I'm coming to show you my knifes!

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Bakura, Yami, Ryou, Seto, Joey, and Yugi sat in a circle. Yugi was sitting contently in Yami's lap playing with one of his golden rod bangs.

"Ra! I am so bored!" Yami complained.

"For once, I'll agree with you Pharaoh." Seto and Bakura said at the same time before glaring at each other. "Stop copying me!" the yelled at each other, again at the same time. The started a war on that, leaving Yami, Joey, Ryou, and Yugi bored and out of the fight.

"Lets play truth or dare!" Yugi chirped.

Joey and Ryou nodded in agreement as Yami smiled.

"Okay! I call first!" Yami said. Yami thought for a moment. "Joey! Truth or dare!"

"Dare!" Joey said with a confidant smirk.

"I dare you to go dance around the block in your boxers!" Yami dared. Seto stopped instantly.

"I'd like to see that!" Seto said as he smirked at his lover.

Joey gulped. "Okay." Joey stripped down to his boxers and ran out the door, Seto on his heels.

"Okay. Who is next seeing as Joey and Seto won't be back for a while?" Yami asked.

"Me! Me! Me!" Ryou squealed. "Okay. Umm... Bakura! Truth or dare?"


"What creeps you out the most?"

"Yugi's and the baka Pharaoh's hair. I mean come on! Don't you think it is creepy that their hair is three different colors?" Bakura said.

Yugi and Yami frowned and stared blankly at Bakura.


"Just go." Yami murmured.

"Pharaoh. Truth or dare?"

"Truth. I don't trust you with dare."

"Damn you! Any way. Have you ever made out with any one?" Bakura asked with a smirk.

Yami blushed at bit and looked down at Yugi who was blushing also. "Yes."


"'Have you ever made out with any one' is the only question you got Bakura." Yami snapped.

Bakura frowned. "Dang you Pharaoh."

"My turn. Yugi. Truth or dare?"


"Hmm... what was the most evil and cruel thing you have ever done to any one?"

Yugi tapped his chin lightly before thinking back.

-Flash back-

Yugi chewed at his gum. Bored to death at the movie Anzu had dragged him into.

I am so bored. Yugi thought. His gum ran out of flavor just then. Hmm.. Where do I put this? Yugi asked himself and saw the man in front of him. A bald scalp called out to Yugi.

"Put the gum on me! Put the gum on me!" it called in a very high pitched tone. Yugi looked around him, Anzu was balling her eyes out and the guy next to him had fallen asleep. Yugi spat out the white flavorless gum out and quickly stuck it to the man's head.

-Flash back ends-

"I uh... stuck gum on a bald guy's head." Yugi said looking down.

"How is that evil?" Bakura barked.

"His head got stuck to the chair."

"Oh... Not as innocent as you seem Yugi." Bakura said.

"Okay... Yami. Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to prank call some one and tell them what ever pops into your head."

Yami nodded and picked up the phone, dialing a random number.

"Hello?" answered an old lady.

"I'm coming to show you my knifes!" Yami said through the phone at the old lady. He heard an eep and a thump before he hung up. "All done!"

Yugi, Barkura, and Ryou laughed.

BE Dragon: .:giggling:. Thank you mom for giving me the idea for this! You see, my brother's friend is selling knifes and my mom said for him to call up his friends and say: "I'm coming to show you my knifes!" Please review! .:smiles:.