The mixture of fate

Fateful Encounter

In Einbroch, city of steel, where gunslingers are born, and where Jet, the great blacksmith, lives.

The sun was setting into the great Einbroch dust as Jet was showing his newest set of guns to the new gunslinger, Karin. Suddenly, the door banged open, "Old Man! Show me your best daggers, I need one for my student." Proudly said by a middle-aged man with black spiky soft hair dressed in a neatly worn black-gray assassin cross suit. "Ah Sousuke, I could never imagine a highly acclaimed professional assassin like you would ever be a teacher! But are you sure this is the right choice?" Jet said with a surprised tone. "Don't worry, dear old Jet, he's special." Sousuke said with a grin.

Instead of Jet showing the daggers immediately, the blacksmith and Karin stared at the slender-bodied, red eyed, green-haired, neatly dressed novice boy behind Sousuke. "Come on introduce yourself, he's my friend." Sousuke softly whisphered. "I'm Hakuro." The boy softly introduced.

Sousuke left as he finished buying the daggers saying, "I'm sure fate will bring Karin and Hakuro to the best place."

BANG! BANG! Karin brought out her shot guns and started her usual training at Morocc Pyramid. "Thief test has finished, thief test has finished, accelerated Hakuro please proceed for Assassin Exam in 5 hours." The voice from the speaker repeated. Karin, upon hearing this, ran into the thief test center to greet Hakuro. "Hakuro! Hakuro! Congratulations on passing!" Karin waved. "Hey Karin! Long time no see!" Hakuro waved back. Karin was happy to see Hakuro again and be able to greet him, she smiled happily as Hakuro came near her. They chatted until the Assassin Exam begun. "Karin, thank you, you encouraged me a lot." Hakuro grinned and rushed to the exam's place. "Wait Hakuro! Where's Sousuke?" Karin shouted but Hakuro was too far away already.

"Good luck… Hakuro" Karin whisphered to herself.

Three years have passed since Karin last saw Hakuro. Karin, always hoping to be able to meet Hakuro again, stayed at Lighthalzen knowing it is the home town of Hakuro. She applied for the National Police so that her search will be wider. She was recently ordered to examine the lost files of the Bio Laboratory, a laboratory where bio-creatures, or humans, are experimented. She slowly opened the laboratory door and felt like puking because of the smell. It smelled like chemicals with blood and decomposed skin. She felt even sicker when she saw the computers and control panels full of blood and people who have died in inhumane ways scattered across the hallways. She was wearing a gas mask as she browsed through the files and papers hidden in the closets. Suddenly, she felt someone behind her. She trembled and shouted, "Show yourself! You sneaky murderer!" while putting out her guns from her gun pockets. The person behind her held her hand to stop her from pulling out the guns. She saw the beautiful white soft skin of the person behind her and realized it was a boy. She felt the freezing temperature of the boy and grew goose bumps. But the boy gave out poisonous gas and whispered, "Meteor… Assault…" Upon hearing this, Karin jumped out of the boy's hand and backed off. The boy shouted hastily, "Get out of here, now! Never come back here again, you thief!"

Karin rushed into the Lighthalzen Inn and refreshed her memory about what she saw. Because of the poisonous gas, she was only able to see the boy's hand and the what the boy was wearing. She remembered the boy wearing a green-gray assassin cross suit. Suddenly, a bad thought came into her mind, "That voice, it couldn't be… Hakuro?"