They kill without feeling, fight with perfection, and follow orders without second thought. As killers they are gods. As human beings they are filled with faults. They make mistakes, they fail, and they triumph. However perfect these men may be on the battlefield, they are far from it as human beings.

They fight two wars. One war is fought within their souls and the other is fought on the battlefield. Their enemies consist of men and demons. Men can take lives. But demons can take souls. These demons flourish and bask in the darkest depths of one's soul, feeding off the evils of vice and regret. Demons can destroy the most angelic of individuals changing them into monsters, destroying any and all traces of humanity. Men may die, but demons never do.

Such is the fight that these men must embark upon. They fight the battles that no one wants to fights, they see the hell that no one sees, and they never ask for recognition. They are never praised nor hated. Silent heroes they are. But even heroes are tainted with sin. Heroes are imperfect as the most ordinary of human beings. Supermen do not exist, but human beings do and it is human beings that are the strongest of heroes.